Truck 1 intrastate. What to do to run 2nd truck OTR?

by Cheyenne Lewis
(Baytown Texas United States)

I own a small business. 2 tractors and 2 trailers. At this time I am intrastate only.

Wanting to know what step to take next to get my other truck to be interstate. I know I will need an MC # and combo plates. I am going to be looking for someone to be an OTR driver for my company, but first I need to know what first step to take.

My husband is 1 of my drivers, but he does local because he wants to be home daily so right now we are only intrastate.

My 2nd tractor is just sitting at the moment because I havent put insurance on it until I know exactly what needs to be done first.

I am wanting to hire someone to go over the road and who is responsible and drug free and willing to go out to different states.

I know the company I want the person to work under once I get all this figured out. OTR is better money as most already know.

If anyone knows what step I need to take first to get this going could you please email me @ or you can text me @ 281-908-5547.

Any information would be graciously appreciated. As soon as I get this process done I WILL be on the hunt for a responsible and hardworking dedicated over the road driver.

Thanks for any input and have a blessed evening!! I am located in the Houston Texas area and business is booming!!

Thanks so much. My name is Cheyenne. My company is Rabbitz Trucking LLC.

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