Florida rock and tank lines drug test

by stan
(jacksonville, fl)

Does Florida rock and tank lines hair follicle drug test their new hires?

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Jun 24, 2021
trucker for 28yrs NEW
by: unibomber

in 2016 when they had the big opiod thing where dummmies was od ing because of them ,dot came up with a new test just for opiods and yes 5 panel dot where they send to lab will oick them up with in 2/3 days easy ,and if you dont have the script you failed big game changer for yall .percoset will show up just as easy as a cut finger and blood be aware peoples ,its not like the 90 when we use to smoke hoglegs from west coast to east coast 3/4 log books them days are def long gone but sure do miss them
we use to burn joints all accross usa and roll down windows when scale house coming up lol seriously

Sep 01, 2016
No straight answer NEW
by: Anonymous

I find it funny that the original question is "do they require a hair follicle test for new hires" and there is no answer. It's a yes or no thing. Nowhere did I see this answered. Do they require a hair follicle drug test for new hires? I know the test is not DOT-mandated as of yet, so it's more about employer preference and not everyone does it yet.

So, again, the question remains: Does FL Rock and Tank Lines require a hair follicle drug test? Simple yes or no answer would be fantastic, guys.

Dec 11, 2015
so... NEW
by: Anonymous

So did rock and tank lines give you a hair follicle test

Oct 18, 2015
Its a very expensive test... NEW
by: Anonymous

It looks like they only require a pre-hire 5 panel DOT test.

I didnt see anything about a "post-hire" follow up test which usually takes place with your physical abilities.

ANd then there are the randoms, but those should still be 5 panel DOT tests. The minimum requirement.

I've always kind of looked at it this way: If trucking companies started doing full-blown ten panel and NIDA tests.... they wouldnt get drivers, the nation would continue with its insane driver deficit, and the economy would continue to tank (no pun intended)

by the time the baby-boomers retire, this nation will be half a million "qualified" drivers short.

some companies are investing in driving schools for just that purpose. You don't even have to drive for the company who owns the school.

Also, Type 1 Diabetics are now allowed to drive Interstate.... Id rather have a pot-smoker than a Diabetic who might have screwed up on his insulin protocol and is about ready to go into a diabetic shock.

Companies ask certain questions and do certain things to cover their asses. They really don't want the truth, they just want the driver. If you have experience and a clean MVR, they arent going to try to hang you with an insanely expensive drug test. They need to get you on the road and rolling.

Many ads now say "Clean MVR rolling the next day"

I wouldnt fret too much, but when you get sent in, you can ask the person (not the doc) what test they are using. If they say "DOT test".. youre good to go...

Oct 18, 2015
reply and thanks for the wisdom NEW
by: Anonymous

You said it...I smoked mary jane 2 months ago and dont anymore, so I was jut wondering if they did a hair follicle test. Pretty simple, yes, but still a concern.

Oct 18, 2015
dude.... NEW
by: Anonymous

If you are good, you have no worries. The tests are going to change soon anyway.

Are you worried about your past?

Doctors can supply information, HIPPA covers A LOT and there are so many exceptions it would make your head spin.

If you feel you will come up dirty and the post-phone call from the MRO won't redeem you, DON'T TEST!

That shit will follow you for the rest of your life.

I applied with a VERY BIG company with absolutely beautiful trucks, great pay and everything an old-school trucker would want. Peterbilt 389's, bonuses, incentives, everything!

They do THEIR OWN private investigation dating back 30 years. You consent to it. If you have nothing to hide, it's a great deal.

I got accepted in 3 days and my itinerary was sent by the weekend.

It's a sketchy thing to ask on a forum (or anywhere) about drug-tests. It shows apprehension... almost like a refusal.

There is plenty of info on the internet that you can look up without having to say a word.

If you feel that a hair follicle test will reveal marijuana seven years ago, then you might as well say something.

Here's the thing: Companies can AND WILL continue to investigate you long after your hire date.

If (and when) the DOT testing protocol changes (which it will) your past WILL catch up to you.

They also have the option of doing a ten panel or a NIDA drug test. They are NOT obligated to stop at the 5 panel DOT test which misses SO MANY illicit drugs.

I mean, who smokes Angel Dust and applies for a trucking job these days anyway? Maybe you drop acid instead or pop Vicodens....without a script.

You're still gonna pass a five panel test....

You see what I'm getting at?

If you are going to haul fuel or Hazmat, you best be squeaky clean, because EVEN IF THEY DO NOT test with the hair follicle test and you are involved in a NO FAULT fatality accident, trust me, the oppositions attorney WILL have every test under the sun planted on you.

People just dont realize how a verdict can turn a 180 on you just by tracking your phone, receipts, paper trails, etc, etc.

Squeaky Clean. Live it or lose it.

I'm not talking out my ass here. I worked in the Safety and Compliance department for a company that had 3000 drivers for over ten years.

Ive seen a lot and learned a lot. I talk a lot, but if you listen..... you will learn. I'm not a little kid anymore.

Yes, it was a simple question you asked, but the answer you are looking for can hang you if you let it.

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