How much does O/O make? lease payment on new freightliner?

by andrew
(Martinsville, NJ)

Thanks for the info on How much O/O make? By the way, how much is the lease payment on a new Frieghtliner/sleeper with nominal accessories?

What kind of mileage you get with this truck? How much do tires cost?

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Jul 21, 2018
In 2018 O/O are doing well
by: Hervy

In 2018 what owner operators make will vary depending on where you are? The lease cost of a new Freightliner is something that you will have to get from Freightliner.

These days depending on where you live, the Freightliner might have deals with local carriers with some really good deals on trucks that might actually make up for lower rates that they pay.

For example Epes here in Greensboro has a great deal with Freightliner. Crete has a good deal too for getting a truck. But you have to run for those guys if you get a truck through them.

If you can get your truck on your own and go to a carrier of choice that you want to run from because you know their pay is top tier, that will obviously be a better deal for you.

Rates now are better than they've been in a while. I took a load the other day that paid $1900 which paid $900 about a year ago. I get paid percentage of the load. Not a flat rate.

Easily an owner operator can consistently gross $5000 running 2500 miles depending on who you are dealing with. If you have your authority for sure.
Percentage allow you to not base your grind on running hard. It's more about figuring out which loads are more profitable, taking into account the big picture. (Shorter runs usually pay a lot more per mile. But you have load and unload time to think of)

But with your own authority is a trade off giving you more work and responsibility to take care of.

Mpg will depend on how the truck is spec'd. I get at least 6 mpg with 14L detroit, 515hp at 1800rpm 3:55 rears. You can easily get 6.5 or more with a lot of Freightliners.

Dec 13, 2014
you can make more
by: Anonymous

There are company's that will help with insurance, and fuel good company's do this. Remember they need you. you will make more then $70.000 but you do have to have a business realistic mined.

Jan 06, 2009
lease payments on a tractor trailer
by: jimmy

He's right, you GROSS about $150,000 yearly. remember, you have to pay your truck pymt, fuel, insurance , maint,etc. you're probably left with $40-50,000 net.

You have to have a business head to be an owner op. in 2007, i leased a new int'l from navistar for zero down and $1937.00 monthly pymt. for 72 months. i had excellent credit. freightliner would be about the same. figure $500 weekly, which is bad.

monthly pymt is far better because weekly pymt is 4 times monthly plus extra 2 days in the month. fuel mileage in range of 6-7mpg. depends on your driving habits. absolutely keep your idling to a minimum. if you can find a used creme puff 06-07 with low miles, go for'll save bucks from the get go. don't worry about fancy add ons. that's not what makes you $$.

When you remove everything from a truck, you simply have a carcus mfg by whoever(peterbilt, frtliner,mack, kenworth, int'l) everything else is mfg by a third party. in other words, all the truck mfg's only make the cab. do you want to pay premium $ for a pete vs int'l?...hope this helps you

Jan 02, 2009
how much does owner operator make
by: the crazy trucker

it's on this page just above your question man,
$100,000 - $150,000 regular freight in a dry van. Before taxes. After tax take home depends on who is doing your taxes, lol. Get someone familiar to trucking.

If you specialize you will make more depending on what you specialize in. (Household, Heavy Equipment, etc)

All lease payments are not the same you didn't even state the year or model. Those are questions you will have to call and ask freightliner after finding a truck you like. Or the company if you are doing a company lease program.

Will depend on your credit, down payment and year of the truck.

If you can buy straight from dealership is cheaper than leasing to buy. If u are leasing to build up your cash that's a different story. Also, if you're leasing the entire payment will be tax deductible.

Just realize leasing payments will be high so your rate for hauling should be high.

The problem is many of the companies with leasing programs, pay a flat rate and it's not what they should be paying for what they charge each week.

If you can get with a company who has a lease program that pays on percentage, it's better.

If you can get a deal paying by the month instead of the week, it will likely be better. You can get $1200 - $2000 per month truck payment. I wouldn't pay $800 per week.

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