went to renew my cdl in sc and ca has a hold on my cdl for an unpaid "fixit" ticket

by Jason

OK i went to Renew my license in sc and dmv wouldn't because they said if there was a "hold on my license on the national registry from an unpaid fixit ticket from ca."

So the ticket was from 18 months ago and it was at a weigh station in ca. it was for a hanging brake chamber. i couldn't leave until it was fixed and the highway patrol signed off on it.

i then mailed the ticket to riverside county court. I didn't hear about it again until 18 months later when i went to renew my cdl in sc. so after a few days of getting nowhere and a migraine, i finally broke down and paid the 450$ and was told that it could take ca up to 6 business days to take it off the "national registry. well that was nov. 21st it is now dec.8th. i have called. and called sc and ca dmv and court's and all they can say is its been paid and they can't do anything until it's taken off the. registry .

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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