Getting Stopped by the DOT

Today, I got a level 1 full DOT inspection after being stopped by the Mississippi Highway Patrol in Columbus, Ms. Officer Deloach was a real cool guy even after I almost drove by thinking he was manning an accident telling me to get over in the left lane, while he was actually waving me in for the inspection! Whew, that was close!

I was traveling west on US 82 coming out of Tuscaloosa, AL just crossing into Ms. headed toward Greenwood, Ms. The DOT inspection took about 35min, however we ended up talking about trucking, life, and video taping (lol, I should say, not video taping, needless to say, I couldn’t get an interview, have to go through the PR department).

Anyway, as you know I had been planning on posting what I had written about the DOT for weeks now and I had every intention on getting it done tonight because I knew I would be at my destination early for tomorrow’s delivery. Now, it’s even more timely to get the page up about the DOT/High Patrol up on the website.

Officer Deloach as well as the last 3 officers that stopped me within the last 365 days was seemed to be a professional at work with every intent to serve the public by doing his job, no less and no more. He had a great attitude just like the other 2 officers who have given me an inspection within the last 365 days. Officer Deloach was black. The Officer in Tyler who pulled me was white. The Officer who pulled me in W. Virginia was white. All pulled me for no reason except to do the inspection. All of these guys had a great work ethic (with me at least) and pleasant attitude.

Now you are aware of the Officer in Tennessee that pulled me and made up a lie saying that I was speeding. Well let’s just say, he claimed his radar showed him that I was speeding. Here’s that story, if you hadn’t read it. He was the opposite of these guys.

Bottom line most of the Dot Officers and Highway Patrol are straight up honorable men who enjoy their job and take great pride in serving the public facing high risk at a salary that is never adequate.

(There is no amount in my opinion for what an officer of the law faces to do his or her job now a days with the most common attitude of the people they have to deal with and the risk of liability for every move and second guessing of every decision.)

Of course there are a few who abuse their position of authority. That is just another person who inadequately performs his or her job, but the fact that it directly impacts the lives of other people definitely makes it a serious problem, still that is no reason for having an attitude when interacting with officers of the law. Instead, let’s start a public journal of inappropriate behavior of power hungry officers so that we are able by identifying a problem simply by taking notice of a trend. Post your problems with officers here.

Read more about the Dot Here.

Oh, did I pass? Of course, I got my sticker for the window too. It’s on now. These stickers let all officers know that I was recently thoroughly inspected with no violations.

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