Chances I'll get caught having pet in truck with no pet policy?

by arthur

I've been driving for a few months now and my girlfriend has completely lost it with me being gone all week. I'm home on the weekends but that isn't enough for her and she has started making my life hell.

I'm to the point now that I have told her I'm done it's over. Problem is, she has told me if I don't get a dedicated route she has sunk so low as to get rid of my dog. I love my dog, I don't want to loose him.

My company has a no pet policy. So my question is how likely am I to get caught with him before I can find a company that will allow pets. And no, I don't have anyone to watch him. She is a horrible person for doing this. But I don't want to loose my job or dog and I think I could find another company soon.

Any advice?

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Jun 05, 2015
Pet Policy NEW
by: Anonymous

If you haven't started looking for a job with a pet policy, start ASAP. Yes, you could get caught. I would advise you that you temporarily leave your dog at a reputable pet motel, kennel when you are out on the road so you don't lose him. Keeping your dog will be worth the temporary expense and as soon as you have the driving job that allows dogs to ride along get him and yourself on the road, and ponder your relationship with the girlfriend, keep the dog, drop the girl.

Jun 04, 2015
pet in truck NEW
by: Anonymous

A truck load of wisdom from Hervy!

Jun 04, 2015
Relationship gone wrong
by: Hervy

Hate that you are experiencing this issue Arthur. Interesting attitude for someone to have in the name of love.

It is possible that you would get caught, and then it is possible that there is a fine for it. At the least, they could determine you had the dog (hair) when you leave and take the fine out of your last check.

There are sitters to watch dogs for pay. Also look at your local craigslist for people offering to pet sit even at their own home.

If you have good neighbors, maybe you can pay one of them to watch the dog. It is a huge responsibility for someone to do for free so I wouldn't really expect someone to.

A bigger issue to solve seems to be improving your relationship. I think you can spend a few minutes assessing your relationship and the young lady you are with.(Only you know the details leading up to this.)

Is she someone that lives in your house? Is she someone that you trust with your stuff? Is she someone that you make a mother? Is she someone that you marry?

When you solve the dog issue, you still have that person to deal with.

So you might benefit from thinking about those things. A selfish, self centered, manipulative person with access to money or property can and have caused many drivers serious problems.

I would definitely get my dog away from her. But I wouldn't stop there. That said, I only know your side of the story from your perspective.

Having said that, for all I know the dog could be at her house and she's taking care of it and told you to get it a while ago. Like I said, YOU have to look at the total picture of what is going on because I only know what little was stated by you.

Best of luck my friend.

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