If no police report taken on a parking lot fender-bender, will it still be an incident on my license?

by Tom
(Boyertown, PA)

I received my CDL A this past summer and started driving for an LTL company in August. I haven't had any kind of accident in over 20 years, and the last one I had was over 20 years ago, a minor fender-bender in a parking lot.

Yesterday, I was getting ready to leave a Penske repair shop. The mechanic had pulled in after road testing my 20 foot straight truck, so I had to back up into the street to leave. This is a backroad, so there is little to no traffic.

Before I got in the truck I looked behind it. Then plotted my backup knowing I had to go slowly into the driver side of the road. No one was behind me when I got into the truck. I checked both mirrors before proceeding then, since the lot was on a slight hill, began to roll back looking into my driver side mirror.

I was going at less then idle speed and had my foot on the break as I let the truck roll down the grade. Suddenly I felt a bump. Nothing in my driver mirror, in my right mirror I saw half a Hummmer.

I pulled up, got out of the truck and an old lady was pulling away in the Hummer then she stopped. She basically admitted she rolled in behind me as I was backing up. The damage was very slight to her back passenger door. No police were called.

My question is this. I was about to be hired by a much better company for a lot more money, but they want no incidents on my license. Since no police report was done, will this still show up as an incident on my license?

I have to reapply to my new company on Monday, as my previous app was only good for 30 days, and I can't start there until the middle of March.

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