Any way to get a pre-hire letter faster?

by Kevin
(Las Vegas, NV)

Hello, My name is Kevin. I am 26 and trying to get my CDL.

The best truck driver training company I have found here in Las Vegas, NV, seems to be Southwest Truck Driver Training.

They have a 4 week training program which includes hazmat, doubles and triples etc. The state grant can pay for 100% of the tuition.

In order to get the tuition I need to have a pre-hire letter from a trucking company. In order to get a pre-hire letter I need to get my driving record. I have mailed in the request and am currently waiting on that. I would like to make the next class which starts in 2 weeks, the next class is 2 weeks after that.

I'm hoping that someone on here is, or knows, someone that owns a trucking company, large or small, and can get me a pre-hire letter, just to speed up the process of getting approved for the grant.

I have experience driving large 26ft 2 axel box trucks interstate. DOT health card, and a clean Nevada Driver's license with only 1 parking ticket and nothing else on my record.

I can pass background checks and drug tests with no problems.

I'm currently under-employed and living with my parents. I can't wait to start my career in the trucking industry so I can actually earn enough money to support myself again.

If you think you can help me out somehow, drop a comment! Thanks :)

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