What would be the most convenient way for truckers to pick up their prescriptions? (such as a prescription pick-up at truck stops)

by RxLolliPop
(Bakersfield, California)

I'm looking for a truck-driver-friendly way for truckers to pick up their prescriptions.

Possibilities include: At a discounted cost, a 12 month supply of Rx picked up in one visit, or a 6 month supply of controlled Rx picked up in one visit; delivery of your Rx to a predetermined truck stop, mail box, etc., for pick-up at the trucker's convenience; an Rx pick-up station at major truck stops; or whatever would make Rx pick-up for truckers more convenient.

Do most major truck stops have a place where truckers could pick up their prescriptions? Are you tired of looking for the major "Club" stores or Franchise Pharmacies along your route with a big enough parking lot for your rig?

Are you tired of waiting for your Rx to be filled, or would it be more convenient for you to have your Rx's ready for pick-up when you get there, of course with an advance notice of when you would like it ready.

If refills were automatic and the trucker could notify where they would like to pick it up at, (i.e.; which truck stop, or a different location every time), would that be something truckers would want?

I appreciate all feedback and ideas. I'm just looking for pharmacy-friendly ways to save time for and allow more convenience to those who move America.

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