Question about getting DOT physical while on Suboxone

by wannabetrucker

I am a recent cdl graduate and I am having a problem. I'll start from the beginning,I am a 37 yr old male and have had a recent dot physical and on the physical it asked have you ever been addicted to any habit forming drug. I answered no bUT I was told by my personal dr. to not put that I have been so I just put no.

I am currently taking suboxone 1 1/2 a day and have been for 4 years and have never took any other drugs. Passed several drug test also.

I have been a born again Christian for lil over 4 yrs I feel so bad for not putting it on my physical about the drug I'm on but I don't want to be labeled a drug addict before I even get started.

My question is can I get a letter from my dr.and go take another dot physical and get qualified and get my career started or not?

Hope you can give me some advise.

Thanks and God bless.

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Jan 31, 2023
Sub and cdl
by: Anonymous

Can someone please help? I'm going to get my clp and then of course my cdl, I'm on subutex and the place I'm applying for does hair test, and I'm told you have to open up your medical records to DOT, and this company, what am I up against? Will I fail? If I don't allow access to my medical records, it's a fail. If I do, should I get a letter?

Apr 08, 2016
If you are applying for a job that requires a hair test... NEW
by: Anonymous

...I wouldnt even bother.

They will test for everything under the sun, and then you will have to disclose all of your medical history.

They will pick up on things that you didnt even know were in your system.

I dont know of any trucking companies that do a follicle test. Its not like you are flying a jet airliner with passengers.

If they are willing to spend that kind of money on a drug test, you wont enjoy working for them.

I would call "pass" see ya!

Apr 08, 2016
thanks dude NEW
by: Anonymous

I was just stressing it because Roehl does a hair test that's all and I didn't want to blow it before I even got my first job.Thanks for your info.

Apr 07, 2016
Dude, trust me when i say: NEW
by: Anonymous


You will not fail on Methadone, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone or any other opoid.

And why would you "fail" if you were on something to make you better anyway?

The DOT drug screen tests for the stupidest things. They test for THC (which is understandable but does NOT stop pot-smokers from smoking weed) the weed is too easy to cover up in a screen. The Alcohol test is seperate. Then they test for PCP... now who do you know who still uses PCP today?

It DOES test for Cocaine (OPIATE) and crank (meth) but NOT for opoids.

I'm telling you, i worked with a consortium in Safety and Compliance for years as a trucker.

Even if you DID come up positive for Sub, you HAVE A PRESCRIPTION for it!

The question most guys have is this: Should I tell them before I apply or should I.....

This is exactly why HIPPA is in place. There are drivers out here on anti-depressants, blood pressure meds, Insulin for Diabetes, heart meds, etc, etc.

Now, dont you think that a guy on heart meds should let his company know that he has a better chance of having a heart attack than most?

Well, he's not obligated to, and unless his doc or the doc who did his Med Cert limited him in any way, he doesnt have to say anything.

There are many, many drivers out on the road today that are ticking time-bombs.

If you feel that you are unsafe by taking Sub, then by all means, please find another profession, otherwise, dont speak unless spoken to. Your doctor knows. Thats all that matters.

There are truckers right this moment, WAAAY more than you can imagine, driving with an open container. They may be "working alcoholics" and feel that they are uninhibited.

How do you feel about that?

Dont take it so seriously in disclosing something that may limit you just for being honest. it isnt going to come up in the test and you are not taking it to get high.

Trust me when I say, Uncle Sam or your uncle Harry are NOT going to support your family for you.

If you dont believe me about the sub, I can provide links, but I dont feel it necessary to get a bunch of street-pill-poppers without legit scripts driving bigrigs.

There are many, many drivers who not only self-medicate, but also use drugs that are seriously dangerous.

Those are the guys you should be worried about. Right?

Just take a pee test on your own if you want to test it out.

Be cool. Dont worry about it man.

Do some Googling, you will find some people talking out their asses, but look for legit sites with the numbers.

As of right now, Opoids do NOT come up as they are "synthetic" forms of opiates, and you are NOT partying, you are rehabilitating.

The industry needs good guys like you.

Apr 07, 2016
thanks trucker NEW
by: wannabetrucker

Thanks for the info I have a job interview with Roehl Transport on the 21st of this month and didn't wanna pull the trigger and have them fly me out there just to fail their drug test and look like a idiot.I have searched to see if what panel hair test they do but never did find out.Would love to know the going trend on what kind of pre employment drug test they give 5or 10panel or what.I just wanna get started and not be banned before I get started.Thanks

Apr 07, 2016
I thought i answered this already... NEW
by: Anonymous

where's my response?

If it does NOT come up on a DOT drug screen and quite obviously your doctor assumes you will be fine, you dont need a letter.

HIPPA protects information. Your doctor is not going to push the envelope. He will state something along the lines of "not likely to inhibit or cause issues in the workplace"

Just go already. No letters needed

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