Bouncing load, tandem position

by Joe Welch
(Michigan )

Rookie driver here. Been driving for a year and had something happen yesterday I've not experienced before.

Picked up a load, approx 35,000 lbs, sensor showed 29,000 on my drives. No issues until I got to the freeway. Once I got up over 60 mph every seam in the pavement or slight bump I was bouncing and jockeying around like crazy.

I thought maybe my tandems were too far back so I swung into a Pilot since I needed fuel anyway but once I started filling up I checked my tandems and they were right in the middle of the slide track.

Any veteran insight would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Jan 08, 2024
I don't know exactly what you're explaning
by: Hervy

When you say you were bouncing around, I am assuming it was supposed to say it.

And I am guessing it was some type of display indicating either the tandem positioning or where they should be slid to for adjusting axle weight.

The reason I am not immediately connecting the dots is likely because I haven't driving an new semi, lol.

Mine is an 2006 so when you say you were bouncing around with every bump and groove in the pavement I'm lost.

Oh. Just thought about it..... My trailer is 2021.

Are they now making trailers where the axles adjust themselves?

Is that whats happening? Are you saying your actual tandems are sliding from one position to another or is there a display just showing them in one position then another?

Or is there a display saying that you should slide them to one position, then changes to another.

Either way, seems you might have a sensor issue. Cause unless you have balls or live animals or barrels with liquid that has fallen over and is rolling around.....

The load can't shift over and over again to different spots.

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