undendorsed hazmat felon cdl driver illegally dispatched load to cross state line

by Lori
(Iowa City, IA USA)

my felon fiance was dispatched a hazmat load from swift to take from IL to IA without endorsement and i was with him as part of the rider program, we didn't know til we delivered it, is there something we can do to fight swift?

We are very traumatized as to what could have happened.

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Jan 24, 2012
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by: Anonymous

The load contained 2 different classes of gases, one of which was 9 lbs over the placard rule. There was nothing to indicate this load contained hazardous materials, and we left the vehicle unattended while at home, in a high-traffic gas station/McDonald's parking lot. My fiance is a pretty heavy smoker as well, and smoked while going down the road, as well as while in the back bunk area of cab. My fiance received a B&E felony charge in the past, and cannot get hazmat endorsed, and his DM knew that. but dispatched the load to him to take from IL to IA during a scheduled home visit. We did not know there were any special rules regarding this load, and the company who pre-loaded the trailer should never have let my fiance leave their yard without him having the proper hazmat endorsement on his CDL. We put many people's lives in danger, for a couple of days, including out own without even knowing it. Hazmat loads cannot have passengers either, so my life was put at risk. He was on a first and final warning from his newest DM, because his first one constantly set him up to fail and refused him home time when I was going through life-threatening surgeries last year, and promised to remove a couple of the service failures, but never did before one day out of the blue being replace by the one who dispatched this load to him. What if we would have gotten pulled into the scale house? Can you imagine? And we had absolutely NO idea the entire time until we dropped the load (which was late because it was scheduled during my fiance's home time. What should we do? My fiance is so freaked out by the whole thing that he's afraid to even trust a company enough to drive for them. Our lives were both at stake, as well as his entire career, not to mention the criminal aspect of the whole thing. He parked their truck because he couldn't bring himself to drive another load for them under the circumstances. Any suggestions as to where we should go from here? What both of those companies did, by trying to cut costs, was not only unethical, but seriously dangerous to every person we encountered while under that load. After reading up on the Hazmat Regulations, we are both very traumatized by the whole thing. Please help!

Jan 23, 2012
hauling hazmat without endorsement NEW
by: hervy

You better make sure you were required to have hazmat endorsement before doing so but if you are correct you could report it to your dispatcher's boss and/or the D.O.T.

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