Getting Exercise Over The Road

Getting exercise is one of the most important things that you can do for your health. It could greatly improve your quality of life in many ways including financial.  Our bodies were designed for physical exertion, continued learning and facing challenges.

Exercise your body, brain and mind.

LTL trucking jobs, a lot of regional trucking jobs and multiple delivery trucking jobs will offer a lot of opportunity to unload.  Companies that haul furniture could provide you with a lot of unloading.  That is what I did for the last 10 years. 

You don't run as hard and make as much as drivers doing drop and hook.  It's just more work.  And it's worth it.

Getting exercise for truck drivers is especially important because we spend so many hours each day sitting sitting down.  There are lots of studies about how sitting for extended periods of time negatively affects your health.

So even if you are not exercising, at least stop every few hours at the rest area and walk to the bathroom or around the truck a few times.  That's 5 mins x 6,7,8 (times a day) .... less than an hour a day to help your health.  Worth it?  If your health is not worth it to you, disregard.

After driving all day, many drivers will circle the parking lot for 10 minutes or so looking for a park as close to the truckstop entrance as possible.

Then spend the rest of the evening and night sitting or lyibg down watching TV, surfing the web, playing games, talking on the phone or reading.

Leg lifts in the truck

Exercises For Truck Drivers

Here are some techniques that I used for getting exercise in the truck. It can help with weight loss for truckers and keep the muscles from withering away. It might help to first but on some music with a beat that you love.

  • Push Ups can be done as soon as you wake up, right in the bunk.
  • Sit Ups or Crunches can be done right in the bunk
  • Leg Lifts can be done right in the bunk. First each side and then lay on your stomach and left each.
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Stand Up – Extend your arms outward to your side and rotate in circular motion for 1 minute beyond the burn
  • Standing up – bend over sideways reaching down on the with your hand toward your foot (you won't reach your foot though)
  • Knee Lifts – Alternate left and right knees lifted up toward your chest
  • Shadow box to the beat of the music and imagine your opponent is the purveyor of stress. Knock out all the things that present challenges for you in life! (isn't this fun?)
  • When you park at the truck stops, park far away from the building to get in those extra steps.
  • You can also use gallon jugs to represent dumbbell for extra resistance to do curls and other arm exercises.

You can easily get exercise as a trucker, without extra expense or weight equipment.

Those are some ideas that you can use to do it. You can also create your own movements.

(also know as exercise routine)

Getting exercise

If you grab a cheap work out video, you will see that exercises can generally be made up as long as there is proper form and common sense involved. The main thing is to get started with a routine immediately so it becomes a habit. If you wait it will be harder to start for many people.

More Reasons For Getting Exercise

If you want a little more motivation and challenge grab you a set of dumbbells. They are only $25 at Sports Authority. If you can't get excited about milk jugs, maybe actual weight training equipment will put you in the right mind state to stay motivated and get in shape.

Keep in mind why you are wanting to follow through.

Exercise for health and a more enjoyable life experience of course. But what does that mean exactly?

Working out in the truck.

Here's some specific motivators for getting exercise everyday...

  • maintaining your youthfulness as long as possible
  • keeping your immune system at peak performance
  • warding off natural aging tendencies like osteoarthritis and bone degeneration
  • how about just keeping more money in your pocket to save or to spend
  • how about keeping your trucking job!
  • having the energy to stay awake while driving
  • weight loss for truckers or maintaining your current weight
  • having the ability and desire to get off the couch when you get home so that you can entertain the wife and kids

Why You Should Watch Your Belly Fat

Healthy Trucking

New Driver Tips

Drivers how are you getting exercise on the road?

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