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Ask A Trucker has had a lot of questions about felonies. The questions regarding felonies will be moved to a page about felonies on your record. In short the best thing for you to do is call a lot of trucking companies to see if they will hire you with what you have on your record, watch as I call a few trucking companies here and ask them about trucking jobs and the hiring of felons. Notice the wide variety of answers about tolerance and policies. 

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What is the best seat cushion for a truck driver? 
What's the best seat cushion for truckers.

DOT drug testing...  
Does DOT test for suboxone?

Does a service member need to return to home state to get CDLs 
For service members getting a head start on setting up a career in trucking after their contract runs out, would they need to return to their home state …

What percentage of U.S. highways are greater than 6% grade? 
My only experience with really steep grades is Old Priest Grade (just outside Yosemite). A white knuckle experience with smoking brakes if you're lucky. …

Is it mandatory to have a truck driver trainer? 
I personally would feel more comfortable driving and learning through experience alone. Is this even allowed?

CDL Grad needs help 
I just graduated a state funded CDL school and am now searching for employment. The only potential obstacle I have is a Positive Pre employment drug screen …

What is your opinion on autonomous trucks 
Your opinion on autonomous trucks …

Lift axle doesn't drop 
I drive a 5 ton straight truck flat bed and my lift axle doesn’t work does not drop at all if i get a inspection done would that be considered a major …

Can I get a hazmat endorsement with a misdemeanor warrant? 
I have a Class A CDL with a tanker endorsement. I have looked everywhere and can not get a definite answer. I am wanting to add Hazmat but I have …

In a roll over semi accident and partner did it while I was in sleeper berth 
In a rollover semi accident when team driver wrecked while I was in sleeper berth and after 3 months of intense physical therapy. I am not better, …

What are the possible repercussionss of driving this  
The company I drive for hauls trash to a landfill. They want me to take a fully loaded trailer (22-24 tons) to the landfill to empty the trailer so that …

Is Crete Carriers a good trucking company to drive for? 
is Crete a good trucking company to Drive for?

I hired on to a new company Trans System in spokane washington 
Is Trans System out of Spokane Washington a good company? I don't no can someone tell me about them?

can a person ask for a ride from a trucker? 
If i go to a truck stop and ask for a ride is it illegal?

Will getting a speeding ticket in my personal car affect my employment? 
I got a speeding ticket in my car personal car, will it effect my employment?

Seat belt ticket while in training at CR England 
Asking for my son - one week into his new trucking job with CR England and he received a seatbelt violation from DOT. He reported it right away and …

What causes tires (245-70 r17.5) to lose chunks of rubber in the center 
We have a lot of drop deck trailers. We have been running Michelin zx2. We have had a lot of these tires fail on us this summer. 245-70 r17.5 I was …

Can I get hazmat endorsement if I have a felony of theft by taking?  
Can I get hazmat endorsement if I have a felony of theft by taking?

At what stage will i be drug tested at covenant 
I got accepted by covenant I have to go to school for my cal I haven't smoked in 2 weeks when will I be drug tested

will a dui 20 years old DUI keep me from getting a trucking job? 
I have an old DUI from 20 years ago. Will it keep my from getting a truck driving job?

I'm on safety hold because of my co-driver 
The company that I am currently employed with has me on a safety hold because I was teaming with someone and they are investigating her but I am on the …

Legit trucking schools 
Is there any legit honest trucking schools out there?

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Should I disclose working for a trucking company for 2 days 
I drove for a company that had about 500 trucks and like a 3 to 1 ratio with trailers for only 300 miles. I did orientation with them and I am a student …

Out of service for not passing an audit 
What happens when you are put out of service for not passing an audit?

hazmat endorsment 
how long do i wait for my hazmat fingerprint test to be complete in ny

Fired from job/Next day chosen for Random 
If a Company fires a driver one day (ex.Tuesday) and driver returns the truck the same day. Driver was suppose to have ride home but the father of the …

If dealer tells me the clutch cannot be adjusted, does that mean I'm going to need a new one soon? 
If dealer tells me the clutch cannot be adjusted, does that mean I'm going to need a new one soon? Clutch adjustment

Do I have to get a new license in the state that I moved to? 
CDL from Tennessee now living in Florida I have a CDL Class A from Tennessee. I have recently moved and accepted a job in Florida. The new employer …

Fired during OTR Training 
I was fired during my training period because I received a traffic warning citation. I had a lead driver with me and he didn't tell me I had to report …

Will a stomach hernia disqualify me for working for CRST 
Will a stomach hernia keep me from getting a trucking job with CRST?

What trucking companies allow children under 12 and 2 riders 
My husband is looking into getting his CDL are there any companies that allow children under the age of 12 to ride and if so what are the companies we …

State has no record of my refusal 
My former company reported to DAC that I refused a Drug test. Thing is the state has no record of it and I still have a current CDL and DOT physical. …

Owning a semi with no road time  
The insurance company that my Brother is with who has his own authority and semi truck with want me to have experience on the road. I'm the owner of …

I want to be an OTR Owner Operator 
There are a LOT of details involved with my question, so please bear with me. I have been a successful taxi driver in southern California for about …

Cost of fine for talking on phone in Memphis, Tn 
Whats the cost of the ticket for talking on a cell phone in Memphis, Tn?

Does Road Runner do hair follicle test 
Does Roadrunner Transportation do hair follicle drug testing or ua

Pre-employment excercises for Schneider 
I was at Schneider orientation and failed one part of the pre employment exercises. I'm trying to locate those exercises so I can work on getting my …

How much can I expect to make to haul a load from Ohio to California 
How much loads pay? What's the average amount of money that I can make taking a load to California from ohio

My husband just got fired, he has 3 accidents 
Fired , my husband just got fired he a truck driver out of Phoenix Arizona he has 3 accidents 2 were not his faught what can he do to protect his CDL …

Should I wait on dot physical if I smoked weed 2 weeks ago 
So here it is,I want to apply for a trucking career ,I haven't smoked weed in two weeks,I'm on a prescription for adderall ,and noticed the pre qualification …

After buying an 18 wheeler can I drive it home with paper tag? 
I am buying an 18 wheeler located in Canada. Do I have to have a federal inspection before I can legally drive it to Texas or will a paper tag be enough? …

fired for cell phone use will anyone else hire me? 
I was stopped by highway patrol. Given a warning ticket for cell phone use. The company fired me. Will any other truck company hire me. I have tried …

usdot # on rentals class A trucks? 
I was told by a Indiana state trooper and an odor officer that if my company has a rental for more that 30 days my company's name and dot number is supposed …

What if I have the wrong color ifta sticker on my truck? 
What will happen if I have the wrong color sticker on my truck

Who allows wives to ride along? 
Do trucking companies allow wives to ride along?

Can I get a job with multiple accidents at a company 
I have 3 " accidents" according to the company that will not show up on any report. 1. I ran over a hidden pole in the drive way and bent the rim 2. …

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Child riding in big rig with car seat 
I'm just curious. Is it against the law to have a child that is in a car seat ride with you and a big rig while you do your work. We are in the state …

No car driving license ever. But wants to Learn and drive a truck. 
I've only had a motorcycle license for about one year, and it was over seas in Thailand. I have never owned a regular car license yet. Would it be possible …

I was arrested for driving truck under the influence of alcohol but wasn't charged 
I was arrested in Canada for driving truck under the influence of alcohol but wasnt charged they just suspended my license for 3 days but the company fired …

Overweight citation deducted from wages. Is this legal? 
I am a trainer for a company and had a trainee receive an overweight citation his name and license # are the only one on the citation but company deducted …

I have 6 points on my license  
I have 6 points on my license. One each year. 2013 (40 in a 25) 2014(115 in a 60), and 2015(40 in a 25). I'm enrolling in CDL School, and need a pre-hirer …

Boss is not paying me 
Who do I report my boss to for not paying me for working for him?

Is it bad to ride with a trucker when needing a ride 
Is it bad getting a ride with a trucker when stranded and needing a ride?

Leasing a Truck from my Boss 
So recently I signed a lease to own deal with my boss to take over one of the trucks. However, due to poor credit and lack of funds, we did not attempt …

should employer pay for time off if employers truck breaks down ? 
I work for a construction co 12 yrs now .i was hired as a truck driver for their 7yd dump truck pulling a 20 pindle hitch trailer hauling mostly construction …

trucker gets arrested and fired things are still in truck 
OK so a trucker got arrested for drugs in another state. He got fired but still has personal things in the truck that is now being driven by someone else …

If i am in the sleeper while shipper loads and counts is the sleeper burth legal 
Can I legally log sleeper berth if I am being unloaded or loaded at the shipper?

Ticket for talking on the phone while driving the 18 wheeler 
Have anyone ever received a ticket for talking on the phone while driving your 18 wheeler? If so, did you keep it from going on your record? If so, …

Conviction for suspension/revocation do i got any hope? 
Hi, Looking for some advice my thing is I received my CLP a year after a conviction for driving while suspension/revocation back in 04/7/14 the reason …

whats with this doctor shopping ? 
I don't get it with this doctor shopping deal ? For the cdl annual physical if I drive from state to state and my medical is due I'm going to find me a …

can a company ask for your drivers license when picking up a load? 
Can a company ask for your drivers license when picking up a load? Is there something that federally protects from having to show your license or does …

Is this avoidable or unavoidale accident 
rollerover avoiding a collision because car pulls out in front of you.....avoidable? or unavoidable?

Big truck in HOV lane - Is it legal? 
Can you legally drive a semi in the HOV lane in any of the states?

Ttheft misdemeanor 2 months old 
Can I get trained from a school like kllm, crst, or stevens even tho i have a 2 month old conviction? Even if i get it deffered will that still hold …

Do they help you get your GED in trucking school? 
I want to become a trucker but don't have my GED. My question is, in the trucking schools do they help obtain your GED while working on getting your CDL …

speeding ticket on my personal vehicle 
I got a speeding ticket on my personal vehicle...i was driving at the same speed as the traffic Question is can I still get my class A license? …

I rear ended someone with my personal vehicle no police report or citation does it still affect my cdl??? 
I rear ended someone with my personal vehicle no police report or citation. Does it still affect my cdl?

Why do trucking companies ask if I am collecting unemployment benefits 
Why do trucking companies ask if I am collecting or have collected unemployment or other benefits before hiring?

My driver has PTSD and is on Meds 
My brother works for me hauling a 6500 gallon tanker receiving benefits for his PTSD is the percent Iraqi war. He decided to make an appointment to …

Can Concrete Mix company fire me?  
I'm a ready mix driver in CA, can my company fire me for getting an overweight ticket it's my first ever ticket by the way. I was 1,900 lbs overweight …

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life after a reckless driving ticket 
got a reckless operation ticket on my Harley. after 20 years of driving with nothing else I cant find a job. anybody know a company that will hire me?

Failed drug test at non driving job 
I failed a drug test at a welding manufacture 2 years ago. I was not terminated, I just had to go to 6 weeks of therapy and was randomly drug tested for …

Interested in driving a truck, but not comfortable with driving on ice or snow... 
So, I'm interested in driving a truck, preferably OTR, but I have no ice/snow experience. I wanted to know if it is possible to drive a truck and avoid …

Possession of marijuana 
How long will i lose my license for possession of marijuana in a commercial vehicle.

License Points 
I got 3 license points for 9 over a few months ago. This is the only thing on my license, originally lawyer said she could get me a PJC but DMV said no …

Can I sneak a pet with me over the road? 
can i sneak my dog into the truck with me

Can i bring my teenager on the road with me 
Can I bring my daughter on the road with me?

dropped trailer at yard and reefer unit stopped working causing load to spoil am i responsible for load? 
My boss says I'm responsible for the load until it is delivered. I understand that I am responsible but how can I be responsible when load delivers Monday …

pay tow or no 
if you quit trucking do you have to pay for the tow of the truck?

Load abandonment for not staying to pick up load 
If you are only getting paid mileage and leave because a load will not be ready for another 4 - 5 hours you have not signed for it and has not left terminal. …

If fired; does the employer have to get the driver home? 
If fired; does the employer have to get the driver home

Is there a class to take that would help my record 
Im from saginaw,mi! I would like to know if there is a class i can take that would uplift my 3yr suspension for flee & eluding so i can receive my cdl

Reasons my ac keep shutting on and off while i am driving? 
Why does my ac keep shutting on and off while i am driving

Can't pass cdl a testing after 2 tries 
Ye I went to Day ls truck driving school and I got thru my in cab inspection but messed up twice in yard backing maneuvers at the dds. I am getting it …

Asking for more money from trucking company boss for hauling oversized 
I just recently ask my boss for more money for hauling oversize permit loads I get paid 15 an hour. Just to let u no I haul a dump trailer not oversize …

How much insurance on a 26,000 gvrw cost in Colorado 
How much will I pay for semi truck insurance? I'm moving to Colorado and I'm a small o/o trucking business how much insurance on a 26,000 gvrw will …

Will a misdemeanor possession charge keep me from getting a job driving 
If i have a misdemeanor drug possession of pot under a ounce can i still go to cdl school and my cdl licences im in the state of georgia please i realy …

Will i get hired with my record from 3 yrs ago 
I just got my license back after 5 years because of unpaid fines penndot added 5 points to it, i don't have a permit for trucking but would like to know …

Gas saving of truck with skirting vs one without 
If you have identical truck, same motor truck specs, one has skirting one doesn't how big of a difference will mpg be Mpg on freightliner cascadia DD …

curious owner 
can a small business dump truck owner receive employment benefit if the owner loses her contracts

letter from county about commercial vehicle parked at my house which is residential zone 
i received a letter from my county that i had a complaint against me for having two commercial vehicles on my property which happens to be a residential …

Hey LAATrucker, I have been following you since I started trucking roughly 2 years ago i started late in the game doctor. My question for you is …

who will hire and train me? 
I have my cdl permit and have been looking for somewhere to train me for my license and hire me afterward. I have two controlled substance charges one …

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What is this truck carrying? 
I have noticed these trucks passing by my office about every 15 minutes or so. They are always carrying 7 pallets, no more, no less. They must be very …

correct gear for going up a hill with a very big load 
your going up an hill with a very massive load behind you , lets say that you have a 9 or 10 speed transmission, what is the correct gear to go up the …

Trucking at 59 
I am a 59 year old male. I 'm married. I want to continue my current full- time profession until at least age 62 and maybe 65. I am not mechanical and …

will several dui's before 2000 disqualify me from getting a cdl? 
I quit drinking 2 yrs ago.I got my first dui in nov 1982 and my last in 1999. I have a total of 8. I'm wondering if there is a chance I could get a cdl …

Women and Trucking 
Do you have any advice on women in trucking.

Will some trucking companies or drivers allow a non employees ride along with them for a small fee? 
Will some trucking companies or drivers allow a non employees ride along with them for a small fee? For example if someone was moving and they only had …

will car insurance go up because of accident in truck OTR 
i had an accident while driving for otr, does this cause my personal insurance rates to rise on my vehicle

Is trucking company responsible for a ticket due to problem that I had told them about 
I was given ticket while driving company truck and before I drove the truck I told about the defect that cost me the ticket

Can you have an unrestained dog in the cab while driving 
Can you have a unrestained dog in the cab of a truck while driving?

driving while on suboxone 
I just interviewed for a truck driving position and did my road test and scheduled to do a drug test, although i am on suboxone for a mistake i made. …

Looking for O/O companies out west? 
I'm looking for O/O companies preferably west coast region mainly narrowed down to Arizona area. Does anyone know of good companies that have good pay? …

Dating owner op driver & would like to ride with him are there any laws in any states that prohibit this 
Are girlfriends allowed to ride in the truck as passengers. Boyfriend is an owner operator. Are there any laws that make riding with a trucker/owner …

I lied on my dot medical app 
I lied on my medical app about meds and injuries that I have had. What will happen if they find fmsca finds out or my employer?

semi with right signal indicating plan to re enter right lane where we are 
The road was busy 3:30 p.m. We drive 65 mph. A dark blue Premier transportation semi behind us signals a lane change, gets into the left lane, pulls alongside …

Can I get a CDL with a paraphernalia charge from a year ago 
I got a paraphernalia charge about a year ago. & not im trying to get my cdl. I see that in evey school they do background checks. Does that affect my …

Found out the truck I am leasing was wrecked 
what can i do about being leased a semi and not being notified it was previously wrecked before i leased it?

how long can my company keep me sitting for a load 
I want to quit my job. How long must I legally sit before my company gets me a load.

going to trucking school while on methadone 
Can I go to school if I am on a low dose of prescribed methadone.

whst trucking companies allow passengers or riders 
please let me know what trucking companies allow a wife to ride along. I have not been able so far to find a truck company that allows a passenger yet …

will cdl be revoked if insulin dependent? 
I'm hearing that in june 2015 , if you are diabetic and insulin dependent , your cdl will be taken away in the state of Florida , is this fact? many doctors …

trainer drove over the limit weight truck 
my trainer picked up a load while I was sleeping. After a few hours he turned the wheel over to me. I stopped at the weigh station and got ticketed for …

Buying your own truck 
are there any suggestions for buying your own truck and getting the money to do so

School Assignment question 
What is the last thing, a truck driver has to do at the end of the day or once the delivery has been made?

semi title for collateral of a $9000 company loan 
Do I need to have a written document. Company loaning me $9000 n will be holding semi title for collateral until payed off.

Tools to carry while OTR 
Looking for some hand tools that can make life easier while on the road. You obviously have the ratchet sets (1/2, 3/8, 1/4 drives) with torx bits, plier/Vice …

As a woman do I have to have a trainer after obtaining my CDL? 
My hubby and I are seriously considering a career change as a truck driving team. I do not want to complete training sharing a cab with anyone but my hubby. …

My Record Seems to Shut Me Down 
I was a driver class E in Florida. I had a accident. no point or anything but it seems like it come up when I apply to jobs so I get shut down. I'm …

can you bring your partner when trucking 
can you bring your partner when trucking

Fuel purchase for company drivers?? 
I would like to know how drivers pay for fuel. Do you have to pay with your own money? Do you get reimbursed? Does the company give u a credit card? …

How young of a child can you take on the road with you? 
I would like to take my wife and daughter with me when I drive but how young of a child can you take with you? My daughter is one.

When a truck driver gets a ticket, how soon are they to notify their employer? 
When do I need to notify my employer that I got a ticket on the job

how long it take to get authorization for a passenger? 
How long does it take for an application for passengers to get approved for a passenger

back into another trailer and scraped the side of it 
was in California and was backing into a space at a truck stop. scraped another trailer, no ticket issued because it was in a private parking lot. the …

i have a case on dead docket, am i screwed? 
Long story short, i got my cdl April of 2014. i was charged of a felony theft charge in 2012 that hasnt been tried. Im asking this question on the terms …

Do they drug test riders that go out with drivers 
If I am required to do a ride along through my employer with one of our drivers , do I have to be drug tested?

what will happen if I dont have an id for weight station when in a 18 wheeler 
Do i have to have an ID when asked in a weigh station?

Can I get hired with16 points on my drivers license 
I have 16 points on my license will a trucking company hire me?

Ride alongs in tractor trailer 
Do I have to be married to ride a long? And is there any discrimination against same sex ride alongs?

7 year old felony is there any companys thatI can try "come on!" 
I just need to know can I try a company out there with a 8 year old felony that happen when I was 19 now im 27 haven't been in trouble since work for …

class a to e and then back. 
I had a class a license in new York, but when I moved to florida, I opted to just get the class e (less expensive) Is my class a still good if I wanted …

medical card 
I was born in 69 got CDL in 95. Do I need a medical card?

how do i start back driving  
I got a old dui from driving my park car it's 2 years old i was driving for a company but when i checked its not showing up so I'm not convicted of dui …

Do you need hs diploma/Ged to get hired to a company? 
We need to know is it possible to find a company in the trucking industry that will hired a person without hs diploma/Ged?

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Failed random breathalyzer 
I drank on a Sunday night celebrating with friends, less than a 12 pack. Most of us have done it. Got hit with a random breathalyser and drug test …

3 quick questions... Need answers!!! 
1. Does prime inc or any other company truck have CB radios installed or do I have to buy my own? 2. How does the employer contact the employee? …

Question about truck driving school 
Hey I went to a truck driving school and got my CDL permit. I went through their orientation and after orientation I was told they could not hire me because …

Need a ride to San Francisco 
Can a trucker give a person a ride across the country. I refuse to fly. I need to get to San fran For my daughters wedding. I'm a writer.

will swift fire me if they find out i have a felony 
can swift fire me after im hired if I have an ex friend who tells them I have a felony

red light camera ticket in Arizona 
I got red light camera ticket in Arizona. Can they do anything to my South Carolina license. Red light camera tickets are not legal in South Carolina …

can i still drive trucks even though i have tested positive for drugs  
Im already certified in class a truck driving I just found out I've tested positive for cocaine is there ever at all a possibility to drive agian

I wrecked a company truck - employer threatening to sue 
So I was driving a gravel truck had to hit brakes hard because of car stopped in front of me and the truck jacked knife in to the ditch and burned to the …

Can s6x offenders go OTR trucking 
Can s6x offenders become over the road truck drivers?

Curious about trucker getting caught with commercial company 
What would happen if a truck driver is caught having s6x with commercial company?

How long it takes to drive cargo from LA to NYC? 
I want to know how many days, stops will take to drive a full load from LA to NYC (Manhattan) ... also an average on cost to that single run will cost. …

tested positive for meth 
tested positive for meth. How long do I lose my CDL and do I lose my normal license also in North Dakota

Question about tmc transport drug testing 
Plz understand that I have kids and a wife on the high ways daily.. I Am wondering whether TMC drug test is just a 5 panel drug screen? Also if it …

Medical Marijuana cards and trucking in Colorado 
Does Colorado take your CDL away if you get a medical marijuana card?

Crossing the scale with a CDL learner's permit 
Does both drivers have to be in front when at the scales with learners cdl permit?

Billed by power co. for snagging power lines. Am I liable? 
Driving truck down the same road I have driven for 15 years. Caught the power lines on corner of trailer. This pulled down a pole & interrupted service …

Does a drug test failure for trucking school follow me 
Hey I was wondering if I failed a drug test for a truck driving school and I go to another school in a different state would it show up?

Company wants my keys while loading the trailer 
Can a company ask for my keys while they are loading my trailer?

Can or do moving companies search my belongings for drugs? 
Moving from colorado to another state and would like to bring a little bit of cannabis with me. What are the chances that it would be found and what would …

need to get insured to keep on working have my kids  
I had 3 accidents in one year. Minor two not at faults and no insurance wants to Insure me. The one that does wants 30000 a year. Can't afford that …

Are there any hazards from sleeping in a filthy wagon cab 
As a lorry driver or truck driver, is there any problems that sleeping in a filthy wagon will cause to health or well being?

what if i am pulled over and passenger is smoking weed 
I drive a straight truck with a moving company. If one of the labor ears fires up a joint in the cab, and I get pulled over for any violation, what are …

Religious Man, does prime inc have Double bunk beds for 1st year drivers? 
I am looking to start driving for prime inc soon. But before I jump in with them, I want to know if they offer double bunk beds, so religious folks like …

What companies offer legitimate paid training? 
I am considering a career change into the trucking industry. I have read a lot of negative feed back with regards to paid training. Are there any companies …

keeping the fizz in soft drinks 
I have a cooler and fill it with softdrinks but they keep going flat from the bouncing while driving. Any tips on preventing them from going flat?

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Intent to drive 
can you get hit with intent to drive while "sleeping it off" in your sleeper cab?

can you get away with having a dog in a company truck? 
Can you take a pet in a company truck?

I am stranded in mannford,ok and need ride to there anyone that can help 
Need a ride. I need to get away from an abusive mate.

if i test positive for weed at my job does my cdl get suspended 
If i test positive for weed at my job during a random drug screen does my cdl get suspended?

my husband got a ticket. what do we need to do? 
Husband got a speeding ticket? What will happen?

If a company is in labor disputes  
If a company is in labor disputes can a truck driver pull up to the dock, or do they have to drop the trailer away from the dock

can i hire a driver from another state 
hi i would like to know if i can hire a driver from tx when my new trucking company is in fl

Speeding in a weigh station ticket 
Have a driver who received a ticket for speeding in a weigh station!! Observed but no radar or any real proof except for 3 other uniforms! Question …

shifting under light 
Is it ok to shift under a light in a dot test

Need info for getting my truck legal in OHIO 
What all do i need to make my Ohio commercial vehicle ready to roll? It is a boom truck(crane) but it is treated just like a straight truck (Gvw 60000) …

Vehicles tha drive in front of wide loads 
There are several trucks out there that you always see with a wide load or big load that have a smaller truck that drives in front of or that follow the …

Can a OTR trucker take his minor son on the road with him if he only has temporary custody? 
Can a driver with temporary custody of his son take his son with him on the road?

Can I become a trucker with a domestic violence 
Will any companies hire me with a misdemeanor domestic violence case?

Would I be hired? 
As of right now I have a suspended licence for failing to appear in court. The case was from an at fault accident in December of 2010. In the last 3 years …

Is a G.E.D. required in order to get a CDL 
do I need a g.e.d. to get my cdl

how does one make poopy inside a truck and dispose of it 
When i'm in a public restroom i get distracted when i hear people, no matter what it is, worse is using a stall after another just flushed a record breaking …

i would get lonely out there, is there any thing wrong with paying a girl for her company? 
Last thing in the world id want is to jeopardize my job as a truck driver. Chances are i cant afford 30 minutes with a young beautiful princess, but if …

Can I marry a lot lizard? 
There are so many attractive women out there selling themselves. If i wanted to marry one, take her with me everywhere i go, do i need to pay for all …

If I am fired from a job can I get a trucking job 
I am trying to get my cdl i was told if i have been fired i wouldnt find a job is that true? Will an accident prevent me from getting a job?

single mom wanting answers 
I am a single mom of a 15 yr old boy. I want to learn to drive. I was wondering after a year of experience would I be able to take him with me and have …

if you want to drive a flatbed truck will the trucking companies do a federal background check on you 
If you want to drive a flatbed truck and have a CDL will the trucking companies do a federal background check?

Am planning to relocate out of state 
Hi, I am currently studying for my cdl in the state of Ohio. I am planning to relocate to another state in several months. Will my cdl from Ohio be honored …

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Can a trucking school put a judgment against your CDL license?  
I went through a school to take a refresher course and have had a financially difficult time since then. I just started working again and the trucking …

Can I legally take a person and 2 dogs on the road with me 
By law am I allowed to take one passenger and both my dogs?

large fine for driving overweight truck 
I got a ticket for driving an overweight truck on a residential street. Do I have to pay the fine all at once or can I get a payment plan.

Children in the truck on the road 
My grandson's father drives a big truck for a company in Tennessee and we just found out that he takes our grandson with him on the road short hauls and …

Just stopped smoking weed, how long should I wait before trucking? 
I just quit smoking marijuana because I really want to drive. I just got the info on training, when is the soonest I would be tested if I'm just starting …

CDL suspended 365 for DUI, but was dismissed 
My CDL was suspended for 365 days for an arrest of DUI. I was placed on a withheld judgment, to remain trouble free for a year. Completed, April 2013 licenses …

20 flatbed questions 
Need help in answering these questions. I got a few of them so far. Thanks.1. what is the minimum number of 4” straps required to secure a 28,000 lb aluminum …

will suboxone keep me from getting my CDL in medical card  
I have been on suboxin for almost 2 years not due to a drug problem due to a car accident and did not want to be on pain medication anymore

What happens if you hit a parked car in a commercial vehicle? 
If you hit a parked car in a commercial vehicle, what can you expect to happen?

am i responsible if i tear down a phone line that crosses a county road with my boom truck  
i was driving down a county road in my boom truck and it is only 13ft 4in and my truck hooked the phone line and ripped it down. Would i be responsible …

Can I get a rollover expunged from my record? 
Had a rollover in 2011 in commercial vehicle. Didn't get a ticket or fine, but it showed up on my driving record. Can i get it expunged

Is Cell Phone Ticket a Moving Violation? 
Do trucking companies consider a cell phone violation (not in a commercial vehicle) a moving violation?

Want to Know if Wife Can Ride If I Buy a Truck  
I'm just starting to get my cdl license. After I get it and a truck can my wife ride along if she wants to? Would like to know thanks.

Is hogan transport a good company to drive for? 
Starting my career in trucking and want to find a good trucking company to go to.

can you take prescription methadone and drive a tractor trailer 
can you take prescription methadone and drive a tractor trailer

Refusal to Test Not On My DAC 
I was asked to go take a random drug test last August. I signed the paper stating that I would take the test, however, I decided I had enough with the …

Cancellation of insurance - will it keep me from becoming a trucker? 
Will a suspension for cancellation of insurance on my driving record keep me from getting a truck driving job?

Can a semi driver loose his cdl for being arrested for domestic violece 
My boyfriend, who is a semi driver physical abused me in his truck, I had to call an ambulance for my injuries and he was arrested for domestic violence. …

can I get a driving job after passing or failing a drug test no CDL required job 
I was driving a tow truck that required no CDL can I still drive tow trucks for another company with no CDL after feeling a DOT drug test during a car …

will tire size help me get better fuel mpg 
I have a 2007 freightliner with a detroit 60 515 hp, 373 gear. would a taller or lower profile tire help me get a little better fuel mpg???? thanks, …

Truck Driver was going 80 in 65 and side swipped my vehicle, will he get fired? 
About 2 weeks ago I was involved in an accident with a tractor trailer. He side swiped my vehicle by coming in my lane and hit me with such force that …

Can i get my CDL with unpaid tickets? 
Can I get a CDL class A with unpaid tickets?

will i clear coca colas back ground check 
I have three speeding tickets four years ago also a non moving violation (non commercial vehicle). Will coke still hire me as a driver

Can I get a CDL with a 2 year old Marijuana charge? 
I was found guilty of a misdemeanor marijuana possesion charge 2 years ago is it possible to take my cdl test ( ive never had cdls) within such a short …

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Will Pepsi still hire me if after pre-hire I have an accident in the car 
Will you get hired with pepsi if you got into a accident in your personal car after you were pre hired

Questions about passengers in the truck 
I am considering a second career as a driver. I plan on my wife riding as a non licensed driver. My question is I also have an adult special needs …

Does DOT use Prepass to track drivers 
Does the D.O.T. at the PrePass sites, keep an indefinite record of your beep so they know when you were by there last?

can i buy just a tractor to start out trucking and find plenty of work? 
Can i buy just a tractor to start trucking and find people that want their trailers pulled?

Can i have a passenger with me on the truck as soon as i get hired on? 
Can I bring a rider with me as soon as I start trucking?

sleeper berth history 
I want to know when the first sleeper berth was made and where it was placed on the tractor

Unlawful taking - Can my boyfriend get a trucking job with that charge? 
Can my boyfriend still get a truck driving job if he has a felony charge of unlawful taking? If he can can we do team driving?

If a person is tested positive in the drug test with a company, can he work in another company? 
if a person tested positive in the drug test with a company, can he work in another company? Fail a drug test with swift co.

unreported accident that i didnt no about 
I did a u turn 3 weeks ago and someone reported me hitting a fence but I didn't know I hit the fence. A week later my job terminated me for it. will …

dropped a trailer in the yard 
dropped a trailer in the yard will this stop me from getting hired at another company?

Will the CDL program help with getting a trucking job? 
How can the cdl program help me with employment? When I get CDL training will they help with a trucking job?

Trying to find answers about abandonment situation 
I am a company driver. I am leaving one company to go to another. If i bring the company truck home and ask the company to come get it is that considered …

If I'm trying I get my class a cdl what happens if I just got a speeding ticket 
If I'm thinking of getting my class a cdl in Ohio and I just got a speeding ticket will it affect me getting the cdls

how can me and my husband take our two sons OTR with us? 
My husband and I plan on driving as partners OTR. We have a 11 1/2 yr old and a 4 yr old. I home school my oldest and plan on homeschooling my youngest. …

can a company put you in a dirty sleeper 
can a company make you drive a trk with a dirty sleeper unit

License suspended because of Child Support 
License is suspended because of child support. How can I get my class A CDL back?

What is the number of lifetime dui can i have 
How many lifetime DUI can a driver have?

commercial license and 3 DUI,s 
years ago I got 3 DUI,s first one in 1990 the second one around 1992 and the 3rd one in 2004 after the 3rd one I stopped drinking for good. its now 2014 …

driving a tractor trailer with a c leg right side 
I drove tractor trailer for years delivering heavy equiment and just lost my right leg above the knee in june 5th 13. I gave my lic up but if can be …

How much paperwork is involved in trucking? 
How much paper work is involved in being a long haul trucker?

How far does companies look back into my record 
I am trying to get a better job in Louisiana with my cdl but I don't know if any one will hire me with a dwi that I got in my personal vehicle 4 years …

Loosing truckers license, can this person drive his car?  
Dear Sirs/Ladies: An acquaintance of mine had his truck license taken away in Tennessee - I think because of drinking. Can he still drive his own …

will Werner fire me over a speeding ticket 
Will Werner fire me over a speeding ticket?

Getting back a CDL after testing positive on a drug test in Memphis 
If I lost my job & CDL because of a positive marijuana test, how long will it take for me to get my CDL back if a new employer sends me to rehabilitation? …

Will Pa find out about Child Support issues when transferring license 
Does PA do hard core checks into your Illinois driver history as far as child support issues go? Have amazing job offer need to drive soon! CDL …

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Will a hernia disqualify me from getting dot physical? 
is an abdominal hernia considered a disqualifying condition on a dot physical?

Can I get a hazmat at 18 yrs old 
If I'm 18 can I obtain a hazmat endorsment

why do trucks speed past you on the highway at a high speed? 
Why is it that trucks will pass by you on the highway at high speeds?

Will a 4 year old drug test failure at a non trucking company count against me if I try to get a truck driver Job at CRST? 
I failed a drug test at a retail store 4 years ago. Will this count against me if I try to get a truck driver Job at CRST?

Insurance company keeping me from driving because of tickets, Need advice. 
Ive been working for this computer for 2 1/2 years. I caught several tickets before I started working for this company. I have climbed the ladder from …

Canadian border crossing 
My fiance has a class A CDL. we were wanting to know if he can have a job crossing the Canadian border from the US with a misdemeanor on his record?

Got a drug paraphernalia charge 6 months ago 
My license was suspended for 6 months last year. I want to be a trucker but will this stop me? I know there are conflicting statements on this--Who …

will a trucking company hire me 
Can i drive for any company after a misdemeanor theft charge? Thats all that's on my record. Got a few minor traffic violations and got suspended for …

Can i get a truck driving job with drug charges? 
2 years ago I was convicted and served 25 days in jail for being next to my buddy when he sold a 20 baggy of coke to a narc, but still got charged with …

driver for owner operator is stranded on the side of the road 
I have a cousin that just started for a new owner operator and is out of diesel on the side of the road and has no cash or assistance.

Why am i not supposed to turn on red while testing for my CDL Class A license? 
I was told by my instructor to never turn on red when we go to test for our license. I won't do it but I just want to know why exactly we're not supposed …

how is over the road with a trainer for a female? 
I graduated from trucking school and couldn't go over the road right away so I was driving a coal truck but kept getting laid off so i'm wanting to get …

Will I lose my CDL with 2 possession of marijuana charges 
Need to know if I can still drive tractor trailer with 2 possession of marijuana charges.

Hazmat and Tankers Endorsements with a pending felony charge 
My question is, would I still be eligible to obtain a Hazmat and Tankers Endorsement on my current CDL Class A if I have a pending felony charge of Domestic …

Do you have to have a G.E.D  
I need help I was wanting to go to school for truck diving and I know that the school does not require a G.E.D but I was wanting to know if I could even …

Warnings effect my cdl? 
I am 20 and I drive a log truck in Texas. Insurance was hard for me to get a hold of as we'll as the job so I'm curious. I was recently stopped and issued …

2 accidents and a ticket 
I have 2 no fault accidents and 1 wrong route ticket can I get a driving job

Terminated from c.r. England for two incidents while under training less than 6 months experience over two years ago but still have a valid class A how can I get back in the field? 
I worked for c.r. England back in 2011 and cannot find any company to hire me. I was only in the training phase the whole time I was employed with them. …

What kind of background do you need to become a truck driver 
What kind of background do you need to be a truck driver?

Girlfriend and I are thinking about team trucking 
We have been together 6yrs thinking of doing this to save money for a house. Would you recommend this? Also, many dogs can you have? We have two small …

CB Radio Installation Volvo 780 
How do I loosen the black plate that clamps down on the CB radio to secure it?

Will I get hired at a trucking company with a DUI 
I drive for a food distribution company non cdl and i got a dui six months ago. If i apply somewhere else would i get hired, will their insurance accept …

Is there a trucking job that allows me to go home every day as a driver 
I want to get home daily. Is there a truck driving job that will allow me to drive locally? _____________________________________________ Bellevue …

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Charged with DUI when I was 17 
I got a du wen I was 17 and I want to get my class A CDL. I turned 18 a few months ago and wondering if my DUI will effect me getting my CDL

Coal Truck Driver Needed For a School Report 
I am doing a report in school. i have to do it in order to graduate, and i job shadowed my grandfather's trucking company, but i needed to do research …

will i ever drive again after a rollover? 
is it possible to ever drive again or even lease/purchase a truck after a roll over.

Abandoning a Breathalyzer 
What happens if your boss wants to give u a breathalyzer and you have a CDL but instead of taking the breathalyzer u leave?

How long do you have to wait to reapply to a company 
I recently applied for a job with KLLM, I was denied because I forgot to put something on my app. How long would I have to wait to reapply?

is it bad luck to take an ex girlfriends name off your dump truck? 
leaving ex girlfriends name on a dump truck

Ticketed for "No Trucks" Street 
Received a ticket for driving my CMV on a street in California where I did not see a sign that said "NO TRUCKS". Do I have to report this on the Annual …

Do i need a DOT medical card? 
So i drive a 26000 lb. GVWR flatbed (don't need a CDL for this truck) for work and most of the jobs are local in California. I was just curious if …

Jus got a dui in Pennsylvania In my personal car, should I get a lawyer 
Jus got a dui in Pennsylvania In my personal car will I lose my cdl & should I get a lawyer

My CDL was disqulified - no convictions  
I refused a breathalyzer and my CDL was suspended but it was dismissed with no dui conviction. After 2.5 yrs will anyone hire me again? I was working …

61 years old . 
I'm 61 years old. I intend to go to truck driving school and get a truck driving job after graduation. I have a clean record. No dui, no drugs and no criminal …

Swift Driving Academy? 
I'm wanting to go to Swift to get my trucking career started. My big concern is the things I've read about people that get down to the academy and are …

Have you ever forgotten your trailer? 
Just wondering, have you ever started towards your destination without your load attached? =

After 20 yrs off of the road do I need to go back to trucking school 
I have a cdl a been out of truck 20 yrs. what do i do to get back in a truck? Do i need to go thru school again?

how many riders can you have with you? 
Was wanting to bring my wife and 17 year old out for awhile and i was told dot only allows you to have 1 rider at a time. Is this true? taking someone …

Can company demote driver based on insurance company? 
I have a job as a power lineman. I had an unavoidable accident about a year ago turning over a bucket truck costing the company money. Now I'm off …

cost of dot-sap program 
How much does the dot-sap program in Arizona cost.

Is There a Such Think As a Homeless trucker? 
I am not a trucker but a trucker's wife & my husband told me this after his co-driver left the truck & company cold turkey. Here is the story. Well …

False Positive Drug Screen 
My fiance and I both took 2 pre-employment drug screens for two major trucking companies within the past 3 weeks, we both passed. Recently, we took …

Buying a semi truck, but registration isn't in my name why? 
Is this even legal? Can somebody help me to know. I bought a semi truck one year ago through Loan Mountain in Iowa. I have been making the monthly payments …

Im in texas and a person in a box truck with a cdl hit my daugter and is lying saying she ran a stop sign. Is it automatically their fault because they hold a cdl 
Im in texas and a person in a box truck with a cdl hit my daugter and is lying saying she ran a stop sign. Is it automatically their fault because they …

Do I have the right to know how much the company I drive for is getting paid. 
I am an owner operator for a company in Louisiana and I currently get paid 70% of Mileage rate per loaded barrel. Recently the boss said he had to …

Using the truck is that bad or wrong an any way please help thanks  
My husband trained some one and let him use his 18 wheeler but had to work for him but took off now charging him 1000 for the training and for. Using the …

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Can an offender get their own authority? 
Can a registered offender obtain their own authority to operate as a interstate carrier. If so, will they be able to acquire liability and load insurance …

Under what circumstances would a company require access your medical records? 
As a part of the pre employment process, a medical examination, including drug testing, will be required after a conditional offer of employment. I further …

are there points taken off your CDL for no brake lights on your trailer 
Break light trouble. Are points taken your CDL for no brake lights on your trailer?

Anyone have any experience or tips for unloading DDG or dried distillers grain? 
I have been hauling DDG off and on. If you're not familiar, it can be fairly difficult to unload based on when / how it's made and temperature / humidity. …

Can I get an abandoment charge for dead heading to terminal 
If im at home on home time and I choose to quit a trucking company,and I don't have a trailer,do I have to go pick up a load to take back to a terminal …

Can I be cleared for my hazmat endorsement if I have had an old 2006 felony expunged 
Hoping an expunged felony won't keep me from clearing background and fingerprinting for hazmat endorsement

trying to get back on the road 
If my CDLs got disqualified indefinitely in Georgia can I go to another state to obtain them ....

trying to get back on the road 
If CDLs is this qualifying indefinitely can you travel to another state a new CDL in another state

Can other truckers hear whats going on in neighboring cabs? 
I know it may be TMI (Too much information) but I would like to know an answer to this before even trying it out (really don't want to embarrass my B/F …

Cameras placed in company rigs 
My husband has been with a company for 8 yrs! All because of a couple of accidents in the company, they have decided to put camera's in the company rigs! …

Looking to truck but getting resistance from folks 
Hi my name is Matt I'm 20 and from a small town in southern Illinois. Both my dad and brother are truck drivers. I have always loved truck driving and …

Failed a hair folicle test that was not required 
I live in ct had a drug test urine and I passed we don't do hair follicle test in ct for dot not required but the company order us to do a follicle hair …

Need advice after getting 3 tickets 
I have 3 traffic tickets in the past year, 2 are noncommercial and one is commercial. The first one was on 03/2012 for improper lane change> The …

swift back ground check 
How many years back do swift transportation go on back ground check

Criminal Record vs driving record 
Will my criminal record play more of a role than my driving record or does it matter what the felony was?

Local Delivery Driver Jobs vs Dedicated Runs for newbies 
I recently got my CDL (A) and have been offered Delivery positions at local beverage companies (Buffalo rock, Bud, etc)...I also have an offer for SNI …

am i within my rights? 
I do bobcat grading and hauling ,i recently hauled out 2 loads of broken concrete I billed the acting supervisor whom called me I then billed was told …

what about retirement? 
If a truck driver retires are they forced to give up their cdl license?

Taking money from my check 
Company charging me $250 fee taking it out of my check without my permission because I got a log ticket which I pay

Wisconsin express lines (WELS COMPANIES  
Seeking information on this company from a current or former driver. I am thinking of driving for them. Mainly can you make a decent pay check there?

3 Year old DUI. Trying to find a school in the state of Georgia where I can take a refresher course or a company that will hire me. 
Hello. I got a DUI three years ago in my personal car. No experience except about one month with US Xpress when I first got my CDL's. Trying very hard …

Insurance for riders in a tractor trailer 
I was wondering where to get rider insurance (husbands company wont supply) so would like to get my own policy where would i go to get it so i can ride …

if i own a dump truck and hire some one to drive it would it be profitable in florida right now 
if I hire someone to drive a dump truck that I own would it be profitable in Florida

Help...dads cdl 
My boyfriend got my dads car impounded because he was driving without a license. Will it affect my dads cdl?

forget my physical card at home and got pulled over is my license at risk 
husband got pulled over in Harrisburg pa for not wearing a seat belt and forgetting his physical card at home is his license at risk

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I am losing income because of being in the shop who pays for it 
had and accident but was not at faulter my truck is being repaird am losing income who pays for i

Can my employer deduct the fine from a ticket from my pay 
i got a red light ticket can my employer deduct the cost of it from my pay?

family riding 
Hello all I am already a truck driver I seen that someone was inquiring about there 3 year old riding with them and one guys answer was hide the child …

Can a young over the road trucker get laid a lot. (not by hookers) 
Can a young over the road trucker get laid a lot. (not by hookers)

multiple burglary felonies. have CDL no experience. 
I have my CDL since 2004. No experience driving. Last felony in 2009. Interested in retraining or team driving. Who will give me a chance?

felony record 
I was wondering if any trucking companies will consider training and hiring a felon ?

still trying to do something positive 
if u have 2 obtain sr22 insurance will any trucking company still hire u if so please email me at

What happened to cab over trucks 
Years ago, I drove 24' straight-jobs for local deliveries in the city. Between the cab-overs and conventional, I greatly preferred the cab-overs as I had …

Do I have to change my CDL to the state I am working in? 
Do I legally have to move my CDL based on the company I am working for company terminal address if my principal address is in a different state.?(My permanent …

Where do I live when not on duty? 
I'm about to start a career in trucking. I'm 21 and currently live with my parents in PA. Once I start trucking (most likely with Prime inc., which is …

Can't get experience 
I have a CDL Class A license. I can't get hired anywhere because I don't have the experience. How can I get experience if no one hires me? Where do …

Is it worth it? 
I am about to be a senior in high school and the life of a trucker seems so inviting to me. Is it worth it though in this day and age?

Why do companies want you to have no suspensions within the past 3 years???? This was before my CDL 
Have my class A CDL, but in the past i have had 2 suspensions on my mvr within the last 3 years. Why is it that most companies want your license with …

marijuana Misdemeanor In arizona 
I got a misdemeanor marijuana possession and paraphernalia in December 2011 i turned 21 in may 2013 is there any chance i can still get my trucking license …

meaning of colored interior lights. 
My husband changed his interior lights from white to red, now I was told different colors has different meanings when it comes to lot lizzards. Does …

Medication management question 
Hi there. I was wondering how life on the road affects your ability to adhere to your medication dosing requirements, if you take any. How do you store …

Is it impossible to get a driving job if the DUI isn't on my mvr but alcohol class is? 
Dui is not on record but taking the alcohol class is. Will I get hired at a trucking company?

How the world do women deal with a trucker bf? 
Have you ever had a serious relationship? Do women really live their lives alone only to do your laundry, cook for you and give you sex only to say bye …

What does it mean when semi truck driver gives you the thumbs down when driving in the other lane next to him? 
What does it mean when a semi truck driver gives you the thumbs down when driving next to him in the other lane?

can a person be a CDL driver getting ticketed in a rear end accident 
Can an driver still drive for his company after he has been involved and ticketed for a rear end accident. The victim was taken to the hospital and the …

does werner watch you pee 
I have hard times going with people watching.

How much time do you get off? 
SOOO...if you are out 10-12 days at a time how many days off are you entitled to?

Minimum Age/Weight for passenger 
Can a 3 yr old ride as a passenger in a commercial vehicle? I did not know if there is a weight or age limit for him to ride in a car seat with me. …

class a cdl permit 
my question is after you have gotten your class a cdl permit what is the next step in the process?

can i take my which company?? 
Which company can I take my wife and 1 year old daughter with me?

help i need to take my cdl test in florence south carolina and i do not have a 18 wheeler 
The school i went to in Dunn North Carolina, Road Master is not willing to reschedule me to take my road test in Florence south Carolina. In other words …

Can I get in trucking school with two minor traffic violations? 
I have a minor moving violation and an unpreventable wreck on me. A woman pulled out in front of me and with nothing else to do I had to slam on the brakes …

what are the rules/laws on non-driver ride alongs? 
I'm considering being a truck driver and am even going to job corps to get the training, but i'd like to know how often and if my boyfriend can ride along. …

Can a trucker's full time passenger get good sleep? 
My husband is considering trucking. I'd like to go with him. I'm disabled with fatigue issues - sleep apnea, depression which shows up as fatigue all the …

Is he lying about being fired????? 
When a truck driver is fired does the company have him return the semi or does the company retrieve the semi themselves????

How do find a good trucking company to drive for? 
Hello, I am going to school for my class A. Need some opinions on how to find a company to work for that would work for me after I get my license? …

please help, i recently had my contract cancled by swift transportation and i have 8 months OTR expieriance i am having trouble finding another job what do i do 
I was an owner operator with swift transportation they recently canceled my contract because of a minor backing accident. I have been looking for another …

Do most terminals provide local drivers a locker? 
Do most terminals provide local drivers a locker?

please help with ride to ohio 
Is there any one in the iola kansas area going to columbus or Mansfield Ohio. my sister is in iola which she is in a bad situation she is able to get to …

can you you have a cdl hazmat if you take methadone 
can you have a cdl hazmat license if you take methadone medication

pulling on side of exit/enter ramps on interstates 
I see this all the time. is it legal? they pull on the exit ramps or enter ramps of interstates to sleep.

Can driver managers send questions or say hi on the qualcom for the truck driver to read?  
Can driver managers communicate to the driver using the Qualcomm?

A question on Truckers Ins Companies 
I have a question, Do Trucking Insurance Company's have an obligation to disclose to one of their Client's past employee's accident/incident record. …

Do log truck drivers work in the rain? 
Do logging truck drivers work in the rain?

Fired for too many points. Can I win my unemployment appeal? 
I was let go because they switched to a new insurance company's and the new one would not insure me because I had too many points. The old insurance would …

What to do if you can't find parking 
What's up Herv it's your boy JC again. My next question is how do you take a shower/eat/use a toilet if u can't find parking?

Will I be able to sleep comfortably? 
Would I be able to run ac/heat while I sleep?

Are there cameras in the truck on the driver? 
Appreciate the website and all of your YouTube videos. they have been very helpful. I'm planning on achieving a class a cdl soon and possibly becoming …

Trying to decide between Prime or USA. 
I have my cdl, but I haven't been otr in nearly 20 years. So it's back to school. I'm looking at either Prime or USA. I keep reading both bad and good …

Running the AC  
My husband is a fleet driver and his truck won't idle while he's in the rack.. Any ideas? What's the best way to run a small AC unit?

Driving south to NC without going through mountains? 
This might be a silly question, but my husband and I are traveling from Erie, PA to High Point, NC and we're driving with a 5th wheel travel trailer and …

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Can a short person drive a semi or is there a height limit? 
Can a short person drive a semi or is there a height limit?

How do you explain employment gaps? 
I am a female interested in the industry. I was previously a student and homemaker how do I explain that? Also, will that prevent companies from …

cdl license back with 2 DUI 
i have 2 DUI,s in my personal vehicle (2008) (2012) is there any state where i can get my cdl back? I know there are some states which don,t participate …

Can the US Truck company hire overseas driver 
Hello ..... I would like to ask if the us truck company can hire overseas or driver????????????????

is driving a tanker a good trucking job? 
is driving a tanker a good job?

Suspending a CDL for not paying lease 
Can a company Suspend a License for not paying a lease balance

is this the truth 
was rear ended im in a class b truck no damage car needed to be towed away boss said call hwp. He filled out no paperwork boss also said if any car …

My husband and his team driver are being blamed for a load shifting 
They were live loaded. My husband woke up for his shift and halfway through TN. He noticed a bulge at the bulkhead of the trailer. called dispatch and …

Route specific over weight violations 
If a driver is issued a citation for being overweight on a particular route, and the company is listed as the defendant. Where does the actual liability …

age related question 
Is it reasonable for a truck school to train a 74 year old? What are the pros and cons of finding a first driving job at this age?

what does it mean when there is a single non flashing blue light on top of a semi trailer along the side near the back of the trailer 
what does it mean when there is a single non flashing blue light on top of a semi trailer along the side near the back of the trailer

What is the difference between an accident and an incident? 
Have 3 tickets prior to CDL in personal vehicle. Drove OTR 4months 36,000 miles. Rubbed trailer tire against a cement footing bent rim and blew tire. …

why is it when my semi truck is empty pulling a belly dump it runs great but when loaded it is difficult to pick up speed 
Picks up speed fine when empty but there is a lack of speed when pulling a loaded belly dump.

Being an escort for wide loads 
I was a trucker for eight years but became disabled due to heart problems. I would like to get into escorting wide loads and would like information on …

best way to get used to driving long hours 
i'm considering getting in to the trucking field and was curious on how i can get better adjusted to driving long hours.their were times i drove 3.5hours …

How do I get my CDL back after getting a DUI 3 years ago 
I was convicted here in nv over 3 years ago of a DUI in my own car. how difficult will it be to get my cdl back and what are the fees? Will I have …

Manual Transmission 
I currently left the Army last June. Prior to leaving I had the Army pay for my CDL training. My problem is I took training at a community college …

Question about insurance company approval.. 
I had a great interview with a small company. I was told now that they have to get me approved with their insurance company before they will hire me. …

Do u need a medical card on you if u are hauling under 26000 pounds of cargo? 
I got a ticket in the state of Connecticut for this

Ride in a truck? 
I am exploring a career in truck driving. I am hoping to start my school at the end of February. I am nervous, because I have never been in a truck …

whats the best thing about being a truck driver? how can one like me join the ranks of these hard working Americans? 
My reason to become a truck driver is to do something that's worthwhile something I can be proud to do. See I recently lost my job and since that time …

Thinking of becoming a trucker, but I do not have my own vehicle... 
If I am limited to a bus route, would I be able to get to work everyday to drive for Swift in San Antonio, TX? How does it work after I would finish …

i got dui in idaho they suspended my license i lost mt job im a trucker what can i do 
got a DUI in Idaho they suspended my license. lost my job. ive been driving for 15 years over 1 million otr safe driving with doubles. any advice …

can an o/o keep my paycheck for preventable accident 
I took a load @ the last minute to get ld 2 Atlanta from los angeles, during travel i pulled n2 trk stop tired of course, and i had a backing accident. …

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Any suggestions for a good trucking school for getting CDL? 
So many trucking schools out there any suggestions for a good one to attend? Is private better or Community College better? How to know which truck …

obtaining cdl with sight in only one eye 
i had a cdl 1978-1983-class a,lost it,tried getting it back,but due to lossing sight of my left eye due to an accident,its nothing but a hard time. …

Is it a bad time to buy a dually and gooseneck to haul cars ?? Can I make any $$ without having to be gone a lot.  
Starting my own car hauling business with a dually and a goose neck trailer.

d.u.i . offense q &a  
is a non work related d.u.i. offense considered willful misconduct if i got caught drinking and driving in my own personal vehicle ? ____________________________________ …

Is Millis Transfer a good trucking company? Do they do hair testing? 
I am a former government contractor working overseas. I'm now home and decided to find a new career before the contracting wears my body out. My question …

How easy or hard is it to keep comfortable ambient temperature within sleeper for extended period if time(i.e while sleeping)? 
I m a girl who needs her sleep and am wondering if i ll be able to get it on the road. My main concern is how difficult is it to maintain a comfortable …

Is my husband getting screwed & is there anything we can do or is it just how it is 
My husband has been a truck driver for about 12 years until recently. He was in a residential neighborhood w a 53 ft trailer & a sleeper. He took …

How important is work history for getting a trucking job? 
I've been thinking about pursuing a career as a heavy truck driver. I have just about every reason to get into it - clean driving record, clean background, …

Can an over width violation affect my CDL? 
I received an overwidth violation and can it effect my CDL

husbands behavior is perplexing 
My husband is a wonderful caring selfless man. we have been together a lil over 2yrs & got married 4/9/12. i have 2 kids & so does he (all live w/us) …

I am currently 55 years old and would like to pursue a second career in the trucking industry, preferably over the road, at age 55 am I still eligible to obtain a CDL and can I expect to be employed? 
I am currently 55 years old and would like to pursue a second career in the trucking industry, preferably over the road, at age 55 am I still eligible …

how to get back to driving 
i have my cdl. i have not been behind the wheel for 3 years i want and need to get back to driving but no company will touch me what is my best avenue …

Why do some truckers put toy trucks on their flatbeds? 
I am just wondering if it is just a joke or is there a reason. Thanks

I had two accidents while working for the same company in one year. 
I have been trucking for two years and my first accident was at a customers terminal,it happened while i was backing up to the dock and ended up backing …

can i get my cdl if i am type 1 diabetic? 
type 1 diabetic looking to get my cdl is there any restriction?

what are the pros and cons to leasing a truck? 
i have completed training through Stevens trucking company and am now eligible for their Alliance lease program. I have heard both good and bad things …

will an old pre employment drug failure keep me from driving? 
I used to have a cdl but failed a pre employment drug screen. I don't know if it was given by the DOT. I gave up on my dream of driving. This was almost …

DUI .is on the record and it is supposed to be off 
I have a one year old DUI I applied at a company and they said they couldn't hire me because I have two suspension and the recruiter said my DUI was not …

What is a T Haul? 
What is a T Haul? A Carrier told us she was going to T Haul the load into the carrier yard?

22 year old with CDL  
I am a 22 year old and have my CDL. I even had 6 months driving an 18 wheeler miller lite truck. I am in Co now and no one will hire me because of my age. …

Portable Radios 
My husband is a local truck driver. He has noticed that some drivers have portable radios. Where can I buy one for him?

What do owner operator haul most in dry vans? 
When owner operators used dry vans to haul freight what commodity do they haul most?

Load Locks / shoring beams 
I am working on an idea for the temporary storage of load locks and shoring beams in the trailer instead of outside the cab. Does the market use more …

How to hide may income from my spouse 
I trying to reduce my income for child support and alimony.

Tractor running at night when the reefer turns on 
Last night a Lisa/FFE reefer rig parked across the street (in a lot where it's allowed At This Time) and when the reefer came on the tractor came on. …

I have a TX cdl and im moving to Ohio, will i have to redo my cdl 
I want to know if I will have to redo my TX CDL when I move to Ohio

Can I fit in the sleeper cab at 6'1"? 
I've been thinking of becoming a trucker, and I just want to know if I can sleep nicely in the truck without having to scrunch my body. Email me at …

Tips and Help on Leasing a Truck 
I've been driving trucks for about 4 months now and I just went owner operator with my company and leasing my truck. Does anyone have any good tips …

i just got my first felony 2 months ago for have a bat in my car an they charge me with possection of a deadly weapon will they still hire me 
I just got my first felony for having a bat in a car i was in an they charged me with possession of a deadly weapon

how much money will i make while i am on the road ______________________________________________ this question has been answered here

i need help getting my cdl license in ohio 
I need information on getting my cdl license. I am a woman and want to make sure I can do it. I am getting a job driving dump truck and was wondering …

I would like to know if I went to a trucking school ten years ago and failed the drug test and it shows up on DAC how i can dispute that? Can anyone help me ? 
I would like to know if I went to a trucking school ten years ago and failed the drug test and it shows up on DAC how i can dispute that? The trucking …

Will my back surgery disqualify me from obtaining a cdl? 
i had back surgery(herniated disk repair) 3 months ago, and I am currently studying for my CDL written test and was told by my dad I need to ask about …

Wedding question - (trucking theme?) 
Alright so im marrying a trucker and im wanting to be driven away in a decked out fancy semi truck... is that a good idea? Thanks you ;)

3 card scam mat 3 -4 on i75 
I will give a reward for information leading me to the group that was running the 3 card scam in the first truck stop on South I71 just into Kentucky on …

at fault accident got fired will i be able to get unemployment 
Made a u-turn car ran into trailer car hit in middle of the trailer cited for un safe turn. ___________________________________________ Response: Don't …

I smoked weed 4 months ago, how can they check back 12 months 
I quit smoking weed 4 months ago and in looking to start at CR England in Fontana but my concern is that the woman told me they go back 12 months how? …

Worried about my driving record if I hit a parked car 
If i drive a truck for a living and accidently hit a park car does it goes on my driving record?

fat guy getting trucking job 
me and my friend are planning to go otr together but im concerned about waiting for him if he cant get on. Hes 5'7 and weighs around 300 lbs. Will …

my son lost MY license 
I let my son that come home for a week from basic training drive my pick up truck and he had gotten into an accident with no insurance. So that means …

Considering becoming a truck driver 
where do i start ? should i take the driving school and job placement ? should i be a local driver ? or over the road ? I am considering becoming a …

i have two non dot reportable accidents on my dac report.. is there any trucking company that will hire me in missouri? 
i have two preventable accidents on my dac thanks to swift. will any company still hire me? if any one knows of a company that will please i am in desperate …

Too fat to be a trucker? 
I weigh 450 lbs at 6'0 I have good blood pressure 135 good sugar 90 and can do duck walk and all that I carry it real well... I want to get on with …

Will a major company hire you if you have 2 seatbelt tickets? 
Please be brutal. I can take it. I got the seat belt tickets in my personal vehicle within the same year (2011), before I considered professional driving. …

Riding as a passenger in a semi 
Do you have to have a CDL to ride as a passenger in a semi?

How long do I have to wait to drive again after a hernia surgery. 
I am trying to get my cdl at a training school but I need to get a hernia taken care of at some point. I don't know if I should do it now or wait till …

Flatbed Load Websites 
How reliable are the flatbed load websites?

Can truckers take regular passengers? 
I was wondering if truckers are allowed to take people on the road with them. I need a ride and was thinking about trying my luck at a truck stop to get …

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Is Prime, Inc. a good trucking company to get trained by and work for? 
I am looking at getting into the trucking industry, with company sponsored CDL training, Prime, Inc. has accepted my application, and when I am done wrapping …

what it call when you show up and the load already gone 
what is it called when you show up at a workplace to pick up a load and it has already been picked up?

how many times in a year can drivers licence be suspended 
My boyfriend drives haz mat and has already had license suspended 2 times in 2 months time for unpaid tickets

a felony dwi in texas 
is it possible to get a cdl with a felony dwi in texas?

My husband graduates school on Saturday and I have some ?'s 
Hi we live in Philly and P.A.M. payed for his schooling. He just told me he needs to go to AK. for his training, how long is this? When he is finally …

can i get uneployment if i quit cause the guy i work for will not fix the truck i drive 
Needs tires, needs clutch and there is a crack in the windshield

I haven't driven in a while, any advice for a 2nd time newbie 
my name is Raymond im 25 and looking to get my cdl back and got to work for Central. Ive driven Pump trucks for Halliburton when i was younger and …

Who will hire me after 3 years of non-working? 
I drove trucks for 13 yrs but now I've not driven a truck in 3 yrs. and finding it hard to get hired. I was out of work due to injury I received when …

can I be a truck driver with an ovi...??? 
im 24 and iv always wanted to be a trucker all my life, but just recently i got caught with an ovi maybe sometime last year in the end, i was wandering …

does coca cola random drug test it's truck drivers 
I got hired as a driver for coca cola and was wondering if there would be random drug test?

How do you get your own authority and permits for owner operator? 
Need to get truck ready for the road. Don,t know how to get authority or permits. Advice appreciated.

How do you get your own authority and permits for owner operator? 
Need to get truck ready for the road. Don,t know how to get authority or permits. Advice appreciated.

Passenger Seat 
Is it best for a car to be close as possible or farther away for the truck driver to see the whole person in the passenger seat? ______________________________________ …

Want to drive trucks again no recent experience, what should be my first step? 
I have a little over 2 and half years of driving experience. The problem is that it is not recent experience. I have not been in a rig since October of …

How Many times do you get Pulled over by a cop 
Just how many times does a truck driver get pulled over

i just got into my first car accident in my personal car, can i still get hired by a trucking company? 
I am looking for a trucker's job. Someone hit my car today, can i still get a trucking job?

Can you see in the passanger seat if a car is passing 
I often wondered if a Trucker can see in the passenger seat if a mid sized car is passing them ? I know a regular pick up can see in the drivers seat …

My husband is wantting to buy a big rig  
he has been wanting to buy a 18 wheeler for a long time ,what dose he need to do first to start to get on his truck(18 wheeler)?

I want to become a lady trucker! 
I'm a woman in my early 20's, and after spending several years working in an office environment, I know it is NOT for me. I love driving, I enjoy being …

Didn't pass vision test during physical examination and got fired 
Have been driving truck for a year; twisted ankle which then had to have another complete physical to make sure was capable of unloading trailer. Failed …

I have been driving for 10 years and my truck rolled going on to a on ramp and was going 10miles below the posted speed limit and i was not charged or cited and had witness and got hurt 
I have 10 years of driving experience over the road. On march 25 i pick up a load from our yard in mo. I was getting on the on ramp going north …

Can you keep your CDL if you have had heart bypass surgery? 
Is there a law that states that you cannot drive after heart bypass surgery. If so can you collect social security disability?

Do felonys like Recieving Stolen Property automatically bar me from getting a cdl in Ohio 
Do felonies bar you from getting a cdl? Roadmaster won't even take my application here in Ohio to get certified. My record is over 20 years old, and there …

How do you maintain a relationship? 
How do you keep a relationship going? I know that it can be tough driving a truck and balancing a girlfriend or a wife. How do you keep the relationship …

Why is it the truckers always at fault? 
Why is it so important for companies to blame the truckers for everything when they are the ones making the company money? By the way, I have a clean …

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3 dui's all first offences 
is there any possible way for me to get my cdl back if i have 3 dui's and they are all first offenses. I still have my regular license but i want to …

I hit a guard rail in bad whether is that just as bad as involve in car accident ? 
I want to know if hitting a guard rail because of bad weather can be just as bad as being involved in car accident ?!!!

Is it legal to fire a trucker due to weather related or faulty equipment 
My husband works for a ups company. His tractor Hydroplaned and the company still fired him because they have a no accident tolerance. The company …

Can I get my own authority and drive for myself after failing a BAC 
if i failed bac test at previous employer while not on duty and now want to obtain my own authority and drive for myself what are my options.

I Need a CDL Class B Driver Job-Southern Middle Tennessee 
COVER LETTER/PHIL S. DEDRICK: Phil S. Dedrick 921 Waynesboro Highway Waynesboro, TN 38485 Phone: 931-722-7716 Cell: 931-628-1035 Email: …

What kind of tickets count against you when trying to get a trucking job? 
Hi, Ok, let me explain. I am trying to clean up my license so I can get my CDL permit and go to trucking school. But after reading some posts online, …

i have a cdl permit and i just got a dwi a month ago in Texas 
how long does it take before a DWI shows up on my cdl permit in Texas

please help....I am looking for a truck driver 
I was just wondering if by any miracle there was a way to find a truck driver by first name and state they live in?

On my CDL permit physical, my drug screen was positive for Marijuana 
Will this show up on my driving record? Give me a DUI ? Take away my license ? How does this affect my standing with DMV ? I live in NC.

Red Light Camera  
Red light camera question. If a red light camera catches you in company truck ticket naturally goes to company as they are registered owner. At this …

How will a speeding ticket in Ohio affect my VA license? 
I got a speeding ticket in Ohio that has 0 points for the type of ticket. But in the state of Virginia where I live it is a 3 point ticket. How will this …

I want to know if I wont get a job anymore after failing a drug test on my job 
I was employed by the NYC dot & failed a pre-employment drug test. Does that make it hard for me to get another truck driving job

Can I get a Pa Truck driving job at 20 years old? 
I just decided I want to get my CDL license and I will be 20 in 4 days. The school that I am looking into says that it is a 6 week program and it starts …

I have a Dui 20 yrs ago, will companies hire me in california 
I have A clean Texas CDL, I am trying to get my CDl transferred to California. I have A Dui 20 yrs ago, Will companies hire me, Should I keep my Texas …

I have a Texas CDL and want to know how to keep points off after receiving a speeding ticket in my wifes car? 
I don't have anything against my CDL but I received a 13 mph over ticket this weekend while I was driving my wife's car. If I ask for a defferal will …

how do i obtain intermodal license? 
I want to obtain authority to do intermodal trucking, hauling containers from empty container depot to rail facilities.

Trucking without a cb radio or cell phone? 
Would a truck driver haul a load over the road without a cb radio or a cell phone? Lets say you live in Texas and take a lay down load to Memphis …

CRST Schooling and working for them. But i have over a year old misdemeanor  
Hello, wasnt sure on this but my best friend and I are looking into CRST Trucking. They require hazmat and a background check. My worry is about …

does a refusel for a drug screen go on your record? 
i was asked to take a drug test by this garbage company i drove for. I knew my pee was hot so i told em im dirty and i quit.

How long is the CDL wait period after heart bypass surgery 
I had heart bypass surgery over six months ago can I drive again. The doctors have released me for normal duties and I have a medical card.

I had a medical suspension on my cdl can this prevent from me getting a job 
I didn't send my dot card to the mvd and my cdl was suspended but I got it all fix after I paid a fine but it shows up on my mvr record

in nc is a medical card issued without a drug test? 
My trucks to not exceed 23000lbs. I do not have a cdl.

What is the price range for showers and is there a time limit? 
I would like more information about truck stop showers. How much are you likely to have to pay? What amenities are typically provided, towels, soap, …

will a trucking company hire me after a one year old dui 
I got a DUI under the age of 21 and its only one year old. Are there any trucking companies that will still hire me?

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I am moving to California from Michigan , how I tranfer my cdl in California 
I wanna know the procedure regarding my license transfer to California

When taking a drug test do they watch you pee 
When you pee during the drug test do they watch you?

is medical marijuana use tolerated by trucking companies? 
is medical marijuana use tolerated by trucking companies?

can my company hold my pay check for not turning in logs 
i quit and they are saying i don't get my check unless i turn in my logs from my log book.

I would like to know are there any trucking companys that have east coast runs that will hire felons 
I would like to know are there any trucking companys that have east coast runs that will hire felons

what does it mean if my cdls were disqualifed for 60 days do i have to retake the test? 
what does it mean if my cdls were disqualified for 60 days do i have to retake the test?

I had an accident in ok but did not receive a ticket will that go on my driving record 
I had an accident in Oklahoma but I was not given a ticket. I was the only vehicle involved in the accident. Will it go on my driving record?

What is your day like? 
What do you do?

Is us xpress a good company for me and my wife to start off at after school as a team? 
I was just wondering, me and my wife are fixing to go through CDL training school and I have been researching us xpress and it seems like a decent company. …

does the position of your tandems axles affect backing up  
if I move my tandems all the way forward does it back up different from them being all the way back Pleas at thank you …

speeding over 25 in truck, fought ticket and won, will i be able to find job 
Speeding over 25 in truck beat the ticket will I have trinkets finding trucking job

i rolled my big rig how will my future in trucking look now? 
Will i ever get hire with any company my steering wheel got stuck an wouldn't let me turn an on top of everything i am a new driver.

Am I going up hills in the right gear? 
I drive a 1994 53 Ft. When I go up hills in the mountains, I have to use the 2nd gear. Other trucks are flying by me. I feel like I am burning a …

Will I be allowed to drive big trucks taking my daily prescription of Suboxone? 
I take a prescription medicine called Suboxone. It is a medicine that is for coming off of opiates. I believe that drug tests do not even check for …

Can I get a job if I can't lift beyond 10 pounds? 
What are the physical requirements for driving a truck?

What percentage of truck drivers cheat on the road? 
My husband and i have been together 15 years.. He got his head turned by a somewhat cute 24 yr old gas station attendant at one of the places he stops …

Husband is concerned about losing his CDL license due to his neck size? 
His neck size is over 18 1/2 inches. It is concern over BMI testing.

Has anyone heard good/bad reviews on pam transports training (contracts etc) ? 
I am interested in getting into trucking and i am going to be 21 soon which i heard is better for getting jobs.

Best Paying Trucking Jobs 
Any trucking jobs paying above $70,000 per year? What trucking companies will pay truckers at least $70,000?

What companies will hire me with a hit-skip on my MVR? 
I have a hit-skip on my MVR from 2009 that will be dropped in a couple of weeks. However, the suspension that came along with the accident doesn't come …

If you have a running a red light on your mvr and 2 seat belt tickets on your record with four points will it be difficult to get hired. 
chances of getting a trucking job will be low with a red light and seat belt violations.

I've had 3 preventable accidents in 12 months. am I still employable? 
I've had 3 preventable accidents in 12 months. Am I employable as a driver?

Can i get a CDL license if i take prescription narcotics? 
I am applying for a CDL to drive the public around, but i want to know if the prescription meds i take for my back will disqualify me? They are narcotics …

what kind of permits are required when doing long distance hauling? 
if i own my own truck, what kind of permits are required in order for me to take a load to another state?

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What kind of drug test does Arnold transportation give 
What kind of drug test for truckers does Arnold Transportation give

how to get back in trucking after a dot-violation? 
in January 2007 i left a scene of a accident. was charged with a hit and run,that was amended to coasting and unlicensed driver. Paid a 1200 dollar …

what type of drug screening does werner trucking use? urine or hair? 
Does Werner take hair or give urine test? Can anyone answer this question?

What will keep you from getting a hazmat endorsement 
I have a class 4 misdemeanor for domestic violence. This charge is from the yr 2000. I currently have a Class A CDL with Tanker endorsement, but would …

What conditions do you face in weather trucking? 
What weather conditions do you encounter when truck driving?

I Have had two Dui's in my life time that were 18years ago. Can I get a job driving over the road? 
I have two Dui's in my lifetime. They were 18years ago so will I be able to get a job as an over the road Truck Driver?

Can a trucking company break a lease agreement under these conditions 
Can a trucking company break a lease agreement when all my payments have been up to date? they said since i got a moving violation in GA. and i have not …

Will D.O.T. officers not be able to ask for D.O.T. physical cards any longer? 

On long trips are you able to bring your spouse or pet? 
I've been looking into this field for quite some time now, and the only actual obstacle that I, and I'm assuming a myriad of other people either have, …

I had to obtain SR22 insurance for 1 year. Can i still get a trucking job 
I had to obtain a clearance letter to renew my Florida drivers license due to some incidents that happened when I lived in Hawaii. I was required to obtain …

Can a type 1 diabetic possess a cdl and drive trucks? 
I am a type 1 diabetic and I was thinking about being a truck driver. Since I have diabetes can I do this?

Can an offender get a job with a trucking company with no experience? 
I'm trying to get a company to help me with training and a job, I have nothing else than the felony on my record. speeding tickets have expunged etc... …

how do i find jobs with positive results for marijuana on my dac report 
i have a positive result of marijuana on my dac record and i'm looking for a job. Is it impossible to find work or am i looking in the wrong places? …

traffic ticket for failure to provide operator license 
I was stopped by a cop and asked to provide driver's license. I was shocked to find out myself it accidentally was left at home in my other jacket. …

Misdemeanors and deferred Judgments and probation driving 
Hello, I have 3 simple misdemeanors, 1 Serious misdemeanor and a deferred judgment that will be off my record in 1 1/2 year. I'm currently on light …

I have a speeding ticket does that effect my cdl or geeting a contract? If so for how long ? 
I received a speeding ticket while driving my car. I'm a resident in the state of Georgia. Will this affect CDL? I recently applied for employment …

Why does truck drivers get tickets for overweight trucks when it's not their fault? 
Why is it that when a trucker gets a ticket for too much weight on the truck that it's his fault and it goes on his record? He's not the one that loaded …

What can happen if I by pass an open scale house with pre pass 
I'm a newer driver and I was just wondering what will happen if I accidentally drive by an open scale house or weight station?

Will you loss your CDL licenses in Pa for being on methadone? 
I have a client that is on methadone and he has a CDL license in Pa and he works in Baltimore. Because he owns a house in Pa, MVA made him change his …

will southern refrigerated transport hire me with two misdimeanor marijuana charges? 1 was deferred. 
I have two minor pot charges. One federal (possession on national forest land) the other deferred and charges dropped. I'm not sure if fed one was even …

Will crst rehire me if I failed a drug test with them? 
Can I still seek employment with crst after I passed or completed their drug program/counseling?

I was wanting to know were I can go to get van driving jobs and non cdl delivery or driving jobs. 
I don't want to be a truck driver but just a van driver and was wanting some info on some companies i can contact or websites to go to thank you. …

will my employer find out about my recent dui? 
Will I still be able to work with my recent DUI?

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Is it hard on family life? 
I've wanted to be a trucker since about grade 3. I keep going trucking schools and checking them out but that's as far as I get. The main reasons …

Does PAM transport have antennas already installed on the trucks or does the driver have to purchase the antenna? 
Need to know if I have to purchase an antenna for my truck when I get it.

i already have a class a cdl but im wanting to get my hazmat endoresement but i have a class a misdemeanor can i still get my hazmat 
i already have a class a CDL but i want to get hazmat endorsement but i have a class a misdemeanor can i still get my hazmat

can i get a job with a bad driving record 
including 3 unlicensed driver tickets and one seat belt ticket and 2 driving wile suspended tickets

what companies will hire with a less than perfect mvr 
i have a failure to control and a lot of companies use that as a 3 year offense what are the companies that don't care

Can you get a cdl in Kansas if you have insulin dependent diabetes? 
I am wondering if a person can get a cdl if they are diabetic and insulin dependent.

do you have to buy your own tv frig and microwave for your truck. 
do trucks come with a TV microwave and fridge or do you have to buy them.

My truck engine failed and the warranty denied the claim on a lease purchase, what do I do? 
I own 2007 Volvo 780. I am owner operator under contract. My truck engine needs to be replaced. The shop did the investigation and discovered a Oil Filter …

Are there any companies that will consider you with 3 preventables in 6 months especially if very minor 
3 very minor preventable accidents. One, bumped a wooden railing. Two, clipped a landscape rock that rolled under trailer and damaged brake chamber. …

Will I get fired? 
I just finished training. My first day solo...First day on the job I hit a rock. Second day on the job I hit a bank sign.

i was hit while parked at a truck stop the other trucker broke off my mirror I got all his information and i gave him mines as well. I was wondering if it also affects my cdl license? 
while parked i got hit by another trucker at the truck stop. we exchanged information and everything. i was just wondering if my cdl will be affected in …

Can I get a CDL with a recent DUI conviction. 
can I get a CDL in California with a recent DUI conviction.

what type of drg testing does j r schugel administer hair test or urine test 
want to know what type of drug test does j r schugel give

What does it mean when you are asked what lane you are traveling in? 
A broker asked what lane we were going to be in what does he mean by this?

can i get my trucks insured as an owner if i'm not cdl licensed 
Can i get my trucks insured as an owner if I'm not cdl licensed

Can you get a cdl with felonies 
My boyfriend and I have decided that maybe he should try something different. I suggested truck driving, since that is what my dad used to do, but that …

i got a class b with hazmet and tanker...had an accident with no insurance 
i got a class b with hazmat and tanker n had a small bumper to bumper crash n had no insurance at the time will anything happen to my cdl

Can Girlfriends ride as passengers in the big truck? 
Can a girlfriend ride Over the Road as a passenger?

If I take someone over the road with me, what additional things should I bring 
I need to know what I have to bring in order to bring a friend for a ride along

How long my cdl get suspended if I'm behind on my child support 
I'm behind on my child support! How before They can really suspend my CDL

will i have problems getting hired to drive a van if i had back surgery 2 years ago. 
I have a letter from my Dr. Clearing me to drive a commercial vehicle with no restrictions but I have been turned down by one company to drive a flatbed. …

have a less than perfect driving record can i get my cdls in ohio 
My driving record is not perfect. can I get my CDLs in Ohio

What's does the mvr pull up  
When you get MVR ran, what will show up?

Life as a gypsy trucker - What mail box service can a trucker use 
I drove truck some 20 years ago. My husband and I are giving up our current lifestyle to go drive truck again. Used to, to gypsy, one could use a P. …

What would happen if I leave contracted company while owing them a little bit of money 
I am contracted with a company & recently paid a leased truck off. They have informed me that they are holding the title until 3,000.00 is paid off from …

will company's hire me with 2 DUI 20 years ago with my own truck 
Will a company hire me with my own truck with 2 dui's

medications allowed while driving trucks 
My husband need to be on Zoloft and has a class A license. He took a job driving coal truck because he was tired of being over the road with a rig. …

i have two dui, and im getting my cdl soon, would any company even cosider hiring me?. 
i just don't want to waste time and money, any answers would help!.

disqualification for life 
I recently got a DWI in NH. I was charged with first offense. I also had one in 1992. Will this disqualify me for life. I didn't have a cdl in 92 and …

which are the best flatbed companies to drive for ? 
looking for good trucking company with great pay and good benefits to pull flat beds.

i failed bac test. I was not on duty or even near a commercial vehicle now it is a mark on my cdl n hard to find a good driving job how can i fight this 
even though,all i did was went out to see someone in payroll dept. before they left someone who didn't like me called safety n i was told to take the bac …

Need help! What trucking company will hire with reckless driving 3 yrs old 
I have a friend who graduated from a trucking school and earned his cdl but, now a lot of the companies are turning him down because he has reckless driving …

will a refusal on a company hair test show up on my dac report? 
went to a company orientation and found out they did random hair test. i've been clean for 3mo. i got picked for a test and refused will it show on dac? …

What do I need to do to if I have failed a dot drug test? 
About six seven months ago I failed a Dot drug test. The same company is wanting to hire me back. I am wanting to know what I need to do, if DOT has some …

Is there a way to locate a specific driver? 
My brother Charles Perry used to drive for Lewis and Robey trucking. I called them but they could not give me anything. He is my step brother and our dad …

Can I be denied employment with pre existing hernia 
I have a hernia and may be denied employment

do you have to have a diploma to drive semi truck? 
do you have to have a diploma to drive semi truck?

how do team drivers get lot lizards? 
If there are team drivers and one wants to discreetly use a lot lizard, how could this be done?

would another company hire me if i damaged a trailer? 
ok i have been driving trucks for a little over 3 months an recently i damaged my companies trailer by missing a low clearance sign, would any company …

Can I get a CDL license in Idaho if I have not had a DUI in 10 years? 
I have had multiple DUI convictions in Montana but I have not had one in over ten years and will not get another one ever.

trucker driver short and long haul who is deaf or hard of hearing 
how about it deaf people and hard of hearing can I drive long haul or short haul. Because i need to know about you what you said about different jobs …

Can you receive a CDL license if on methadone medication? 
can you receive a CDL license if on methadone medication?

how many times can you fail a hazmat test in a year? 
how many times can you fail a hazmat test in a year?

I have a Class B CDL and would like to know if there are any companies that will sponsor CDL training for South Texas oilfield jobs. 
I've been driving with a Class B CDL for a few years now and would like to get working in the oilfields in Texas, but it seems that all of them require …

can i drive a truck if i dropped out of high school. 
i never was good in school and dropped out and now me and a friend want to do over the road driving and i was wondering if i could get a job as a driver …

Do I have to use My company doctors to renew my dot card 
does a company have a right to tell me that I have to use their doctor to get dot physical medical card

i fail random drug test in may of 2007,went to dot mandated sap program and succesfully completed program,company hired me back,will any other company hire me?? 
trying to find a trucking job,mvr is good,failed random in 2007,successfully completed sap program which i got rehired at company i failed test with,will …

How long before i can get my license back 
I failed a drug test and my class b license is being suspended. I want to know how long before i can get my license back

How much can you expect to make as a none driving owner operator? 
I am thinking of buying a truck for cash with my own trailer, If I hire a driver and lease to a company can I make a little money?

What do I pack to go out with my trucker over the road for a few weeks? 
Hi, I am going out with my trucker for a couple of weeks and need to know what to pack. My trucker said i only need two pair of shoes. What kind …

how will i know if my cdl is still suspended for dwi 
i was convicted of DWI in NH and they sentenced me to first offense 9 months suspension. will i get my cdl back in 9 months?

Hiring a convicted felon 
I have a smuggling charge from 2002. I will be eligible for pardon in 1 and half years.I have been gainfully employed since 2003 and have been driving …

how many years do trucking companies go back to check your mvr? 
I have non moving violations, for failure to appear & failure to pay fines on my mvr from 4yrs ago,including a suspended license. If companies only …

looking to find out why I can't get my child support if my ex gets personal checks from driving trucks 
How do I find out where my daughter dad works? I can't get any child support from him but I know he is working for a truck driving company and is possibly …

does cr england do hair testing 
Does CR England do hair testing?

does arnold transportation do hair drug testing? 
does Arnold Transportation do hair drug testing

What's the best way to learn the ins and outs of trucking? 
I'm changing careers (have been a nurse for years) and am enrolled in a CDL class that starts tomorrow. I've wanted to drive truck for years but am …

Does the DMV 9 panel drug test,test for Suboxen? 
I would like to get into the industry but am currently taking Suboxen,do they test for that?

i had my class c licence suspended for failure to appear & failure to pay a fine, my question is, if i have my mvr expunged, will that suspention still show up when the trucking company check my mvr? 
I have been driving since 1989, I had a speeding ticket in 1990, since then, no moving violations, no dwi's, no dui's, no wreckless driving no accidents, …

Does a person without any CDL experience have a DAC report? 
I am attempting to apply for school and they are asking for 10 years of accident history. I got my DMV report and it only goes back 3 years in my state. …

can i still be a truck driver once i get my license back even if i have 3 dwi and dwr on my driving record after the 3 year waiting period. 
i have 3 DWI and 3 dwr on my record, all that are 3 years older or more. once i get my license back can i still be a truck driver?

How I can I get a driving job if I have a cdl already but little experience and a misdemeanor. 
I have had a Class A Cdl since 2001. I have driven several types of equipment but never OTR. In Wyoming a drove a semi and 53 ft flatbed hauling commercial …

Do you lose your CDL for 3 months after open heart surgery? 
Do you lose your CDL for 3 months following open heart surgery?

I have a drug crime on my license will it stop me from getting a trucking job? 
I have an attempted possession of Vicodin on my license in Feb 2011. My license were suspended for 30 days, but no points because it was not in a vehicle. …

Can a company deny you training because of a 5 year old battery charge? 
In 2007 I was convicted of misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct. Served 30 days in jail and that was it. I need CDL training and cant afford the …

will a company hire me with 10 yrs experience but two preventable accidents 
I have two d.o.t. preventable accidents and 10 yrs experience will a company hire me

I have 2 DUIs, one 8 year ago and one 13 years, what companies will hire me?  
I have 2 DUIs, one 8 year ago and one 13 years. I have been sober ever since and stayed clean. What companies will hire me?

Will anybody hire me with speeding fine? 94 in a 70  
looking to become company otr driver for anyone, but i have a 21/2 yr old speeding fine in which i was driving 24mph over the limit. will someone hire …

I had a problem with substance abuse and I self admitted to it. I was fired after my drug screen came up positive. I went to a sap and now im finding it …

Can you take adderall if prescribed by an MD, and you are upfront with the disclosure of you taking it for ADD?

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What size truck do I need to take my class A driving test? 
What size truck will I need to take my driving test for my Class A CDL

Are background checks for truck driving jobs done before you receive your pre-hire or after? 
Are background checks done before you receive your pre-hire or after?

why are there no local companies hiring without experience? 
I have 9 months of experience but it was 4 years ago driving locally. Now it seems i have to go OTR to get any type of local job. Not sure why that is.. …

Any co.that will hire a recent cdl grad. with a misd.charge thats less than one yr. old? 
I have a felony from 18 yrs. ago and a couple of misd. charges from 1999. That isn't my problem, its a misd. theft charge that I finally plead guilty to …

So which company should I go with for being basically a rookie? 
I have about 7 months tractor/trailer experience.But the company I worked for was really bad. I never knew if my paycheck would bounce or not sometimes …

are there any companies that will hire someone with a reckless driving charge that's less than 3 years old? 
I was originally charged with a DUI, but got an attorney. I was charged with reckless driving because I was involved in an accident. There were no injuries …

What are the pros and cons of owning a 18 wheeler and letting some one drive for u? 
I'm thinking about buying a 18 wheeler and paying trucker to drive for me through a trucking co. What are the pros and cons?

How Much Should I Pay a Driver for a One-Day New York-Area Run? 
Just once a year I need to hire an owner/operator or a trucking company with several 53' enclosed trailers. The job is a bit odd -- they start in New …

becoming destitute 
have 4 points on license. have cdl-a with hazmat tanker and twic. been unemployed since jan 2009. need direction

when can i drive again 
okay if you want to load down the page or site with a ton of graphics and stuff it gets very slow even on a good computer. what i want to know is when …

Know any compaines that will hire someone with a 3 year old DWI? 
I have a 3 year old DWI and a CDL and I am looking for a trucking job that will hire me. Can anybody help?

How do I use comchecks ?? 
my friend owed me $$ her husband is a truck driver. She paid me in the form of a com check. It has my name the amount and her husband,s account number. …

Do i need a GED to drive an 18 wheeler 
I am asking if i need a GED to drive truck. i have a friend that keeps on telling me that i Need a GED. I asked around about have hared that i do not need …

i had a dui 5yrs ago what are my chances of getting a job 
had a DUI in 06 completed everything in 07 dl reinstated 11/07

Can you drive a semi in the state of florida if you are and insulin dependent diabetic? 
Can you drive a semi in the state of Florida if you are and insulin dependent diabetic?

anyone received a ticket from DOT for non-seatbelt use when you were actually wearing a seatbelt 
My son is a Class A Semi-truck driver and was given a ticket in Kansas City by Missouri DOT for not wearing a seat belt. He put his seat belt on before …

Thinking of buying my own truck, is freight hard to get? 
I am trying to make up my mind. I am driving now for a company as a lease owner op and training new drivers. I have a year experience and a relatively …

Can i get a CDL after having a suspended license? 
I had a suspended license for not paying a ticket. Everything is cleared up now, can I go to trucking school?

question about dot sap specialist  
Yes I gotten into an accident last year. Tested positive for mj. My company told me I had to see a dot sap specialist b4 I could go back to doing any safety …

will back surgery prevent me from dot physical 
will recent back surgery disqualify me from dot physical

How much rest do truck drivers typically get while out on the road? 
I am concerned about the amount of rest truckers get while out on the road. How many hours of sleep do they typically get? How often and how many breaks/rests …

Is there anything I should do to prepare for trucking school? 
I have heard a lot about being "pre-screened" or something to that affect before going to school or work for a company to drive a truck. I am planning …

What about my work history? 
I see a lot of companies requiring a "solid" work history. I have moved around a lot to different jobs just trying to find something I like to do. …

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Will someone hire me to drive for them if I am required to carry SR22 insurance and have not had my licensed suspended or revoked? 
was arrested for DUI. on probation for 1 year and required to carry sr22 insurance but they never pulled my license. they said i wouldn't have a license …

can you get a cdl in okla. if you have a felony 
can you get a cdl in Oklahoma if you have a felony?

Which companies will hire new CLD driver (no experience) with Careless Driving 2.5 years ago? 
My record for the past 5 years looks like this.. 04/2010 - Defective or Unsafe Vehicle (Accident: NO) 05/2009 - Careless Driving (Accident: YES) 04/2009 …

does jb hunt do the hair drug testing 
Does JB Hunt hair test for drugs

will i be able to get a job as a driver if im blind in one eye? 
i was assaulted in 2008. this left me with one eye. im thinking about trying to get my cdl. im wondering if i could get a job.

how to remove non moving violations mechanical off my license 
I have points that I need to be gone. Got pulled over in VA and put out of service until it got fixed,but in the mean time accumulated 18 violations! …

do paschall trucking do hair follicle drug test 
i do not do drugs but i have taken pain meds this summer

If I add a retrofit technology to a 1985-2006 long haul diesel truck that saved me 20% on fule costs, as a owner/operator, would that benefit me or the carrier? 
I came across a diesel engine retrofit technology that costs me $500 a month but will reduce my diesel fuel usage and expense by 20%-30%. I am an owner …

my hire right came back clean but i have a minor record no felonies should i tell the companies about my minor record? 
my hireright came back clean but i have a minor record but no felonies should i tell companies about my record?

I have a cdl but have not driven for two years, how do i get a job 
I need a trucking job but i can not get hired. I have my cdl but have not driven in almost two years. Do i need to go back to school? Or how can i …

Is is better to get per diem pay or straight mileage pay? 
My husband is a new OTR driver. His company requires new drivers to get per diem pay + mileage for the first 90 days. After that, they can elect to not …

Is it possible to get your CDL without having to do long haul? 
I've heard you can find companys to help you get your CDL but you have to drive long haul. I want to get my CDL but I don't want to drive all over the …

Questions about quitting trucking 
I need a truck driving job.

I have a relationship question. 
My wife has strong feelings against me going into trucking when I retire from the military in 2 yrs, but every time I think about what I want to do I keep …

Can I get hired if my class c license was suspended? 
I had my class c license suspended for failure to pay a traffic ticket.I have cleared that up and now have a valid CDL, can I get a truck driving job? …

What kind of stresses are involved in trucking? 
How do you handle those stresses, do they tend to be overwhelming?

how long is the commitment to Cr England after getting CDL through them 
how long do i have to stay with c.r england as a driving recruit

how long do accidents stay on your dac if you haven't driven for over 3 years 
I haven't driven for over 3 years and I had 3 non dot reportable accidents on my dac report. Will that still be on my dac after 3 years

Do I have to go back to trucking school to get a job  
I have had my cdl since 2008 and I only went to the trucking school and went overseas for a while with no experience at all. Will a company hire me even …

Taking a large dog on the road with you - how do you get it out of the truck? 
Hi I have about 10 years trucking or more. But I have been off the road for 3 years and a year ago got a Labrador retriever. His name is Rover. I …

is there a truck driving job where you just work daily & not over night? 
Just driving during the day & not at night & how is the pay

If you have failed a drug test within the last 3 years will you be able to find a job  
I failed a prehire drug screening months ago that had nothing to do with driving. I am now in school to receive my class A license. Will this prevent …

Truck driving w/ misdemeanor record 
I was wondering if I would be able to find jobs driving trucks w/ a 4 year old DUI and a misdemeanor domestic violence charge? Lol weird question, I know, …

mechanical question - is there any way to find out on rockwell rearends with no tag on them to find out what the ring & pinion ratio is ? 
is there any way to find out on rockwell rearends with no tag on them to find out what the ring & pinion ratio is ?

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Whats a better way to get my CDL, going through England or The Roadmasters school? 
To get my Class A CDL should I go with CR England, which I have heard a ton of BAD feedback about, but pays for the training or go through Roadmasters …

what do i need to drive under my own authority? 
I am leasing a truck that will be paid for in a year, then I'm on my own, what's next?

can your license be suspended for failing a drug test? 
Can my license be suspend for failing a drug test?

What are the biggest emotional obstacles as a long haul trucker? 
Is it isolation and loneliness? Is it the stress that is inherent in this profession? If so, what are the most stressful aspects of this job? I'm really …

Should I just take the skills test after being out of the biz for 10yrs? 
I have logged between 800k to 1mil miles in a big truck from 1993 to 2001, never had an accident and was one of the best in the business. (of course …

does usa truck do hair follicle testing? 
I would like to know if usa truck does hair follicle testing or just a urine sample.

Does CR England do random or will they test all for hair follicle testing? 
Just wondering because I'm going to school in Fontana, CA. I would really appreciate your comments about this, thanks in advanced.

Con-way or Arnold 
I been with werner for 6 months, so now Im look for something diffrent and like to move to bigger and better things not side ways. Which is better Con …

Do team owner/operators make decent money? 
My brother (experienced driver 10+ years) has offered to go in business with me OTR. I'm changing career fields and am considering entering the trucking …

How does a DUI from years ago effect my CDL employment. 
I am getting my CDL and want to know how much effect a DUI from 3 years ago will effect the Trucking Co's from hiring me as a driver. Do most of them require …

can i get employment insurance if i quit a job? 
i want to know if you can get employment insurence if you quit a job cause it was not safe to drive the dump truck

I have one rear end accident in my personal vehicle as well as a ticket from said acciednt. Can I get hired? 
I have one rear-end accident and a ticket from said accident that occurred 3 yrs ago. When I apply for jobs I keep reading that most qualifications require …

will a company hire you if you have sr22 but your dui is 13 years old 
Got a duo 13 years ago but did not het Sr22 till 2years ago will a company hire me.

ive taken the cdl test 4 times its just the alleydocking that gets me would u give up or get more training and take it again  
ive taken the cdl test 4 times and the only reason that they never pass me is because of the alleydocking been to school and everything want the cdl or …

Need vehicle to take P endorsement 
Currently have a CDL Class A license. Took the exam for the "P" endorsement, passed that. I have the learners for the "P" but I don't have a vehicle …

looking for mpg's for epa 2010 Paccar and Western Star OTR trucks, please list engine and truck model 
Looking for mpg for new 2010, 2011 and 2012 PACCAR OTR trucks with ISX or PACCAR engine, Western Star trucks with ISX and DD engines and VOLVO trucks with …

two job offers one from Oklahoma Tank Lines /United Petroleum ad Sygma a food service company 
Hi, l have two job offers one from Oklahoma Tank Lines /United Petroleum ad Sygma a food service company, would like to know how they treat their drivers …

how long does a bad random stay on your driver abstract 
How long does a bad ua stay on your driver abstract?

how many average miles per week does an otr trucker drive 
What are the average miles per week for a solo driver?

what would cause my tach and speedo to be erratic after changing batteries 
My truck stalled during idle took alternator off had it tested....tested good but batteries were bad I replaced them with new. I started truck and …

Where do you get the truck to get your tanker endorsement? 
How do I obtain a truck to get my tanker endorsement?

I have had a PERFECT record for ever. Recently got a careless driving with points drop. Why will NO ONE hire me? 
I drive school bus. I was making a left turn. A pickup clipped my tail end as I seen it happen in the mirror. Cops blamed me of course. Charged me w/careless …

can i become a trucker with no hearing in one ear 
my name is derek and iam about to turn 20 and when i turn 21 i want to become a trucker i have one problem though i need to know can you become a truck …

Where can I hire P/T semi-retired or retired drivers with Class A hazmat for New Jersey? 
Looking for a P/T Class A - hazmat endorsed driver for Local LTL in New Jersey 1-2 days a week. Retired drivers welcome.

What work is a driver allowed to do after failing a drug test? What is classified as safety sensitive work? 
We had a CDL driver fail his drug test. We removed him from driving vehicles over 26001 lbs. But all I can find for information is to "remove him from …

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I have 2 dui in Idaho will i be able to get my cdl back 
I have 2 dui i live in idaho they took my cdl, is there anything i can do to get it back?

if your deaf in 1 ear can you become a trucker but i have 100% hearing in my other ear 

How many years is my licens suspended af I get a dwi?  
How many years is a trucker's class a cdl with a hazmat Suspended if you would get a dwi in a personal vehicle?

i have a misdameanor marijuana delvry charge will this legally disqulafy me frome geting my cdl 
i sold mitermenir bag of bud to frind got busted is this going to make a diffrince

who will hire trucker w over 16yrs exp but an oui in 2008 
in 2008 i got an oui and my license was suspended. of course i lost my job as a driver. i have over 16 yrs experience and most of that not only was a drive …

gps or atlas map? 
do most companies use gps?

Am I getting a shot at trucking or am I getting scammed? 

why would a company pay me with by fuel card? 
i told my recruiter i did not want direct deposit,he said youll get paid by fuel card..what???? and do they know how many miles i have driven durring …

How can I be more supportive toward him and his job if all I do is miss him constantly? 
I love my husband more then life itself, we just recently in the past year had a baby girl he is an amazing father and husband. On the other hand it …

How long does a positive urine sample stay on you dac 
How long does a posititive urine sample stay on your dac report

can i get a hazmat endorsement with a felony  
I want ti add a hazmat endorsement to my Arizona cdl. My felony is over 7 years old. Will I pass the background check?

DUI'S and OTR Companies 
What OTR trucking company will hire me with three dui's over 16 years ago. No DUI's No tickets of any sort and no accidents in over 16 years. No felonies …

I have a speeding ticket, a seat belt offense, and one surcharge incident in 2009. Can I still get hired to drive a truck long haul? 
If you looked at my whole driving record, my last speeding ticket was thirty years ago, my last surcharge incident was 22 years ago, and I've never received …

can a trucking school hold my cdl for not signing a contract with them? 
Can crst trucking company hold my cdl lic for not signing a contract with them?.

will any trucking company hire me at 20 years old 
i just turned 20 years old and want to be a truck driver will any one hire me

what year truck do i need to run my own load 
If my truck is a year model 1995, can I run my own loads?

Can i be hired and trained if i have a previous license suspension in the past 12 months 
My license just recently became suspended over a 2007 no tag ticket which i am trying to fight... I want to get my cdl in ms but am not sure if any company …

Short orientation before OTR really possible? 
Did not finish truck driving school at one company but another truck company is willing to take me on. I have CDL, but only 1 1/2 month OTR.

can i get my hazmat endorsement if i have a felony 
Can I get my hazmat endorsement if I have a felony

question about using the pre-pass for the weigh stations 
If you have a pre-pass and get to a scale and you get the green light to pass the scale but the sign on the side of the road says that trucks need to enter …

Hi to All.... Question About CRST 
Can somebody tell me if CRST is the best Company to work for when you dont have experience?????? the good news is that they will train you!!!! i've …

Help Me become a trucker with Prime inc. 
Hi to all.... I just recently got my CDL Class A license with Hazmat and tanker endorsements back in in New York, i've been applying for a job for …

Question about a ticket going against your license 
I got stopped in Texas the other day and received a warning for not wearing a seatbelt and a warning for one of the trailer tires being under 2/32.. My …

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I have had 3 duis well over 16 years old will I be able to get a job in trucking? 
I have 3 DUI's over 16 years old. Will i be able to get a trucking job?

where do i get a nc fuel permit sticker 
i need a nc fuel sticker for intrastate not a ifta. where do i get it and can it be done online thank you

In CA my husband got a speeding ticket someone told him to claim "Coasting" but isnt that worse? 
My husband was in Kern County, CA got a speeding ticket for 10 miles over limit. Another driver told him to claim "Coasting" but isn't that worse since …

What type of drug test does roadmaster trucking school use? 
What type of drug testing does Roadmaster Trucking School use?

Is three weeks long enough to pass a drug sceen? 
Got help and just want to get my life back in order. Really would like to drive a truck so I can take care of my family instead of them taking care of …

Can a person be held responsible if their dac report comes back clean but they have a record? 
What should a person do that has a criminal record, but his dac report is coming back clean? Should they make mention of their record on their application, …

How flexible is time off as a trucker? 
I have a kind of unusual question. I play a game called disc golf on the professional level. I have been playing for many years and am very passionate …

Can I get hired as a trucker with prime Inc. with assault on my record? 
I have been reading and researching on this site for months now and have decided to apply at prime truck driving apprenticeship program. My question is …

Ive been driving sence 1991 i had my first wreck last july, laid one on its side, my fault, are there any companys that would still hire me , i havent been able to find any work sense? 
I had a wreck 9 months ago and still cant find any company that will hire me , it was a dot reportable accident my fault, now ive got a good work history, …

Is there any legal reason that a single-leg amputee (who uses a prosthesis and walks without difficulty) cannot obtain a CDL driving a standard-shift tractor? 
Is there any legal reason that a single-leg amputee (who uses a prosthesis and walks without difficulty) cannot obtain a CDL driving a standard-shift …

I got a dui 4years ago, and can't get a truck driving job, what can I do? 
I have 10+ years over the road safe driving, however, I made a dumb decision 4 years ago, which I got a dwi, now I can't get a trucking jobs. Also, I haven't …


why do you paint white marks on your trailer tires? 
I have seen white marks painted on the trailer tires, I have seen them on the highway and also on ice road truckers. Why are these white marks on the tires? …

what kind of medical records do trucking companys want 
just want to know how much info and how they get it. do i tell them or do they pull records

Staying healthy on the road? working out and getting exercise otr 
Im thinking about driving over the road and was wondering,I enjoy lifting weights and running!My question,im sure its hard 2 come accross gyms on the road …

hail follicle testing  
If you have smoked in the last year can that fail you for traning?

if a trucking company tell you,you will be home weekend,is that true? 
been driving a truck localy for past 3 years,company is losing there biggest contract so im going to be laid off soon.cant pay the bills on what i will …

Companies that pay "practical" mileage 
Hervy/Jim - I've been monitoring this website for several months consistently and appreciate your willingness to share your experiences on the trucking …

i have a dui and controlled substance that are 10 years old does that effect me getting a cdl? 
i was convicted of statutory rape when i was 18. the girl was 15. thats been 10 years ago. i am a sexoffender. and i had a dui and controlled substance. …

international 4300 vs freightliner m2 
international 4300 vs freightliner m2

Fighting back against a crooked Trucking Company 
I am a trucker's wife and I am very frustrated with an Idaho Trucking Company that my husband used to work for. He was getting $100.00 a week paychecks.Their …

is it legal to operate a bob-tail truck with type two diabetes? 
I have recently been diagnosed with type two diabetes, and am taking oral and insulin to control it. I have been let go of my truck driving career of 12 …

Im asking about sleep deprevation.  
I have to do a school psychology project, and we get to pick a job in the world to do it over. My whole family consists of farmers so they are all …

is it better to have your loved one go on the road with you, or is it more hassel? 
my man is wanting me to go out on the road with him, but would tht be a good idea? i mean two ppl in a truck that dont look very spacious... would our …

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Company Driver  
I'm a company driver and I have a feeling that I'm about to be fired for a weight ticket. Scenario: As I proceeded through the first weight station …

how often does cr england get loads to florida panhandle? 
I want to know how often CR England actually gets loads to the Florida panhandle or at least close, so that I can visit a friend who is driving

Is it better to sign on with companies or use broker 
I have recently bought my truck and insurance authority and apportion. I have worked for a trucking co 5 years due to hand surgery, they gave my job to …

Could I loose my cdl license and my job after a drug test that came up positive even with a dr.s prescription for all the medication that showed up? 
There was an accident nobody hurt wasnt my fault but company policy is to be drug screend after any incidents. I am prescribed by my treating physician …

How do I become a very successful O/O truck driver 
I have been an over the road long haul driver for 13 years as a company driver. I make around $48000 per year, I have saved some money. If I find a …

Do all truckers cheat? 
do all truckers cheat and have women or another family in every state?

Which company to work for? May, Stevens, or Eagle. 
My dad has just gotten his cdl and is now deciding which company to work for. He is looking at May, Stevens or Eagle. He doesnt have a computer so i told …

do you get paid for werner orentation if i quit after completeing it? 
i left after orentation because i found that it wasnt what i wanted, do i get paid

Tips for finding good Trucking Companies 
what things should I look for when signing up with a trucking company? I want a good one.

Why do truckers hate driving in the snow? 
This is why I ask. You want to hear a pissed of trucker.

I am looking for info on being paid a percentage of the load value? 
i have a friend who previously drove a truck. he worked for a company i believe called kllm out of chicago. he said they paid you a percentage of the load …

What does the average route driver make per year? 
a class a cdl route driver like for a budweiser route. what would their pay per year be

Went from OTR to local and now can't get back into OTR due to no recent experience 
i was once a otr driver for over 6 years then local driver for over 6 years then an accident 5 months ago i got a job working for a company for 1 month …

who will hire a 22 year old to drive a truck? 
im 22 years old and would like to drive truck. is there a company that will hire me and pay for or reimburse for cdl training.

Getting signal while sitting 
I was curious to understand how loads are received in areas with weak or no signal? For example, I was recently driving through Nebraska and my cell phone …

I would like to start OTR driving again does any body know what GOOD companies are hiring 
I am going to get back OTR driving I am looking for a good company that runs from Houston to upstate new york or within the area please no JB hunt recruiters. …

Can you be a small person and drive a big rig?  
I'm a small person ( 5"4 ) , 160 lbs, and wanted to know if I can still drive a commercial truck as a profession?

how long does a positive drug test stay on you driving abstact. 
how long does a positive drug test stay stay on your stay driving abstact.

What OTR TRucking companies do hair drug screening 
What trucking companies do urine drug screening & what trucking companies do hair drug screening?

How can i start hauling livestock 
i wanna learn how to pull livestock have pulled everything that can be loaded on a flatbed i want a new challange in trucking have 16 yrs experience, …

How much to Charge per mile. 
What is the normal charge per mile for a load on a 53' van? I mean charging the shipper without a broker? Independent contractor fees.

Can you help me better understand these frieght rates? 
Hello again, this is Chris from PA. I took your advice and logged onto They gave me some good information about reefer loads from PA …

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Can you explain the difference between O/O Lease on vs An independent getting freight from a broker? 
My name is Chris, I live outside of Gettysburg PA. I work as a professional fireman outside of Washington DC. Im looking into trucking because of salary …

How do you do the pre-trip inspection when the trailer is not hooked 

I have an OWI, can I still get a job?? 
I have an OWI (.09 BAC) and I also have an OAR and these happened two years ago. Will I be disqualified from the hiring. These are my only things on my …

Got reckless driving and speed contest dismissed can I now get my cdl? 
Ok I have recently decided to change careers and enter trucking. About 3 years ago my own brother took my license and was racing on a highway and got pulled …

could a new driver take along his WIFE in his truck throught his driving career, without being a qualified driver 
i want to just know if im to be a truck driver something really wrong with me bringing along my wife to everywhere i go? (I MEAN EVERYWHERE) …

how many times can you take the class A CDL test? 
from the KNOWLEDGE part of the test i know its as many times until you pass it (right ?) and as far as the SKILLS and COMBINATION test I GUESS its how …

on disability right now, and i want to get into CDL training school and to my knowledge YOU HAVE TO have atleast 3 years of EMPLOYMENT" in my case im on …

Can I get a CDL in Texas if I am On methadone maintenance 
will i be denied a CDL if I am taking methadone?

im on disabitity (cronic low-back pain) & i have no job history from 06 to 2011 
ive always worked all my life, but im at a stand still because of low-back pain.once i see if an (chiropractor) can get me all well back together,then …

who pays for meals while on the road? 
Ok so. You are trucking a lot of days out of the week on the road. who pays for all the food and meals you eat. Do you have to pay out of your own pocket …

i have a reckless driving on my record, it is three years old who will hire me? 
i have a wreckless dirving on my record that isnt three years old until june. i am currently in a cdl class and i am wondering if there is any company …

How do i get a job driving a truck if no one will give me a chance to prove my self ? 
My name is David Wilson i live in Marion Ohio i finished my cdl schooling threw Crist CDL training school for my class A cdl. I've got a hazmat/doubles/triples/tanker. …

Will you fail the D.O.T. Physical if you have a hernia? 
That's probably a stupid question. But I guess I'm hoping in vein that I could still get hired as a trucker even though I have a hernia.

cleaned up dac 
Since last posting contacted dac filed dispute in which they contacted me they had not received any information from the previous employer so the safety …

Can I get a CDL if I got an OUI in Iowa and a DUI in Kansas 
can i get a cdl if i have a oui in the state of Iowa and a DUI in Kansas

question about getting paid percentage of the load 
shouldn't my paycheck include my pay amount AND how much the company was paid so I know the split was fair?

I have decided to become on O/O and I need to know from here what to do?  
I need to know when I should get an LLC? When should I get all the permits? Pretty much the steps I need to take and whom to contact to get everything? …

was found guilty of reckless driving general, but its not on my license should i reveal this to a prospective employer? 
currently employed and on workmans comp was charged with and found guilty of a reckless driving charge general. Was unable to make court date due to …

can I get a CDL license while being prescribed suboxonne by a doctor? 
I have an excellent driving record. I haven't had a ticket in over 10 years, no DUI's, no felonies or anything on my record.

A plea for help in a highway death in Missouri on Sept 13 2010 10:30pm 
On Sept 13 2010 around 10:30 pm my 34 year old aunt fell from a overpass in Holts Summit Missouri on highway 54. She was hit by a 18 wheeler. I know …

Does my chances look good? 
I am recently graduation from a Truck Driving School with my Class A CDL. I have 3 felonies from 10yrs ago, and in that 10yrs, I have a unstable work history …

what are the problems of owning another truck and driver 
what are the pitfalls of owning another truck and paying a guy cash to drive it?

getting back in 
accidents 1 in 2006, 2 in 2007, 3 in 2008 no tickets issued no negative info on my MVR. All listed as preventable. Will i be able to drive again in 2011? …

Where can i buy or get a comcheck near Lebanon, Ky?  
My brother is trying to give me a number to put on a comcheck because he is in Texas and I'm in Lebanon, Ky. He has checks with him but needs to just give …

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If i was fired by my company for an accident, but i was not ticketed, will i be able to find another job with that on my DAC 
if i had an accident, but was not ticketed, but was fired from my company, will i be able to find another job with that on my DAC?

class a or b? 
hello im 49 yrs old still have 2 teen age daughters at home in always wanted to drive otr but money for schools and kids at home kept me from doing it …

What Companies Offer Refresher Courses ?.....For Used Truckers lol. 
I am asking this question because it has been a while ( 11/07 ) since I last drove for a company. I had to leave Trucking due to a MISDIAGNOSED MEDICAL …

Does some trucking companies allow you to have a pet 
I saw a trucker one time on the news and he had two small dogs. Can you have a pet with you in your cab while trucking?

a chance to drive again with six preventables, is it possible? 
A total of six preventable accidents 2006(1), 2007(2),2008(3). Will i ever get an opportunity to drive a truck again? or am I wasting my time? Since,some …

What would you do to make Trucking a more desirable?  
If you could make changes to your profession as a driver what would you change? Ways to improve the lifestyle? How could we make this more attractive to …

Can drivers with one reckless driving ticket get back onthe road and how? 
My sons dad has one reckless driving ticket that he got 3 years ago and it is the only ticket on his record. He is having a hard time finding a company …

How does a ex-felon get work as licensed trucker? 
I'm a felon looking to become a trucker

I am looking for a trucking job that will allow me more time at home in Charlotte NC 
I have a new family and I have been driving over the road for 4 years. During that time I have made some mistakes with having many log book violations. …

can background checks include other pre employment failed drug tests 
asking cause i fail a urine test for trucking school

I have Sleep Apnea and need to plug in CPAP machine every night 
Been reading this site and been learning a lot. I'm very close to deciding if I should pursue a CDL. But I have Sleep Apnea and need to use a CPAP machine. …

Hey yall, been a long time 
Well fella's and ladies of life as a trucker, im headin back out. Took a little hyatis from trucking. Got to involved with lookin through the fence posts …

Speeding ticket in Arizona of 19 over. 
I recently got a ticket for 19 over. I thought the speed limit was 45 I knew I was doing about 50 officer clocked me doing 54 turned out the speed limit …

Can i drive the biggest penske truck with air brakes and get a cdl A in florida ( 26 footer boxtruck with air braks)? 
Can i drive the biggest penske truck with air brakes and get a cdl A in florida ( 26 footer boxtruck with air brakes)?

I have been out of a tractor for 2 years, the last company i worked for terminated me, no accident nothing, but when i first received my license in 2007 …

I need a job i got a bad dac 
I'm haven a hard time finding a job i have a bad dac. i just wont to try get it better again my dac says i am an unsafe driver.

where can i find employment 
i live in ft worth tx. i'm in a very good lane for most truck lanes.i have had my cdl for 2 years now.i am a self taught driver who started this career …

i would like to know where can i look for a job with my background that would hire me 
i have my cdl for 10years and was employed before recently getting laid off. I was in my personal vehicle and taking my daughter back to college and …

I have a dwi 4 years ago what companys will hire me 
i am looking for a truck driving job with a 4 year old dwi in my pocket

if i have an fra suspension will that keep me from getting a cdl 
i got my license suspended for no insurance, now i have them back but im under fra suspension until 2014. that just means i have to carry an sr22 until …

comdata cards 
Can you have more than 1 comdata cards? and also what is a 17 digit number is that comchecks?

Does anyone know of any company I can hire on for a Las Vegas,NV to Phoenix runs? 
I have 6 years OTR experience with only one ticket 2 years ago, but I live in Kingman, AZ and want to stay closer to home and be there more often. I would …

Would trucking be a good job for 18 year olds? 
I am interested in trucking and would like to know more about it like, how is trucking fun? Why do people go into the trucking industry? Are there …

how do otr drivers drivers stay warm in winter months if they cant keep truck running 
just wondering if a driver cant run truck while sleeping what methods do they use to keep warm in winter months

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17 years ago I was busted for possession of marijuana and petty theft can I find work as a truck driver? 
When I was young and dumb I stole some lip balm from Fred Meyers and had marijuana on me. It was the dumbest thing I ever did. So, now I have a couple …

What is a good company to work for at 21? 
I 21 just finished truck driving school. Looking for a trucking job, Werner pre-hired but I read on different websites about how bad that they are. …

What is the shift pattern for a 12 speed tractor trailer? 
I might be getting a job soon and the guy told me that they had 12 speed trucks. I have only been trained on 9 and 10 speeds. How difficult is it to shift …

Is there a trucking job after a dui? 
I was in a personal car and got pulled over. I lost my cdl for one year. I got them back Mon. Is there any hope at all for me here in Ft Worth Tx?

What kind of drug test does JB Hunt give? 
What kind of drug test does JB Hunt give?

How has the current economy had on the trucking business in general and on truckers specifically? 
I'm considering selling my home and using the money to buy a truck. I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into.

question for the truckers beginners and veterans 
I am 32 years old recently married and considering trucking as a new endeavor. if you have recently started driving or you have been driving for many years …

truckstops with tyhe most lot lizards at 
What truckstop do you think has the most lot lizards at?

need trucker household moving frome rialto ca to grove oklahoma 
Do you offer the people that need to relocate by renting your truck or do they drive your stuff for you?

can i get a cdl in floirda after having 1 dui 
I had a DUI about 8 months ago. I got my driving rights back but want to get my cdl. Can I get a CDL in Florida after 1 DUI

Going from team driving to running solo, any advice? 
My boyfriend just recently went from running a dedicated team run to going solo on all 48. Any advice as far as best places to eat or possibly finding …

3 yr old dac 4 tickets. Can I get a trucking Job? Need to make a living. 
Will any trucking company consider hiring me with 4 tickets on my DAC 3 years old?

i got my license suspended in 2007 for failure to pay ticket and got them back 1/2010 and now have a class a cdl will any trucking company hire me 
i had a couple of speeding tickets i had to pay and forgot to. My license got suspended in 2007 and i got them back in 1-2010. Now have a class a cdl. …

I'm 20 yrs old and just graduated truck driving school a week ago and can't find a job. Help? 
I can't find any trucking company willing to take a recent grad with little to no experience in the industry. Now i dont expect companies to come running …

Anyone here work for England Trucking? Need the straight scoop 
Need to talk to someone who actually is employed by England and about obtaining/owning tractor through them. Are they for real or not?? What about the"Awards" …

what age is too old to start trucking? 
iam 48 starting over i lost my wife last year and want to know if it is okay to start at my age

failed a drug test for marijuana 
failed the test but went thru all the rehab steps at my own expense. Now I am being fined by the DOT. If I pay this fine, is that the end of it?

Will trucking comapnies hire someone with a 1y.o. wreck (rear-end collision) on their MVR? 
I'm sorry if I'm posting this twice. I thought I already posted this, but it seems to have not gone through. Anyway, I went to a trucking school and …

Can I get hired as an over the road trucker if I have one rear-end collision accident on my record from the last three years? 
I have been unemployed for a year and a half. Six months after losing my job, I went to a trucking school to obtain my Class A CDL. The trucking …

can a man who i s a rt leg bk amputee get a cdl 
i am a 55 year old man. lost job in auto industry. I am a black right leg amputee. Can i get my cdl? I can drive a truck.

had a felony in 1983 any problem gettin a cdl  

Route preferences when traveling between N. Louisiana and LA. 
Any safety or weather or other reasons to consider taking I40 over I10? Only makes about an hours worth of difference. Thanks

Please does anyone know anybody that is in need of a job?  
We are in desperate need of a driver and i mean desperate we are going to lose our home. My father suffered a massive heart attack and open heart surgery …

How can my hausband get fired? I drive car every day and i get ticket for speed and red light,but they r saying it's my husband fault? 
My husband got fire today all because I his wife got ticket for running a red light and 1 for speeding.But this car is on my husband name then i drive …

dump truck driver training 
where do i get training for driving a dump truck

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will a 6yro. pos. drug test dissqualify me from driving 
I worked for a company that I came up pos. on my drug test back in 2004. I attended a substance abuse class for first time offenders at my expense with …

has anyone ever heard of "the Artis Group" trucking company? 
some info about the Artis Group trucking company is what I'm asking. Thanks

cr england, pam & stevinson transport trucking schools and jobs in dallas, tx area. 
I've been a automotive tech for 25 plus years looking for a new career as a trucker, have a cousin as a trucker & he has already explained to me the hardship …

Can the loan company from my school hold my cdl as collateral? 
I got a loan to go to truck driving school and the loan company made me sign a document saying that if I did not pay on my loan they would suspend my CDL …

Is Wener Enterprises a good company to work for? 
I am getting ready to graduate driving school and considering Werner as my first company to work for. Looking for any information on the company or past …

Is there scheduling flexibility? Possibility for extended time off? 
Hi all, Do some companies in this industry offer some scheduling flexibility? Could a driver take a month off in the summer? Maybe even 3-6 months off …

Is there any company who will hire - and train - me with a DUI 3 years back? 
I have about 2 years driving experience class A. Last drove in '03. Got a personal vehicle DUI in 2006. Lost Class A in '07. Now I want to drive again. …

Is it possible to get a vision waiver from the fmcsa 
I finished trucking school got my CDL in Missouri, went for job D.O.T. physical and because I have poor sight in right eye, but 20/20 in left since birth …

How much money do you get paid trucking? 
how much do you get paid trucking?

Does the Indiana DOT drug screen test for Methadone? 
I'm getting ready to go to a training class to get my cdl's and I am prescribed methadone. I am wanting to know if the Indiana D.O.T drug screen tests …

Will someone tell me if it's better to get training from a trucking company, or go to a local school? 
I recently saw an ad from CR England offering training with no money down and no credit check. The ad also offered the chance to lease a truck with a …

CRST Driving School 
I'm looking on going to crst driving school. Signing an 8 month contract and driving for them. Do you guys have any advice? Should I go or not?

since it's been almost 3 years since I failed a pre employment, would a refresher course help to get back into dirving again? 
would going to a refresher course help me get back into trucking after a failed pre employment drug test 3 years ago?

Jobs for felons panama city fl 
(Panama City ) Type in cargo services -(cargo searches) in you area through this business page search .To find smaller business dont know if it will …

is it a good thing to start tucking at the age of 21. 
can i make alot of money trcking at a young age.

i got hurt about two years ago almost well lots of experience driving good driving record good work history can i get hired by a company 
been driving fifteen years hazmat endorsement good driving record great work history no felonies no dui no failed drug test got hurt about two years ago …


do usxpress hire gay black men 
we are 2 guys who love trucking an we are newly married looking for a team company to have a career with an not to be look upon as different.

Can anybody recommend acomapny to lease my frightliner without me having to do the driving? 
I own a freightliner and am looking for a dependable company to lease it to without having to driving myself.

Stopping to Fish While Under a Load 
I know the game is to get to point B on time but if you've put in your hours and you come across a nice river or lake have u ever stopped and spent a couple …

I have a felony dui with vehicular assault from back in 1997 and just want to be a truck driver 
November of 2011 I will officially have been off paper for 7 years. Swift said that after that time has passed they could take me on but wont take me till …

Is being upfront about past drug use better than waiting on test results? 
marijuana was being used over a month ago. It has stopped and the desire is gone for it. should we tell the school/job about this prior to testing? …

Which companies will hire me with two speeding tickets in the last 3 years and a careless driving ticket almost 4 years ago? 
I would like to know which trucking companies will hire a truck driver with 2 speeding tickets in 3 years and a careless driving ticket almost 4 years …

Is it dangerous for an attractive woman to be an over the road trucker? 
How much risk or danger is involved when the truck driver is a woman? What I have in mind are the overnight stays at truck stops, sleeping in the truck …

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Should a guy start out his career driving a tanker truck hauling liquids? 
I just got my license,now I am looking for work,was offered a job driving b-trains with liquid loads(fertilizer).now I have only driven 53 ft trailers.also …

Please gentleman, stay hydrated (drivers dies in truckstop shower) 
Recently my fiance had some horrible news for me to hear. She works at the local T/A and had a driver come in with his A/C out. He was sweating profusely …

Do you have to have a valid state license before applying for trucker school? 
my North Carolina driver's license is suspended and it cost a couple hundred dollars to get it back on track. I wanted to know if I needed a valid drivers …

How long does stuff stay on your dac report?? 
Does anything ever drop off or do companies quit looking so far back?? How many Years does a trucking company look at??

Can a 5 year old go over the road with driver?  
Want to take my 5yr old along trucking for the ride!

Where is the best place to find a trucking job? 
Please email me and let me know!

Back again for more advice 
Well I have come to yall for all my advice and I always get back great feedback so here comes another fast ball in the sweet spot. Been with CRST for …

iam 48 and would like to get into trucking 
i have lost my retirement and my career as a welder need check into trucking

does dot test for methadone? 
does dot test for methadone and if so what happens if you come up positive but have a prescription for it.And if you fail for methadone can you take it …

Where can a recent school grad with a flony get a job? 
Where can a recent school grad with not much experience get a trucking job?

will being on the methadone program stop me from being able to get my cdl's or get a job for that matter? 
I have been on methadone for 7 yrs and its HARD to just get off the stuff but thats another topic. I start truckin school this monday and was wondering …

is there a law that requires trucks over 26,000 pounds to supply air conditioning for drivers? 
is there a law that requires trucks over 26,000 pounds to supply air conditioning for drivers?

i got a ticket for over weight on axles in british columbia would it affect my ontario license 
i got a ticket for over weight on axles in british columbia would it affect my ontario license

Can I get a driving job with a misdemeanor theft on my record? 
When I was 16 I got caught stealing a bag of catfish bait, and 2 bobbers, worth about 11 dollars. I did everything that was asked of me with no questions …

is werner a good or bad company to work for? 
the recruiter at the school i am going to says i should drive for them but I have heard lots of bad stuff about them

when adjusting rear tandoms,how much weight does each pin hole represent? 
On a semi-trailer needing to know when adjusting rear tandems,how much weight does each pin hole represent?

How do you get rid of insects in your cab?  
I have been getting bit for the last 2 weeks. I have my dog with me, so needless to say she is attracting insects into my cab. Have you ever had this problem …

is it hazardous to drive the mountains in the 11 western states? 
how do you learn to drive the mountains..especially in the winter if your solo when the snow starts, and your are done training?

Can a trucking company give another company information on a failed drug test after three years 
Over three years ago I failed a drug test. Now when I apply for a new job, the company I worked for over three years ago gives the new companies this information. …

I gave a positve UDS over three years ago, can the company that i was working for, still give other trucking companies that information now that three years have passed. 
I am currently applying for trucking jobs, but the company I was working for three years ago is still reporting my positive UDS to these companies.

what companies will hire drive with suspendend  
i am looking for a companies to drive for over the road or locally i live in Florence KY.i had my license suspend two or three times. but it was not for …

are safety violations and log violations different? 
Specifically what is the difference between the two?

I am searching for a Company with training. 
I am looking for company that will pay for the CDL school who also has paid training. If possible a lease to own option after the training is out. …

was terminated for log violations. is it possible to get hired by another company? 
was fired for log violations. is it possible to get hired by another company?

July 14, 2010: What type and size of truck do I need to haul 3 rooms of furniture (??); it currently fills a 10' x 10' storage rental. 
July 14, 2010 Truck rental places ask what TYPE of truck I want; Box, Straight, Panel Van, Parcel Van, Box Truck .... Light, Medium, Heavy ???? What …

school ripping me off? 
So,I have paid my money for truck driver training,have got one week classroom teaching. We started on the truck,I will have a total of 7 days practice …

What age can i go to trucking school and get my CDL 
Well I am wondering how old do i have to be to go to trucking school and what are the requirements. How many years of Trucking School do I need to become …

is jb hunt a bad company to work for 
i was wandering if the things i hear about jb hunt are true like- they tell u ur guaranteed miles and to make what they say u would make a week?

can a person with a felony get a hazmat endorsement 
I live in California and I have a felony conviction. It is for bodily injury. It is over 4 yrs old. Can I get a hazmat endorsement

I had a non cancerous thymus tumor removed in my chest. can this stop me from driving a truck? .  
I had surgery and my thymus gland was removed it was not cancer. The scar looks like open heart surgery. that was 5years ago. I would love to drive a truck …

I want to start driving later in life. 
Hello. I just completed school and was issued a Class A CDL with all endorsements (except for Passenger). I predict the main obstacles for me will …

why won't trucking companies hire felons thats current 
Why do trucking companies hire a felon after 5 or 7 or 10 years and won't hire the current ones. They're the ones getting drug tested and owe fines and …

Will speeding tickets under the age of 18 count when considered for hiring as a trucker? 
I was a speed demon at age 16. My parents gave me a race car which my first day keys in hand i got 2 tickets...since then i would get random tickets here …

do you need a GED to drive otr semi 
do u need a GED to drive s big truck?

what is the meal expense per day for truckers when filing taxes 
how much money can you write off for meals each day when filing trucking income tax

HELP!! air brake inspection!! 
HI there,I am in Canada,where our air brake test is a 31 step practical test!only allowed 6 wrong and there are 11 of them that if you get one of them …

Can i get a truck driving job a 18. 
I want to be a truck driver and i was wondering if i could get one at 18.

What kind of drug test to expect for CRST trucking? 
Just wondering if they give the urine or hair follicle test?

I would like to speak to the author of this web site. Is there a phone number or email address? 
My name is Gail Racanelli, I am currently coaching and assisting many truckers with their health and weightloss goals. I have a trucker that lost 105lbs …

cdl training schools that pay for food while there 
are there cdl training schools that pay tuition and money for food while in it?

trucking jobs  
I been filling out a lot of application online and few calls and few of them said I been out of school way too long and I still have my CDL from …

What kind of drug tests to expect? 
I'm about to head towards Iowa for trucking school for CRST and the last time I smoked pot was like 2 months ago. I'm sure I'll pass a urine test but not …

Verifiable Work History 
I want to get my CDL, I have a clean driving record, No felonies, My problem is verifiable work history. I have been the primary care giver for my son, …

hi there are there any types of people that dont make a good trucker? 
Are there any types of people that dont make a good trucker,now I dont mean like a family man or a guy that just got married. I mean like a guy that …

What is your opinion of Prime Inc and their Training? 
I earlier wrote a question asking about Stevens Transport. I have decided to stay away from them. I have a pre-hire from Swift also have a pre-hire from …

I've been hired on at Stevens Trans. (new driver) and need to know what the policy in the trucking industry is on Methadone prescriptions? 
I had a disk removed in my back about 4 yrs ago. got off the pain meds and got prescribed methadone for pain (also have arthritis of spine) and of course …

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i need help with tripak.. 
I jave a tri pac for my truck.i was recently serviced and now it shuts off after about 1 says alarm 3 and system default..can you tell me the …

Can anyone help me find a job, please 
I have a speeding ticket that was for 20 over, I only paid a fine of $125.00. There were some circumstances for the reason I was speeding. The sign had …

is there a company that will hire sombody that tested positive on a randon drugg test. i already done my rehab 
i tested pos. on a random.i went to d.o.t rehab to become compliance,but nobody seem to want to hire me

I just want to thank Hervy and everyone else on here who knows me 
After 7 painstaking months of having no luck finding a trucking job after getting my CDL...I have finally been hired by Werner Enterprises. My orientation …

How does a trucker get a trucking job with a wreck on his dac 
I've had nothing but,the big word's,can't hire with a wreck on ur dac

are truckers trying to fight the insurance companies about first dui? 

Are the headlight glares bad or worse when you are driving a semi in the dark compared to a car? 
HI there,just about to start my training,was wondering about the glare from oncoming traffic at nite,is it bad or worse when you are in a semi?

Can you bring a foldable stationary bike onto the truck?  
I am looking into trucking and would like to know about staying fit on the road.

Can you bring a foldable stationary bike onto the truck?  
I am looking into trucking and would like to know about staying fit on the road.

how do you judge the distance in your side mirrors for changing lanes? 
when your going down the road and need to change lanes,isnt it hard to tell your distance from the cars behind you in the side mirrors?

Hi, I am curious on if any of you have any tips for me being a ride along with my friend? 
I will be on the road with him for 2 months. I have known him for 15 years. I just want to know some more info about riding along with him. Oh and we are …

Would you drive for free. 
Do you love being a trucker would you do it for free? I was born an raised a Trucker its a passion and my life. So I would.And have. American Trucker... …

How many rest stops and gas stations are between Pahrump and Reno, NV? 
I'm a mom, and I'm worried. My son will probably go to UNR this fall, and he will be driving. I'd like to know where he can get gas, stop for a bite to …

Will coasting appear on California mvr? Can I still be considered for local PU&D? 
Would like to work for local city driver job, will I still be able to apply?

What would get you excited about Caterpillar coming out with a rig? 
I wanted to hear from Truckers what they thought about Caterpillar and Navistar coming out with a long haul rig?

i need to ask about refusing a drug test 
I refused a drug test at my last job and i was terminated i went to rehab and got my SAP am i still eligible to be a truck driver or should i just give …

Anyone know about Stevens Transport? Driver Training? 
I currently have zero experience driving a semi. I have looked at MTC, Driver Solutions and stumbled upon Stevens Transport. They say they will pay …

Where can I find the highest paid trucking jobs in my area? 
HI, I was wondering if you could tell me what are the best companies to work for in the Delaware Maryland area.

no proof of work history , was self employed , lost everything now what 
I asked this on another section of the site , I guess I should have written it here , anyway in a nut shell , I have been working from home since 2007 …

i have a class a permit so now what can or do i do 
i have a class A permit so now what or what can i do with it?

Want to drive trucks again 
Ive been off 3 years but 18 years exp, excellent driving record, recvd safety awards, who do you think would hire me thks dh

what happens with a suspended license 
i got called in at Werner staying for a suspended license but i paid my fines so what will happen

RoadMater Driving School 
I'm planning on going to roadmaster driving school. I would like to know is that a good school to go to? Anything I need to know about them.

i am thinking about being a driver for allied van lines whats your advice 
i want to go to school to be a trucker. hopefully working in household goods please give me advice

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new england motor freight 
is new England motor freight a good company to work for?

Looking for ideas to make the truck a home away from home. 
My girlfriend just started driving again and I know it is hard for her to be away from her family for long periods of time. I have done my best to make …

driver's opinions about FFE 
does any 1 know any thing about them and FFE

I'm hearing a lot of contradictions from trucking companies and drivers 
As I research the trucking industry, I'm realizing that majority if not all of the companies I talk to communicate that new driver's will receive at least …

Should a 56 year old single woman consider becoming a trucker? 
Been working at a desk job for over 25 years. Been single over 5 years; kids all grown. Been seeing a great guy who drives OTR, and who is interested …

Why are some companys using electronic logs? 
And they want you to use paper logs too isnt this illegal?

Does my regular driving license record effect me in, obtaining my cdl? 
I have four points on my driving record; it's from driving in the Hov lane with only one person in the vehicle. The other two points are from hitting a …

I'm leaving for the navy in 9 months. Is it worth even getting my CDL?  
I'm 18 years old, and enlisted in the navy. My date that i go to boot camp is Jan 18th 2011. I need a job. I've always wanted to drive. I just don't know …

Ability to be mobile while sitting 
What options exist for other means of transportation when waiting on in truckstops for loads? Aside from the local cab company, I have seen some trucker's …

Does anyone know about the new CSA2010? 
I am new to trucking and got a warning because I missed a temporary scale on the side of the road. As soon as I saw the scale (it was by a big bush partially …

Do prior non preventable accidents you have been in prior to obtaining your CDL effect your chances of getting a job? 
I was in three accidents in 2007, all not my fault--I have police reports which can verify this--one was a rear end accident, one was when a lady ran a …

Lookin for a fridge for the big truck 
Ok yall im lookin into buying a fridge for my truck and cant figure out one to buy. I had a 40qt. coleman picked out and was shopping around for the best …

Does anyone know where I can get scale 1:24 muscle cars from 1969? 
I am looking for a place that sells 1969 Diecast muscle cars. Scale 1:24. I know some truckstops sell them and I wanted to know if anyone knows which ones …

Economy being what it is how does one buy a truck 
Just came out of a lease w/major co,lost my butt however would still prefer owning my own truck. Have tried to find something on line but to no avail. …

Can a company reassign your co-driver to another driver without giving you some kind of notice. 
My company reassigned my co-driver at his request to another partner., thus leaving me out in the cold. I had a 1 day notice that I would be out of a co-driver. …

I have to find a suitable parking for my rig near my home, any suggestions? 
have pre hire letter pending graduation from driving school, TMC says I need suitable parking on weekends for my truck, wondering what others have done, …

do u know of any companys that offer a refresher course 
i have 17 months exp but none since april of 07


What is the average budget (costs) for an over-the-road trucker? 
Excluding home costs (but not assuming they do not exist), what is the average and the ideal budget for a trucker on the road? What costs are associated …

can i lose my cdl if diagnosed with diabetes? 
I have a truck driving job and was told i will loose it if i am diagnosed with diabetes

Is high school diploma or ged needed to drive a semi? 
Do you have to be a high school graduate,or have your GED to drive a semi? I dropped out of high school my junior year,and never graduated.Can i still …

what effect if any does the placement of the 5th wheel have on your rear tandems? 
what effect if any does moving your 5th wheel have on the rear tandems?

I am 17 and was wondering if i could buy a truck pay a driver and still make a profit 
I am 17 and making a good wage were im working 60k a year have no resposabilities and was woundering if it is possible to buy a truck lease it to a company …

IITR Training School 
Is IITR training school a rip-off or a good idea for a person wanting to get into trucking?

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questions about logging 

what's the best way to keep good log'd?? 
can you bob tail and dont have to log it ( line 2 driving)if your not under a load can you drive under 100 miles and not log it??

can a felon drive in Canada? 
I have a felony for drugs over 10 years old. Can I get into and out of Canada?

Since CRST charges for a refresher course are they legitimate? 
I might have a job offer as a new driver and its been alomost a year since i got out of trucking school and i have to pay crst for a refresher course and …

What is your opinion of USXpress? 
My husband will be working for them. He was previously with Swift and that was a big mistake. I hope USXpress will be better

how do truckers deal with the long hours of service 
I wonder how do truckers feel after a week on the road?

Writing a movie about Truckers and the trucker lifestyle. 
Hervy, would love to do a quick ten minute phone interview with you if you have the time. Shoot me an email at so I could get …

What are my chances of getting a job if I get my CDL through private lessons? 
I can't afford an accredited trucking school. But, I do have a private instructor in my area ($85hr.,$225 truck rental for DMV testing). I've been doing …

How to find cargo by internet 
I just want to know better how internet cargo and shipping work .I know there is manny place where u can check online for oportunities , Thank you …

what do companies look for doing a background check for truck drivers 
What do companies look for when they do a background checks?

Where I can Find Cell Phones warehouse address 
I've been waiting in NC for almost a week for any kind of charge for my truck ,

Getting sponsored by a company for my CDL 
Where exactly should I start when trying to get sponsored for my CDL? I want to go to school but I'd much rather work for a company for a year (or …

does heartland express hire felons 
i have past child support in 2004 an they gave me a felony. im driving but been thinking about going to a new company .its been almost 6 years


I had one accident in my trucking career.Who will give me a chance? 
I had my one and only accident in my 12 year driving career. Who will give me another chance? I've been out of work for 8 months now.

How old does my felony have to be to get a trucking job? 
I am a felon 1 year out of prison,would like to know how long I have to wait to get a trucking job?

How do you get a truck to take your onroad test in? 
I've just started reading up on all of this, I love driving and the whole trucking lifestyle sounds like it would fit me. I found out I've got about 3 …

should i take a refresher course and where do i go to do so 
i am a truck driver went to the a trucking school about three years ago. got my license and thats about all i got! confidents at the time i was training …

Why do truckers use every single gear when driving without a load? 
As a driver of a car, I noticed that most truckers hauling flatbed semi without a load start from a stoplight using every single gear. The truck accelerates …

What do truckers do after they are done driving for the day? 
I am just interested in knowing what an OTR trucker does after hours. You can't exactly drive into town with a semi to see a movie. What do you guys do? …

How much time off does a tuck driver get? 
My situation is im 24 live outside of Boston Mass. I'm an electrician right now and working for an older guy with the economy the way it is we've slowed …

Hervy.... Love your trucking DVD 
We watched it again today.. My wife says you speak wisdom beyond your years...My favorite section on the DVD is "Dare to Ride"..... I love the dramatic …

If I got a ticket in Indiana and I live in Toronto Canada what should I do? 
Hi my name is Troy Miller. I am a cross border transport driver from Toronto Canada. On Dec 16 of last year I was involved in an accident on I-69 just …

If you do drop and hooks, would it be beneficial to have a gadget that would help you do it faster? 
Do you drop and hook operators like using the handles that are on the trailers? Would you like a tool that makes this process faster?

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How long can a company keep a trucker on the road. 
My husband stated he drives 11 hours is down for 10 hours and on a 7 to 8 days can only work 70 hours then has to be down for 24 to 34 hours a week. But …

No question Hervy.... just want to say thanks 
Hey Hervy..... Thanks a lot for my DVD just arrived today.... Haven't had a chance to sit back and check it out yet, but certainly intend to in the next …

should u tell a company some thing that is not on your record 
I have lived in a state for 6 years and there are some things that are not showing up on my DMV record. From another state i lived in should I tell a company …

any opinions about CR England 
Anybody have anything to say that is good about CR England?

How does the trailer's door gets locked? 
I am an aspiring movie writer. I have this scene where the hero is trying to escape from the bad guys. He rides his truck loaded with furniture; I need …

misdemeanor charge pending/ can i go otr/ will any one hire me 
I have been offered a job driving for a large carrier.I go 2 orientation monday.I didnt tell them about a false charge im fightting.Should i or what should …

I am a unemployed local class A driver wanting to go OTR 
I have a perfect driving record. This past September through Craigslist I had an opportunity to haul dry freight out west from St.louis with Roadrunner …

Non DOT recorded Jack knife accident 
I had a jack knife over a year ago. No injuries, the truck was still driveable and not DOT reported. I need to find a job so who will hire me?

How do you drive downgrades in the winter or rain? 
I love trucking but mountain driving scares me especially when it is wet or snowed up. I just wanna know what's the safe thing to do.

Will I be fired over minor fender bender 
I am a new truck driver and just got in an accident while with my trainer. I was turning left and cliped the car in the left turn lane on my left corner. …

is it a good idea to lease my truck to a owner operator company 
i have a 2006 freightliner im just wondering if is best to lease to a company or get my own authority

Husband in training with CRST - Help 
My husband is with a lead driver in training with CRST. My husband has told me that the lead driver (who is a 22 year old kid, my husband is 44 with loads …

Free training in Greensboro NC.. When are training classes sheduled for 2010 
Hervy.... Am interested in your free training in Greensboro NC...When are these classes held???? Is the training all indoor in a classroom setting, or …

Sharing the road with RV,ers 
How do you feel about sharing the road with retired people in RV,s, are they a nusance? Or do you enjoy sharing the road with an adventurous senior motoring …

Thank you for your comment 

getting a trucking job after failing a drug test 
what company hires after failed drug test

What is legal for truckers to take over the road for self protection? 
i well be going to school in a couple of weeks and after a month be on the road what is the best protection to carry with you on the road that is legal …

Do trucking companies check medical records? 
I know they do background checks but do they look at medical records from the past?

Can you still get a CDL with 3 Marijuana Misdemeanors 
I have three marijuana misdemeanors do I have any chance at getting a CDL? Swift told me wait 5 years but I dont think they knew I had 3

how is it working for TMC flatbed company 
Is TMC a good company to work for

What is a good GPS system for trucking? 
A GPS that gives good routes for a Semi

When are you not supposed to use your jake? 
I mean like on downgrades can you use it if its snowing or raining out.....and what about icy downgrades?

setting up for menuvers 
i have been going to truck driving school and i have been having difficulties with setting up. i'm suppose to be atleast 2 to 3 ft from the cones but for …

Can I be fired for being prescibed Suboxone while operating a truck 
I was an oxycontin addict for about 2 years and some how never got caught using. Currently i have decided to get help and i have been on suboxone for about …

What are my chances of getting hired as a truck driver? 
In 2005, I was discharged from the army, boot camp, because of a panic attack. I did take anxiety meds years ago, but have not had a problem in several …

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can i take my wife on the road? 
o.k. Can my wife go with me on the road? Must i buy my own truck to do this? Can i still get work as an independent contractor/owner operator?

how hard is it to get all the authority paper work to be an independent trucker? 
I have driven for company for a while. Now I want to buy a truck, and go on my own. How thick is the red tape for becoming an owner operator?

when moutain driving is your gear supposed to match the road speed? 
i went to cr england's school in texas so they didnt really show us mountain driving but wat i do is i match my gear with the road speed(8th gear rs-65). …

are there trucking companies in memphis that don't use dac 
i got fired from my job for an accident that wasn't my fault i was not ticketed but my company said it is going to be my fault are thier people who will …

Are there any trucking companies left willing to give me a second chance 
2 years ago, almost exactly, I had a Jack knife accident on black ice while hauling a flat bed load for falcon transport. Falcon fired me for it. I …


is swift transportation a good place to work 
Is swift transport a good place to work ?

driver solutions? 
i have opted for driver solutions...they will send me to school for free and i will be placed with usa trucking on east coast and southeast runs out of …

i have applied at a trucking company and need some thoughts please 
i applied for training and a job with cr england. has anyone ever worked for england and could you please tell me if this is a bad idea?... i have …

is there a way to cleanup your dac report before the 7 year dropoff? 
is there any thing to do to help clean up a bad DAC report?

looking for a small northern il company  
Hi my name is Terry . I have aprox 14 yrs driving exp .As of dec 09 I was terminated from my job dec 11 09 while back my trk cliped the frt of another …

What do I need to know(all) about pulling reefers? I got a problem with my boss bouncing checks. So I'm thinking a company that pulls vans and reefers. …

how can i get a trucking job. 
How can i get another trucking job if i have a non recordable accident and a truck tip over on my dac. I got fired from heartland express for the accident. …

RoadMaster Driving School 0 Worth the investment? 
Ive put some feelers out to help me get my CDL. I went through a 30 min phone interview with Roadmaster. Im on the the financial aid portion of the …

I publish the newsletter for National Carriers, Inc. and would like to use some of your "Healthy Trucker" tips for our health and wellness section. I'm …

Howdy all 
Alright boys well I just got home from bein out a month with CRST. Training is done and now I gotta find a Co driver which im not thrilled about but gotta …

Picking up and dropping off loads 
Do you ever drop off and pick up from the same place? If so would you ever have to wait a few days before yor next load is ready?

I ws just wondering where jeff got his -40 degree sleeping bag ? 
So Jeff where did you get your bag ???????

X-Employer Withholding money from last check. 
Over 4 weeks....still not recieved my last check. In a email from the bosses wife, they are taking out moneys for Damage that I did to the trailer. 1000.00 …

anyone can tell me about Heartland Express 
In the prosses of hiring on with Heartland Express. Any comments about Heartland that can help to make a decision . Thank you all out there

Is there any trucking companies that will hire you with a not so steady work history? 
Most companies out here ask for a steady work history up to 3-5 years. So Im asking, is there anyway to get around that? Is there any companies out here …

when you park for the night can you have a beer before bed? 
can a driver have a beer before turning in (at the truck area...wherever you may be parked)

What is the most important personal items you have for over the road? 
I am almost out of school and I have a job lined up as a team driver with a buddy of mine. I'm wondering what kind of items you have in your trucks for …

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Trucking Life-General Questions 
Hello, This is Seth Bussert from Grand Rapids, MI. I am a screen printer & am designing a line of trucking themed shirts to distribute in various retail …

Hey driver, If you were to do it again, would you attend a stand alone school or would you go through a carrier training? 
Hello, I have a class B and I would like to be an OTR driver, do I go to a stand alone school or do I go through a carrier? What would you do? I am …

Question about CB Antenna. 1 or 2 antennas 
I'm going to get my oun truck this few weeks. What kind of cb antennas should I get. Do I need one or two antennas?

Are Female Truck drivers in any danger on the road 
Hi. I am working on becoming a truck driver. I am a 41 year old female. I am concerned about the safety of women truck drivers at truck stops (you know …

What can expect to see on my dac report? 
Was hired in 2006 by TMC, got about 3 months with my truck. My son had some health issues that needed me to be home. After 1 week TMC sent a local driver …

How will this affect my dac report? 
Back in 2006, I was hired by TMC, While at home with the truck, my son had some serious health issues, and I felt I needed to stay home. After 1 week …


A logbook Question 
Say jimmy and I are trucking together! We both do a 15 mins. Pretrip and it was all good. Then Jimmy stared to drive for a few hrs or so. Then …

Can a Careless Op.. Stop u from being hired? 
Can a Careless Op.. Stop u from being hired to a company. Even If u take a defensive driving course to gain point's back ....

Thinking about becoming a trucker.... 
I drove a bus in NYC for about 10 years. I'm tired of my job and looking to do something new with my life. I've been considering trucking but i'm not sure …

Ok, now what was the point? 
Ya know, I wonder sometimes if there really is a reason for everything. What was the point in me working my freakin ass off to get my CDL if nobody will …

truckers judging width of the road 
how do truckers judge the width of the road look like there is not much room?

Best way to get back into trucking ? 
I've been out of a truck for over 1 yr. What is the best way to start over in trucking?

what is the outlook for new truck driver in 2010? 
what is the out look for new truck drivers in 2010.

getting a job as a felon 
ive had my cdl sine 07 here it is almost 10 and no job because of a drug charge from 01 is there any hope to be a trucker?

trying to find a job 
i have been driving trucks for about 8 years now 3years otr and 5years local in 07 i had 3 prevenable acccendent in 08 i had 2 a drop trailer and a speeding …

information about free trucking schools 
i like information about t.d.i in south bend ,In. free truck driver training.

Is it not really all that hard to keep your rpms about where they should be without pressing on the fuel pedal too much while shifting ?

Hand Tools To Carry As Over The Road Driver 
What hand tools should a trucker carry over the road with them?

C1 Little Rock, Arkansas 
Hey everybody, Merry Christmas. Well I promised some info on C1 so here we go. All in all it was a pretty good experience. They do a contract program …

Keep, Keepin on 
Whats up guys, well I just checked in to my hotel in Oklahoma City. Ended up taking a bus from San Antonio to little rock and there i did a refresher course …

Tips for newbies, How to become a better driver? 
Hello everyone; I'm fairly new Driver from Vancouver BC. about a year. I drove all over US and Canada for Challenger motor freight for about 4 months …

starting over again in trucking business 
im 55 and my buddy is 61 we decided to buy a used truck and start doing some trucking to make some money we both have cdl and a some driving experience …

can i get into a cdl training course with less than 3 years mvr history 
can i enter a cdl training couse with less than 3 years mvr

run away truck braking systems do they have one? 
i am a car driver, and know nothing about big rig trucks, but i was wondering.... if a truck is a run away, is there an emergancey braking system, that …

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refused drug test but not on DAC will trucking companies hire me? 
back in march 2006 i couldnt make a drug test because of working two company wouldnt let me leave to take the test so i had a refusal. I …

Need a Career Change, is Trucking a good career change in my situation? 
Hello, I am a lifelong computer professional who is suddenly and unexpectedly out of work. I am in my upper fifties and need to work at least ten more …


can i get a trucking job with a hit and run  
i got a hit and run 3years ago for some bull. Im 20 year old and i have a cdl permit Im ever gonna get a job

Can trucking be a summer job? 
I'm a teacher looking for a summer job. I don't have my CDL but I'm thinking about getting one. Do you think trucking companies would let me drive for …

What can a newbie do? Trying to find a good starting truck driving job. 
I have a class a cdl and looking for a trucking company to work for, Werner and CRST has contacted me but i hear so many bad things about them that i am …

I am a collge student but thinking of quiting to become a trucker what should I do? 
Hey, my name is Paul, i live in Romania. I am already studying in college but i want to quit cause I just wanna be a professional truck driver.I;m 21, …

misdemeanor on my record will trucking school take me? 
i have a misdemeanor for Identity theft for 84.00 back in 2006 can i find a truck driving school that will take me.

Close to the End of Trucking School Training Already!!! 
Well everyone, I am closing in on what I hope to be the end of my CDL training here at MTC in St.Louis, Missouri. Everything has been going really well …

Felony on my record 1 yr old can i get into trucking? 
I have a felony that is 1+ yr I am very intrested in driving trucks. Will any company give a chance?

questions about becoming an o/o 
Is becoming an owner operator a good idea? and can you make a living at it?

truckers helping us with a move 
Hi! I heard that truckers who don't have full loads sometimes haul furniture, etc for people moving from one state to another. We don't want to hire …

Winter Safety 
Hello...we live in Canada (can be very cold!) and my son is a truck driver. I want to buy him a really really warm blanket for the truck in case he breaks …

Week One at MTC Training. 
Howdy everyone. It's Rusty again, writing this time from sunny(not today though...LOL) St.Louis Missouri. I have been here at MTC's training facility for …

Driving with a felony 

can i be a truck driver with a legal perscriptipn of methadone 
Can I be a truck driver if I take methadone legally.

trucker needs help 
I got my cdl in May 2009, had 1 incident and 1 accident while in training.My question is, how do I get a job or start a new training some whre else. Every …

what medical conditions keeps a person from becoming a trucker 
I was wondering what medical conditions could stop someone from driving truck? email the answer to me at

Reefer or Box whats the way to go? 
Hello Jimmy this is the Alaskan fisherman I finally got back from Alaska in mid Sept. and went to CDL School here in Atlanta. It went great I am getting …

CDL Class B trouble  
Hello my name is John and I'm 21 years old . I recently graduated from the CDL School inc. which is based in Miami , Fl . I got my CDL class B license …

How Long is trucking school to become an over the road trucker? 
How long and what type of schooling would I need to become an OTR driver?

Thank You for All Your Support 
I want to thank everyone who posted a comment on my other two posts about getting denied training. I received a call yesterday from TMC out of St.Louis …

Need to know about second chance at trucking 
I just got my cdl,s back in may when training, on the road i had 2 accidents, policy trainee can have but 2 accidents. So I had two accidnets. I was term. …

Trucking is my dream 
I am trying to find out how can i get any experience on a truck if no one will give me a chance out here. I have my class A liceense i was wanting to know …

Still Getting Denied CDL Training, Now With A New Idea 
Once again, I've been denied for CDL training this time through CR England. I don't understand what is going on. As a first timer trying to get training …

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methadone and otr trucking 
Can I get a medical card if I take methadone daily?

Can I get a trucking job with these Points On My License 
I have been looking at becoming a truck driver for about 3 years now. I have been driving a taxi part-time on weekends to save money for a school and I …

tips on eating on the road as an over the road trucker 
how e.z or hard is it to cook your own meals in a truck? is it worth getting my own food to take on the road with me?

Just Graduated truck driver training! 
After five weeks I am done. I failed my maneuvers first go around so thanks to some of y'all encouragement, I went back and completed my course. I just …

i am Getting Denied for truck driver training 
I have applied to 2 CDL training schools and have been denied by both places. Central Refrigerated and Driver Solutions. I got fired from my last job (non-driving) …

internet connection for over the road truckers 
what is the best internet connection on the move? for direction what is the best method (map,gbs,comp)?

CDL Driver opportunity on the road 
I am a 30 year old male with a dream of becoming a Licensed C.D.L Driver. I currently possess a C.D.L Permit in NY. I would like to work on the road being …

Qualcom question 
Can you hide from the qualcom so no-one knows where the truck is? I have always wondered about that. Thank you for your reply and thank you for all the …

diabetes diet on the road, sugestion 
i dont have refridge and need to save money but stil live a diabetic life, i usually use soups or chicken in the vaccum pack but what else is there any …

how to qualify for truck driving school 
hi i am from kaitaia, northland, newzealand and am 13 i just wanted to know if it is necessary to go to a driving school could i just get an apprenticeship …

Failed my maneuvers 
Went into trucking school three weeks ago, not even really knowing how to drive a stick.....this morning i passed my driving test (drove some 30+ miles …

west coast trucking 
Hello all Im thinking of driving and was wondering what I could expect to make. Ive been thinking of running the High 5 corridor. And what are the prospects …

Swift Training  
I'm looking into Swift driving school to do my trainig. They got a school in Syracuse, NY. I just want to know if that a good company to go to and a good …

Convicted Thug-Felon 
Hello, in 2005, I graduated CDL school, but since then last year got a possession with intent to distribute conviction. I wanted to know is there anything …

Type 1 Diabetes 
Can you Drive a Truck if you have Type 1 Diabetes. That is the kind you take shots. I know legally you can. But I have called three companies and they …

Sirius Radio 
What kind of antenna should I get for my Sirius Radio? Or do I use the one in the kit?

Protection for over the road drivers 
I heard it was illegal to carry a gun otr and this scares me, and what kind of protection would you suggest since i can't bring a gun?

triaxle dump truck training 
where in Indiana can I learn to drive a dump truck

tips on offset backing a 53 ft van with a tractor 
Just out of school and would appreciate any backing tips or pointers. I have trouble performing the offset parking maneuvers both blind side and sight …

open container keep driver from getting hired by trucking companies 
i had no idea that an open container ( while i was not driving )i was a passenger. it would show up on my driving record. it has kept me out of driving …

If I own or lease my own truck and pay my own insurance, could I hire a driver who just got their cdl back after losing it for 1 yr because of a dwi? 
I was wondering if anyone knew if I were to buy or lease my own truck would my boyfriend who got a dwi in his car while he had a cdl license be able to …

CB Radio with bluetooth question 
Do CB radio's with Bluetooth works? Like you can hear the other person talking. And can they hear you talk.

Paperless Log Books 
I'm hearing that a lot of the truck companies are using paperless log book is that true? If so what are they using then?

Truck companies in NYC 
I'm about to get my CDL Class A and I live in the Bronx. I just wanted to know are there any good truck companies in NYC?

walt disney world 
can you bobtail into Walt Disney world?

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trucker with no work or address history 
Hi... My name is MJ. Its a wonderful site, my Q. is I have my CDL-A but I am new in the U.S, I have no work history and about 9 months address history. …

Can an amputee drive tractor trailers 
I am an above knee amputee, leg leg with a C leg , can you work the clutch with a prostethic leg?

Traveling overseas while having a job as a trucker . 
Hello , I have a question , I recently got my CDL " Class A " license and I'm very happy and excited about it . I'm 21 years old and I'm getting ready …

do I have a chance.... 
i am a newbie whose career may be over after only 5 months... I drove for a company that does not have a good rep, (has about a 100% turnover rate, which …

Legal or illegal? 
What is a blind load and why is it used? A situation came up at work where a driver pulled in and was loaded. A mistake was made on the load and when trying …

What does a speeding ticket of 21mph do for your career 
I got the ticket year and a half ago, Just now going to school for trucking

CDL Student needs help!!!!!! 
hello there I just had my first day of driving from trucking school. And it was NOT a good day. I get what they are telling me BUT I have trouble with …

Felony convictions and no experince 
Hello world, let me explain my story in as shortest time as possible. In 06/2005, I went to CDL school and graduated after graduating found out had …

Do truckers need . . . .  
Do Truckers need waterless Shampoo?

Do you need? 
Do Truckers need to loose inches around stomach ? Can you find this sort of thing in a Truck Stop?

No experience felon looking for work? 
I went to CDL school and graduated but can't find a company to hire me because of the felony and no experience, do you know of a answer to my questions? …

Truck driving school.....stick shift 
I've driven a stick once; and I'm entering driving school on the 21st. Is this going to hinder me, or will they just tell me they can't teach me?

the right gps for commercial drivers and are they reliable as well 
so there are plenty of gps out there im tring to find the best one out there that acually works some brands like teletype gps or garmin commercial gps …

Thinking about buying a truck??? 
I'm thinking about buying a truck and pulling containers, is there any money in that?

where to look? 
well i posted a comment regarding my jack knife a few months ago. 7 months to be exact, and got a couple of responses. that was help full. but im wondering …

what rating of sleeping bag should i get to go over the road 
i was wondering what rating of sleeping bag should i get to go over the road like a 20 degree bag or a 40 degree etc... some states have a no idle law …

Beginning in the trucking industry 
I?m preparing to retire and I have chosen trucking as my next career. I have conducted research into the trucking industry, by attending trucking shows, …

truck tires falling apart 
Just a quick question. I live in Indiana. When i drive to work i take the highway. There have been a few times i have seen a truck driver w a tire getting …

jack knife? 
is it possible to continue a trucking career after being in a minor jack knife? there was no injuries, only cosmetic damages to the truck.but i am not …

Ok seriously!! :) I am a 28yr old female that wants to get into trucking. I dont have kids and I am not married. My big question is, if i get my CDL, …

the purpose of an engine retarder is to?

the purpose of an engine retarder is to?

Truck Driver age requirements 
I just saw a question from an 18 year old getting ready to attend driving school. Don't most companies want you to be 21+? I think if that's the case, …

When driving through time zones what do you do to your logbook?

CDL Student needs on help form!!!!!! 
Hello there my name is matt and I will be taking a CDL class next week. They gave me a worksheet to do some research on truck driving. #1) What is a normal …

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The Day of a trucker. Is the company watching your every move? 
I understand that a lot of companies are watching through a computer in the rig. Do they tell you when to drive, stop for lunch, or is it a false statement? …

big problem with getting my Class A CDL training paid for 
are there any truck driving schools that will pay for my CDL Class A, need help with this i have my CDL Class B, need to up grade . thank you

question about becoming a trucker from Onatrio 
hi im only 13 but i ve wanted to be a truck driver for as long as i can remeber, i was wondering if it is worth it to become a truck driver for my life? …

What is Life As A Trucker Like? 
I think I really want to be a trucker! What are some of the bad things I would run into out there as a trucker?

jb hunt 
im thinking about going to jb hunt,on the mid west reginal.i drove for a local company for over a year in aday cab.does anybody have any thoughts about …

what tools should truckers have in the truck 
im only 18 but i really want to be a truck driver. im going to truck driving school in september so im really looking forward to it. I was wondering what …

failed drug testing. Is my trucking career over? 
Whats happnend lifeofatrucker? My question is," i got my cdl in october of 2008 and i started working for miller light delivering beer driving tractor …

trucking company hire 
am getting ready to attend 600 hour certifed ptdi cdl-a course on oct 2009 at iowa community college. am trying to get a pre hire with a school …

how much money should you have in your pocket the first day you start etc... 
i was wondering if i go with a company and am going to be an over the road company driver what kind of money should i have in my pocket the first day i …

how much money should you have in your pocket the first day you start etc... 
i was wondering if i go with a company and am going to be an over the road company driver what kind of money should i have in my pocket the first day i …

Teams: An Industry Trend? 
Hi, my name is Andy and I am seriously considering a career in trucking. Doing some research, one of the major companies I am looking at after school …

The Factor of Age of Truckers  
Is 57 years old to old to get a job as an OTR trucker? I would really like an opinion, would hate to retire early, go to CDL school and not be able …

speech about truckers 
well im doing a speech about truck drivers and there pies and i need some informationon on why they like pies so much please. soon as possable …

truck drivers and pies 
why do u like pies?

End of the day on a long haul . . . . .  
Is there any kind of soap or skin ointment or vitamin you use or wish existed to deal with the riggers of driving, what would it be? I work for a co. …

Parenting time schedule 
Help! My ex and I are going back to court to try once again to work out a schedule. He has 8 overnights a month. He is an otr driver and out of state …

Wondering about Truck School and Trucking Job 
Due to the horrors of the economy, my husband has found himself with no choice but to go to a trucking school to become a truck driver. Although, …

Looking Into The Trucking Industry 
Howdy to the 'Crazy Trucker' and to all the truckers out there who've helped out around this great site! I've been visiting this site for some time now …

trucker percentage pay? 
How does Percentage pay work?


changing jobs 
I've been with the same company for 5 years making 17.00 bucks hr 40 hours a week 1,200 every two weeks driving a 53 ft dry van from San Antonio to the …


Wives trucking with Husband! 
Do you know much about this subject, pros and cons. Thanks T

Want to learn all about trucking 
I am 40 yrs old with a recent bachelors degree, and very little job experience except for construction. I'm thinking about becoming a truck driver for …

Roadmaster graduates - Please share your experience 
Good Afternoon: I hope this e-mail finds you in good health and spirits. I am a 40 yr old man with no trucking experience seriously considering obtaining …

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Werner Enterprises 
Is Werner Enterprises a good company to work for? I jest graduated from truck driving school.

i'm new at doing logs for my office. we work 70/8 days  
I'm confused on when I start counting back to get my totals and what is taken off on my logs. Do I start on my eight day and count back 7 or is it the …

Do male truckers like to be flashed by woman?

Truck Jobs for a german Trucker? 
Hello, I'm a german trucker driving through europe and great britain. Is it possible to find a job as a driver in you country? Or is there not enough work …


Driving Jobs 
Hello to all the Truckers out there.... I enrolled in a truck driving school a few weeks ago and the trainer suggested i take the written tests at the …

i want to ride with my boyfriend who drives for fed ex drop hook will fed ex allow this?

getting back into driving trucks 
I have over 15 yrs. otr experience, however, I have not driven in over 1 year. Can you point me in the right direction to some companies that would hire …

Trucker Job?! 
I have a question for all truckers:Many truckers know this is a good job and is good paying, we all know this job have and a few -(minus) social life,family …

The truth about the trucking companies. Real or disgruntled Drivers? 
Hey guys another question here. I am wondering what the real deal is with he Companies like Roehl, Werner, Arrow etc.. just type in scams for Werner etc.. …

cdl school graduate 
are there companies in Springfield Missouri that will hire cdl school grades

Van or Reefer 
I'm considering going to school to get my cdl and with my research I'm thinking about going with Roehl transport. I want to go with a company that won't …

CDL training question  
I'm about to attend a company cdl course and then go on the road with a trainer for 3 - 6 weeks. the only thing i'm worried about is when its my turn …

failed drug test 2 years ago  
any body know who will hire for otr i work with a local company and just completed mt sap program

deep do-do 
I drove Truck reefer/tanker/flatbed&lowboy years ago,but there is one thing I could never figure out.Please don't take it personal , because I'm speaking …

Fuel Surcharges 
What are fuel surcharges? And how do they work? what are their advantages and disadvantages?

new women truckers  
hi my name is peggy burke i also took truck driving academy but have not yet finished the last part which is going to take the test at dmv anyways my question …

how do i get trucking experience after getting CDLs 
where should i look in my state of ohio to find a trucking company that will hire someone who has finished truck driving courses ? Is there anyway to get …

Arranging Parenting Time When a Parent is a Trucker 
My ex-husband started OTR a year ago. We went back to court this last spring and now have an "open" arrangement for his parenting time since he is otr …

Can i get a job as a driver if I have felonies? 

I can't drive a Stick Shift, can I be a trucker? 
If I cannot drive a stick shift, am I up a creek without a paddle?

truck driving business after college 
I am nineteen years old and really want to be a otr truck driver. First i want to know if there is anything I can do involving driving trucks right now …

how much money do truckers make 
Hello my name is Dave Harman i am a commercial fishing captain in Alaska. I am interested in Selling my boat and retiring from commercial fishing the Bering …

The clouds are rollin in and its time to look for shelter 
Alright guys, this is getting a little out of hand now. I call roadmasters at least 3 times a week and all that happens is i leave a message which never …

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Days off and vacation as a trucker 
How many days in a row do you work and then do you get two days off? Are you always back home when you get days off? Do truckers get any paid …

do i need a lawyer 
what is the fine for 10 miles over in Shelby tn no prior speeding tickets I40 in a one mile zone did not catch the sign were it jumped from 70mile to 55 …


big truck Air Horns 
Are there any regulations on blowing the air horn? Do all big trucks have the classic pull string on the upper left hand?

trucking life  
do you meet a lot of women on the road. potential mates?

Unemployment and Truck Drivers 
Since unemployment is at an all time high, why is there such a need for truck drivers? Why would one want to become a truck driver? I'm writing an …

traffic backup's 
if you're in a 20 mile backup across a mountain pass would it be better to pull over or to stay in line?

Air brake supply and service 
Hi Jimmy and Hervy (spell your name right this time Hervy!) Ryan here again with another question this time about the air brakes. I'm trying to …

I am Interested in Driving for lisa trucking lanes Out of fort worth tx. Does anybody have any coments Or Experiences in driving for them.

Where can I get a CB Radio for at home? 
Ok so I'm still new to this trucker stuff since my new boyfriend is a truck driver. He told me you can get a CB radio called a (base station?) that I can …

question about the time trucking companies give to make to distination 
Do the trucking companies give you enough time to get to a location? or do you have to drive all night even though it against the log just to make it …

question about Jackknifing your tractor trailer 
Have you ever jackknifed your trailer or your tractor while the trailer was loaded? And if so, were you able to steer out of it or are you in it for the …

scams in trucking 
What scams should I look for in a company. That I'm looking into.

CDL without trucking school 
I recently obtained my class A CDL after driving a flatbed locally with a friend. Over several weeks of local driving on my own time after work I took …

what are the pros and cons of using a clutch to shift or just slide it into gear using the rpm's?

double clutching question for truckers 
i'm i truck driving school ( only the 2nd day out on the field ) how do you double clutch(up shift,and down) thanks

down shifting 
just starting out in business, im with trainer but cannot get the proper advice from him, maybe he's letting me swim or drown? My question is about …

A question from a grumpy trucker's girl... 
My fiance has been an over the road trucker for a few years. He was lucky enough to get a local job right after we met. Sadly, he was laid off and …

Trucking questions about driving record, criminal record and trucking 
Ok i got my driver's license back last year after paying off tickets in Arizona which was 10 years old. I have 1 misdermeanor for possesion of paraphenelia …

I have a few questions about trucking 
Can You give me some info on a paper i am writing for school? You can text me at whooooaaaa! are you kidding me! Darren, never post your number …

Misdemeanor - Class B 
Oh boy here go?s nothing?!?! I just discovered that I have a misdemeanor on my criminal record?man I didn?t even know I HAD a criminal record. I work …

ripoff report website 
For the past few months I have been considering trucking and researching it in depth. No fewer than 100 hours of my time has been split between this and …

Automatic Big Trucks 
Does anyone know what trucking companies have automatic trucks? I know US Xpress has automatic trucks.

CR England or P.A.M 
Good morning all! I am brand new to trucking, i have been in the IT field for more than 18 yrs and have decided to start driving a truck. I have two …

Hey Guys and Gals.... I'm a 70 yr old big trucker fan who missed the boat as a young man going OTR...Is it possible to now ride along with a trucker …

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Need to know about lot lizards 
Ok how do lot lizzards as they call them, know when a trucker wants something?Like do they wave,flash lights,keep lights on???Tell me everything please …

Ok, this is kinda wierd but i was waatching a opera thing about truckers signaling when they want sex. I am wonderind how the signal. How you know if they …

Trucking Questions to ask trucking companies 
What questions should I asked a company?

I got a D.U.I. in 2006 while driving a big truck. Are there any companies out there that will work with me and let me drive a truck again. Before the d.u.i. …

what is the best trucking companies to work for? 
What company is the best to work for? I live in Iowa. I didn't now what type of driving job I will do yet. What do you think, and Why? I live on my …

who pays for Diesel fuel 
Who pays for the diesel, you or the company?

What Do You Want In Road Side Service Assistance 
What do you look for in addition to service when you're on the side of the road? In other words how can a emergency roadside helper assist you other …

points for speeding ticket out of country 
I'm just taking vacation here in puerto rico, i got ticket for speeding but my driver license is in california. I wonder if they give me a points to my …

Need a decent company to work for. 
I would appreciate any and all recomendations for a decent company to drive for. As we all know, recuiters all lie, just some don't lie as much or as bad …

In need of the truth about trucking! 
Hey all. I'm 22 years old and I have decided to be a trucker. Ive been searching all over the internet for info on schools and companies but all I'm getting …

Trucking Jobs for failed dot drivers 
Trucking jobs for failed dot drivers

Driving truck in stocking feet 
Do many truckers drive in their stocking feet?

trucking with a travel companion 
Do any of the major trucking companies allow you to travel with a dog?

Driver fines, penalties and gross overload at scales 
Love this site... ..I'm too old to drive( 70) but have always loved the big rigs and have always had tons of respect for all you good knights of the open …

Same truck each time and what about my car? 
So it is time for me to go to work and I drive my car to the trucking company. I pick up a truck to head out on the road for ten days or so - do I leave …

CR England 
Has there ever been any lawsuits filled against cr england.Has cr england ever faced documented criminal charges. cjones springfield mo

Smokin' and Shootin' 
Great site! Thanks for helping those who are considering entering the trucking bizz (me). I have a million questions, yet I realize I cant enter a novel …

is becoming a truck driver right for me? 
hello, im 14 years old and want to get my cdl when im 16. my cousin is a trucker and i love the experince of riding with him. should i become a trucker? …

refusal of pre-employment drug testing 
What happens when you refuse a pre-employment drug test

idling trucks don't overheat? 
From what I have read, you leave your trucks idling all night to allow the heater or a/c to run. Don't the trucks overheat or am I misunderstanding that …

Mechanical skills for trucking 
What kind of mechanical skills are needed for driving a truck (I am thinking about going to school to get a CDL license)? What if the truck breaks down, …

Answering a call on the CB or initiating a conversation 
What words do you say when you answer a fellow CBer on your radio? What words do you use to start a new conversation with someone?

I am about to go to CDL school. I don't want to take speed to meet deadlines and I hear that %60 of truckers do. Can an honest hard working person meet …

Should I fly home? 
Have down time for a couple of weeks waiting for a load. I'm stuck in TX and live in MI. Think'n about flying home for a few days. I'll leave the truck …

random drug testing 
after going through a sap program and successfully getting back qualified its hard to get another driving job for positive on random …

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trucking Jobs in michigan????? 
I am seperating from the military in June and would like a local job or something with short stays (2-3 nights out)a week. I am relocating to the Lansing/Jackson …

Jobs in michigan????? 
I am seperating from the military in June and would like a local job or something with short stays (2-3 nights out)a week. I am relocating to the Lansing/Jackson …

What expenses can a trucker deduct? 
We are curious to know what expenses can be deducted. My husband is planning to rarely use a hotel and has been purchasing most food from Walmart or the …

criminal background 
i have a question and would like to see if you could answered it for me. i just recently got my cdl back from being suspended for a drug conviction and …

lot lizards at truckstops 
Are lot lizards common at truckstops?

student writing a paper about truckers 
would any truckers be interested in an interview so i can write a better paper?

$100.00/ hr truck driving lessons ???? 
i have a Wisconsin state truck drivers permit and i came along a Wisconsin state licensed examiner in west bend Wisconsin that charges $100.00/ hour to …

small package Vs big rigs deadlines-- bosses that care more about the bottom line?  
I am 35 years old, married, and a father of three and concidering a career change from driving fed-ex ground (18 ft step van- straight truck, sprinter, …

Intimidated by the size of the truck and trailer 
I am a person in the milwaukee area and i have my temperary license to drive big rig. I get really intimidated by the shear size of a big rig truck. i …

CDL eye test/exam question 
I am considering a career in truck driving, but i have a scar in the retina in my left eye. Will the eye test for CDL test for each eye or is it done …

Home of Record...????????? 
Moved here (VA) from arizona 6 months ago. It is temporary, looking for a job, Nothing here for me. Want to attend a GOOD driving school. Q: Will i …

24 yr old looking to get on the road 
looking to become a trucker. Anyone out there with advice on how otr driving is? do you have to unload trailers? and i just got a ticket and 5 points on …

do you like your job as a trucker and why?

Finding a job? 
I have currently been unable to drive due to my license being suspended for child support. It has been over a year since I drove a truck. Does anyone know …

Entry Level Trucking Companies 
I wanted to know what companies are accepting entry level positions? And Could you do a Video on entry level trucking?

Webcam on the Road 
My ex is a trucker and is gone for 2 weeks at a time. He would like to start using the webcam with our 5 year old daughter. I am not comfortable with …

staying awake 
can i get away with taking stacker 2 or caffeine pills to help stay awake a few more hours and still pass dot drug screens? ___________________________________________ …

Allied Moving Company 
Does anyone know anything about Allied Moving Company in Traverse City, MI and northern MI? How long are the hauls - how long will I be out? Just curious. …

New to trucking 
I'm thinking about and praying about becoming a trucker. I am checking out England Trucking Co. training school. Do any of you have any knowledge about …

Anyone Know Who This Is? 
Is anyone familiar with trucks/tankers that read "ChemTrans" or "Chem Trans" only on the side that drive through California?

Age limits for becoming a truck driver? 
I know someone can become a trucker at any age. But I'm 55, 5'7", not particularly rough and tough, a former school teacher looking to get out of the profession. …

Fridge in your truck 
So my husband will be taking to OTR soon and I have read about using the plug in coolers in the truck, I guess if there isnt a mini fridge. But when you …

what is the scam 
trucking co not hiring exp. drivers but hiring students and traning them .talk to two differnt co they said also ther letting go some of there drivers …

trucking co what is there scam 
i have talked to 2 different co not to say there names both says bus. is slow (we all know that ) but they say not putting on any exp. drivers now but …

newbe wanting another chance 
went to co wennt through orentation went out over road for a week, things came up and had to go home my choice,was exspost to stay out for 3 week training …

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February usually a down month for truckers? 
I work for a moving company in Michigan. It is my first year. They said I'll be down for February but things should pick up. Is that normal for the …

Over the Road 
Has anyone ever worked for NFI Industries over the road? My husband is looking at their orientation process. It is not a paid orientation. He is suposed …

becoming an owner operater 
i have been around trucks since i was little its crazy but i have had a passion for them my grandpa and uncle own there own rigs i want to buy me …

I was looking to get into trucking myself and was wondering if I crossed into the states if I would have a hard time with other truckers since i'm from …

What psychiatric medications are allowed, if any? Will a trucking company still hire me if I'm taking a antidepressant, mood balancer, and a benzo? The …

Northern Prejudice 
I'm considering getting into the trucking industry. One of my uncles drove a truck for 30 years retiring about 15 years ago. He told me I might have …

Should I be a trucker? 
I have not held my normal license for long (1 year in February.) But I know I love to be in the road, since July I have driven near 20,000 miles from …

Morse-Hanhenburg Allied Trucking - is it a good company? 
Does anyone know anything about Morse-Hanhenburg Allied Trucking out of Traverse City, MI? What kind of schedule do they offer? Is it a good company …

Emotional Bankrupt 
My Husband is a OTR truck driver who is gone 6 weeks and then home 6 days. We are Newlyweds and are deeply in Love. When he is home it is absolutely beautiful …

question about passing eye exam? 
I am wondering whether or not this is going to be a big deal. I read somewhere that if you are going to be a truck driver you cannot be color blind, however, …

"The Life of a Trucker" 
What do you know about "Lot Lizards" ? How often do you pick up hitchhikers ? Why?

USA Truck? 
Phil again! I was told today that i would now be hired by USA Truck out of Ohio or Arkansas.Does anyone have any knowledge of this company?I am going …

cont.. "The life of a Trucker" 
just letting you know this is for a research paper for college.

looking for work 
I am a 21 yr old female. I got my cdl when I was 18 and quickly found out how hard it was to find a job at that age.Everyone I talked to told me they could …

" The Life of A Trucker" 
Why did you want to live your life as a trucker? How long have you been a trucker? How does that work for you and your family,(wife,children,ect.. …

Im new with my cb 
Hi i am new to the cb world all my life my dad and uncles talked about the conversations they had on there cb's growing up in the 70s and 80s so i decided …

Who can travel on the road? 
Would another company let my girlfriend and my young kid to go on the road with me? I just recently started traveling nationwide and am really seeing …

going to turn 21 soon 
i am about to turn 21 in april and have been interested in driving trucks since i was real young...i enjoy driving and find it to be fun and …

Can a x boss keep you from driving trucks  

new driver fixen to start 
just wondering while in big citys how do u get in right lanes to take exits i have drove in alot of big citys and still have trouble be ing in right lane …

Driver Solutions ?Decker 
Phil here! I am going to start at driver solution at the end of the month.They said i would be driving for Decker Transport.Does anybody know of this …

what is truck driver training like? 
What does a trainer usually try to teach a new driver? Can you lose your job if you don't do as he instructs? How many hours does a driver get to …

School Project again . .  
well jimmy you didn't answer my questions there . .. . so i wrote so you'd better understand what i was talking about . . please:D I get that truckers …

School project 
hey im doing a school project in sociology. We pick a subculture and describe it: What are some physical items that you prize as a trucker, or that …

What are the most important material things when you are a trucker?

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What are the most important materials needed for truckers?

Past DUI charge! Is a trucking career possible? 
Hello, first let me say thank you for providing this website that is full of info on the trucking career path. I have a DUI on my record from about …

how do you feel about the cost of diesel 
any one who thinks diesel fuel prices are too high you have my vote

need some info about being away from wife and home 
hi iam going to be going to school to drive truck an di have a promblem an dit is that i think iam going to miss my wife a lot and she says that we will …

how do you feel about your rig 
do you hate the way your rig looks no matter what? or do you love it here is a picture of my dads pride and joy

H O Wolding 
Is this a good company for me to start with as a recent grad not know who to trust.i know you have to do your time,i just don't want to get …

Trucking while attending college online 
I am thinking about joining the trucking world, but I am going to college online, so I would need access every night. Is this possible? And since I am …

getting your class a cdl 
what is the best route to go in getting your cdl, i was told by a few people to just study the cdl booklet, but my problem is that i have never driven …

Changing Profession to Trucking 
I'm currently a registered nurse and I'm seriously thinking of changing professions to professional truck driving. My wife and i have been discussing …

what happens if you go over the 70hr rule ina 8 dayperiod 
i want to know what happens to a driver if he get caught being over on the 70 hrs in an 8 day period, such as if he know 4 days in a row he keep going …

How do I get a truck driving job with one accident on my record ? 
To any independent or company drivers; How do I get a truck driving job with an accident less than a year old that is on my DAK file? Do I have to wait …

How hard is it to get a local trucking job right after trucking school? 
I have many questions about trucking :) here's a few How hard is it to get a local trucking job right after trucking school? I was wondering if anyone …

Help! My ex is a trucker! Parenting scheduling quest 
My ex and I have a 5 year old. He was a local truck driver but took a national job because he likes the pay and the freedom. I am at a loss as to …

Jack-knife the truck as a trainee 
Had a jack-knife (March 08) on snow with trainer in the front seat. I only have eight weeks of road experience. The accident is on my DAC File; I was wondering …

I really want to know about taking my Dog with me trucking 
I am planning to start truck driving school this month. I have researched quite a bit and since my previous career as a printer is going away I became …

starting CDL training this month 
I'm looking forward to a career as a trucker. I went with Driver Solutions company sponsored training sponsored by USA Truck. Can anyone give any opinions …

Communications among truckers 
Since truckers generally drive on highways back and forth, are there stops or tips that you pass along to each other. For example- there's a diner that …

Fifty-Two And Displaced From The Auto Industry 
Just took an early retirement from a 25 year career as an automotive engineer, in Detroit. Not ready to totally put my feet up, though! Have always loved …

Past vs Present  
Knights of the Road, the title once given to truck drivers for what they represented and had done on the road. Now, what are truck driver's to individuals …

Female looking to get into trucking. 
I currently have my class b cdl with a ps endorsement. I know or assume that I need to get my class a. I drive a bus for greyhound. I am looking at getting …

Divorced - How do I arrange parenting time? 
I am a divorced Dad, living with a girlfriend. Presently I have 8 overnights a month but just took a job that requires long hauls - sometimes out 2- 3 …

C.R.England trucking 
Is there anyone out there that can tell me what kind of co. CR England trucking is to work for ?

No company provided truck driver training for Florida Students!! 
I am a new student to trucking. I initially was going to go to an independent trucking school, however I decided per my financial situation that I would …


weightlifting and diet while trucking 
Hello all, I am really considering making a career change and becoming a trucker. I have been making good progress with my health by the diet I eat and …

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Requirements for becoming a trucker? 
I am interested in trucking but I have a few questions. First let me explain a little why I want to become a trucker. Here recently my marriage of 15 yrs …

is trucking right for me 
i am 31 yrs old not married no girlfriend no kids love to travel not happy to live paycheck to paycheck. i thought i could do this while i am young and …

Trucker wanna be 
I've ALWAYS wanted to be a trucker here in about a month I'm going to trucking school any tips for me.

Company paid training or PTDI certified School? 
Why should I pay 3800 for training when Swift will pay for it for me? If you were going to do it all over again would you let a company train you for free …

No money for trucking school 
What's the best company to work for with no experiance? So far I heard Swift is the best and England is the worst. If you could do it all over how would …

45 years old and thinking of becoming a trucker 
hey thanks for your time, my name is mike i've been an exterminator for the past 11yrs i get 45k a year, the company has been making a lot of changes i'm …

jack-knifed truck (now what?) 
jack-knife in feb on black ice, no one hurt, no other vehicles involved. took out 30ft of guardrail, got cited for failure to cont/w accident, pled guilty …

Dangers of trucking 
I wanted to ask what do you consider the dangers of your occupation. I have seen health but what other issues and problems?

Truckers sleep routine 
As an OTR driver, does one always maintain the same sleep schedule? It says in DOT regs that a trucker must take a ten hour rest after driving eleven hours. …

Is 43 too old to be a newbie trucker? 
Hey,hey! Here I am, 43 yrs old and in this point in my life, I now have the luxury of time and a good husband who has a good-paying white-collar job. …

CB Slang 
My uncle used to drive trucks back in his 30's and I'm about to get into it. Just how often do you hear the slang on the CB nowadays? I know how it was …

Is trucking a good career 
is this job a career possibility.

How do you say mom,dad.Doug,Nick,Danielle,Andrea. Thank you for your time. Doug

Hubbard, Ohio 
Just wondered if you know of anything that goes on at the Flying J truck stop in Hubbard ohio? Im thinking of activity over the past 1-1 1/2 years. This …

When I turn 18 what type of trucking job shoud get 
Which is a better option for me and why: A)When I'm 18 I should get my Class B and drive local in dump trucks and go to school and wait until I turn …

is owner operator better than being company driver? 
Is owner operator better than a company driver and whats the flaws. I'm getting into a lease operator and i need help. I need to see if it is better than …

cdl Qualifications for trucking 
How old do I have to be in order to get my CDL and can I get a truck driving job at the age of 20? I'm 19 now but my birthday is in october.

Hello Truckers , My name is Emmanuel I am 24 Years old and i am From Finland . I am Thinking to join A Truck Driving School Here in Finland but id like …

How long do you need to have your drivers license before getting CDL 
how long do u have to have your licence before u can become a trucker

Frame Extension 
Another question in regards to frame extensions. I see alot of custom tractors that stretch and paint thier frames. Is thier any benifit to this other …

Schneider National 
Quick question:I'm thinking of working for Schneider National.Does anyone have any comments on this company?Is it a good company to work for? Thanks.

life on the road,away from family 
I'm laid-off from my union insulating job and I'm concidering driving for Schneider National.I know driving Over-the-Road means a long time away from home. …

o/o custom trucks 
I have been a law enforcement officer for some time and want to get back behind the wheel. Being a professional "RVer" is more rewarding than being yelled …

Question for Canadian Truckers/ Canadian Company Owners 
I am currently serving in the Canadian Forces (Military Police) and am seriously considering becoming a trucker when I retire in the future. I will have …

truckdriver stereotype 
Why does everyone think truck drivers are crazy and weird?

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question about log books 
Can anyone confirm SWIFT has paperless logs (good or bad) I am aware the rules of driving times have changed since i have driven last (10 years ago) but …

Trucking Across Time Zones 
I have been thinking and I have another question for you. Is it hard to keep up with time zones? I mean if you have a load that is expected 2 time zones …

There is a trucking company I wanted to ask about 
I sure do appreciate you taking the time to put up this website, it is very educational and helping me out alot in the decisions I am thinking of making …

will my speeding ticket keep me from getting a trucking job? 
In April 2007 i got a speeding ticket i was going 80mph in a 50mph zone...i know i know its very unprofessional for someone who wants to be a pro truck …

i am not from usa is trucking possible for me..? 
Dear sir,I am a student, 28, a computer literate, and hold 2 diplomas including tefl(teaching english as a foreign language) and reside in India. Truck …

life as a trucker  
i am thinking about trucking but dont know for sure i am an assistant manager and have a good life at home with m family i just get tired of being in …

what are lumpers 
what is a lumper?????????

Comparing Trucks driving Jobs... 
Can you compare the pros and cons about Dry Van and Flatbed?... ____________________________________________ Go here... Types of truck driving jobs …

Afraid of becoming a trucker 
hi everyone, i always love/dream to drive a tractor trailer in the states. i live in pennsylvania 9 years ago and move back to puerto rico(usa). …

pay for hauling reefers with CR England 
C.R. England has Reefers, they start at 26 cents a that about right for a guy just starting out .(OTR)?????

Lack of recent trucking experience 
How is the best way to get back in a truck either company driver or owner-operator if my experience is from 15 years ago. Most companies want recent …

Women in trucking 
I have heard a rumor that it is easier for a woman to pick up on the material than it is for a man. Is there any credability to this? I have been thinking …

Is becoming a big truck driver still a good decision in this economy? 
Im looking at getting into trucking. I finished a year of college, generals mainly. And the school im at offers a Class A certification. I'm just wondering …

best route CA to OH?? 
Hey Truckers! I am moving from Southern CA (fontana) to Cleveland, OH. Map quest routes me through the rockies... pretty sure I don't want to do that …

becoming a new driver with record 
hi my lui i like what you are doing keep going. I have a question maybe you can help me at out or give an idea im about to get my class a in a couple …

questions about Swift and CR England training programs. 
has anyone ever attended the Swift or CR England etc.. training programs? do they realy offer you a permanent job or is it another way of getting money …

what got you started as a trucker 
I was wondering what got you started driving? I've been thinking about it for several years but never did anything about it. I've been at my job for over …

what are highway grades 
What is a 7% grade? 7% of what? How is grade determined?

Trying to eat less meat and more fruit. Is it possible on the road? 
I am trying to cut down on my consumption of meat and increase my intake of raw fruits and vegetables. How hard is it to find these items. Being gone …

Waiting on a load - How long can they hold us? 
My wife and I took a load from Michigan to Washington DC. After arriving on time. We found out our load was cancelled. We sit in a no parking zone for …

Can a trucking company legally force me to chain up I am a company driver 
Can a trucking company force me to chain up I am a company driver

Will I lose my cdl if I have a medical marijuana card at the same time? 
I smoke a little in between job, I make sure I'm clean before going back on the job search. I got pulled over today and was asked if I had a medical marijuana …

How long does it take to get to California from Chicago in a 18 wheeler 
Wanda know how many days does it take to get to California from Chicago in a semi.

is kllm transports lease purchase any good 
I want to know if kllm transports lease purchase is any good and if they are a good company to work for


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Stevens Transports Dallas Texas is this a good Company to work for??? 
I would like to ask any truck driver if they know Stevens Transports, Can anyone tell me if they are a really good company to work for??? I am asking …

is being a lease purchase driver better than being a company driver? 
i've decided that i want to be a truck being a lease purchase driver better than being a company driver?

What are the current (March 2011) reefer freight rates from McAllen TX to the Mid Atlantic States  
What are the current reefer freight rates from McAllen, Laredo or Edinburg TX to Baltimore, Washington DC or Harrisburg PA?

what type of drug test does CR England give?  
Does CR. England take urine or hair?

how do i find out when he gets the advances and how much and get a detailed copy of this or how do i get it on my net? I have got the comdata site and …

I'm 53 years old and have never driven a big rig truck, am I too old? 
I'm thinking of going to the Roadmaster Truck Driving school in Florida. Interested in cross country driving, what is the reality of this prospect?

Im starting school tomorrow. when i get out and apply do i have to ride with a mentor and how long if so? 
when i get outta school and apply with a company say like Dot Foods do i have to ride with some one even tho i can drive like someone with 20 years exp …

best way to go for a 17 year old to get into trucking 
i am 17 and turning 18 in October and wondering what i should do play any video games or computer games and how old i have to be to start. i do not …

what is a maxi trailer 
what is the specs for a maxi trailer

Is there any companies who will give me a seckond chance 
About 2 years ago, almost exactly, I had a jack-knife accident hauling a flat bed load for falcon transport. Falcon fired me for it. Even though there …

How long before a new trucker gets his mentor after orientation? 
My husband just recently graduated from trucking school and is currently going thru orientation thru Swift.1How soon before they get their mentors for …

Single Female Thinking of Truckin' 
Hello, Well as my subject states I am single, no children, have spent the last 2 years wasting time and money to try and get into the medical field, …

Working for Transam Trucking 
Just read someone's bad experience working for Transam. Are they any worse than the rest? Seems there are a lot of disillusioned truckers out there. …

Prime Trucking 
I'm retiring soon and have decided to become a OVTR truck driver. I have conducted research and settled on several companies, Prime, Swift, J.B. Hunt, …

PRIME INC. *Positive or Negative* Good company to lease with or not? 
Tenfo !! (LOL) Good Moring. This is honestly the best site I'v seen if you'r looking for the "real truth" If one is thinking about a career in the Trucking …

1954 international dump truck 1700( 2 1/2 ton) 
ok your probably not the right person to ask but i need to know, im thinking about buying a 54 international truck, but it has cracked dayton wheels. you …

why do truck drivers let trucks Idle 
I've always wondered, why do trucks idle so much? why dont drivers turn off the engines?

Trucker boyfriend cheating with girls in every state 
How many truckers have a sex addiction? I found out that my boyfriend has cheated in every state. I hate backpage and craigslist for this. It has ruined …

Company trucks 
Can you put things like a t.v , coffee pot, microwave, ps3 and such amenities in a company truck? Or is that only for owner/ops?

A trucking company wants to hire me but their insurance is preventing it due to me not having two years experience. why do they do that? 
I have 7mos. and 70,000 mile otr why don't they take that into consideration. isn't that a form of discrimination? I'm a safe driver and i have previous …

do i need a high school diploma or GED to drive for pam trucking 
Do I need a GED or better to drive for Pam trucking

why is 32 years of driving not any good to any body 
This may sound a bit silly but here it goes anyway. I have had a curant class A for well over 40 years and was an O/O for the better part 30 years with …

What can I do to finish driving training ,when I had 2 bad co. trainers? 
Went to a driving school.A grad. have cdl-A. Started with a co. that had a real bad trainer. Got frustrated with it and went home. Got in with another …

I have been a class b driver for 5 years now and recently laid off i am getting my class a 
what are some of the things that i should look for and look out for in pay and benefit. bobtail, down time, break downs, fuel surcharge etc thanks eric …

what you do think about SNL distribution company is it a good company 
I am considering applying for a driver position with SNL would like some feed back if it is worth my while.

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is c.r england is a school to go to let me know 
whats the best truck driving school to go to. I'm from Alabama and I am trying to pick the best CDL training school to go to please give me some advice. …

Star Transport in Morton Il 
Do you know anything about this company? How do they treat their drivers and school grads.

truck stops 
what is mini skirt junction like

how much does heavy haul drivers make a year? 
I'm looking into a company called Daily Express. I was wondering how much a year should I expect to make with them?

Bad truck driver in Michigan. 
I want to know what to do about a truck driver who is constantly stalking you. He has tried to blow my son and I off the road in bad weather. I called …

Three DUIs Prior to 1989  
First of all I have been sober since 1989, I have three dui's all prior to 1989 Will employers check that far back on pre-employment screenings.

Can I still get a Class C Lic if I have two Dui's 
I got a second DUI but I wanted to see if it was possible for me to still obtain a Class C license??

Which company is better to drive for Werner or CR England? 
I'm going back into driving OTR and was trying to figure out which company to go to work for.

running on the road 
I'm just starting out trucking, I compete in 5k races, is there any where to run while your on the road?

with my truck what ID do i need to get into a sea port.  
i want to find out which ID I need to get into a seaport because i have to pick up a container

need a job was terminated from trucking 
need a job was terminated from trucking

Where can I get a universal tow hitch for a box truck that doesn't require drilling Not rated yet
A new driver need a universal tow hitch for box truck that can be taken on and off

Where can I get a universal tow hitch for a box truck that doesn't require drilling Not rated yet
A new driver need a universal tow hitch for box truck that can be taken on and off

What do knight truck company take blood for  Not rated yet
Knight transportation

Good company where I can do remote dispatch work from home and the best computer program for remote dispatch from home work  Not rated yet
Good company where I can do remote dispatch work from home and the best computer program for remote dispatch from home work tdwalker5 at Gmail dot com

Do j&r schugle do hair tests or piss Not rated yet
Do schugle do hair test or urine test

How long to report a revoked license to carrier? Not rated yet
How long do I have to report a revoked license to my carrier?

Can I get a regular drivers license on methadone? Not rated yet
Does anyone know if you are prescribed methadone can you get a REGULAR DRIVER'S LICENSE??? Not a CDL!!

How long does it take for sr22 to clear in the system Not rated yet
Have a suspended license but I paid the fees and submitted the sr22 but it hasn't cleared in the system. I got pulled over and can not drive until …

Does a ticket from before I got my cdl show on DAC report Not rated yet
Should speeding tickets from before I got my CDL show on my DAC report?

who do i go to when denied a dot medical card? Not rated yet
I got denied dot medical card. What can I do?

Can I get a CDL after drug rehab Not rated yet
Can I get a CDL if I have been to a drug rehab? It was not court mandated, it was voluntary.

Local Philly and NJ area driving jobs - home daily Not rated yet
OK guys, so I am a recruiter for East Coast Drivers Solutions. Lately I have not gotten much feed back from drivers looking for positions in the Philadelphia …

dui dropped to reckless Not rated yet
I got a DUI in Indiana its my first ticket ever in 43 years. will I lose my cdl if I get it dropped to reckless driving,

I am under 21 if my co-driver is older can I drive across state lines Not rated yet
Me and my husband want to do team over the road. I'm under 21 so I can't leave my home state. I want to do if it is legal for me to drive across state …

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Did anyone see my white1964FordGalaxie station wagon on a flat bed going west. I40 12/26 It was stolen 12/16 in Albuq. Not rated yet
It was seen I40 12/26 going west. It was stolen 12/16 in Albuq. It was one of the few things passed on to my brother and myself after our mother died.I've …

How will a ticket for driving an oversized truck effect my trucker score? Not rated yet
Told dispatch several months ago that on a certain route there are signs posted no trucks over 48ft. Dispatch continues to send me in a 53ft truck anyway. …

Will tickets from prior to getting a CDL affect me getting hired Not rated yet
If I have speeding tickets on my record but none within the last 2 years and I just obtain my class a cdl will they still count against me being I didn't …

CAN U TRAIN 4 CASH?commercial learners permit NEED CDL  Not rated yet
Looking for a trucker to train me with his her truck and trailer. I will pay cash for agreements. I hold my cdl permit Rigo c 4805593683

Class A DSL and Adderall Not rated yet
I don't have my class A cdl but thinking about going to truck driving school. Been taking Adderal on and offl for almost 20 years for ADD. Do I need to …

can i get back to otr driving after 2 dwis? Not rated yet
I got a 2nd dwi in Iowa August 2011, unfortunately I was in a company truck at the time however I was parked at the time. the dwi apparently was never …

Can we take a pet with us hauling salt water from wells? Not rated yet
we have a waste haulers permit and haul salt water from wells. so we have a TXDOT and USDOT registered truck that pulls a tanker with the salt water. …

Can you be a trucker with a DUI on your record? Not rated yet
Can you have a DUI on your record and still be able to drive trucks

out of hours and waiting to get off loaded Not rated yet
I'm on an electronic log. I'm all out of hours and been an off-duty mode for 2 hours when they call me back to unload. Can I avoid a driving violation …

will depression treatment program info be sent to dmv Not rated yet
if entering a treatment program will this be considered information to be sent to the dmv?

will trucking school taje me with misdemeanor Not rated yet
Would any trucking school's take someone with a misdemeanor marijuana paraphernalia charge that the conviction on it is only a year old in the state of …

Question about being put on my husbands insurance Not rated yet
My husband is getting a new trucking job and I will be put on the insurance. So someone is going to come to my house to take blood etc but I was wondering …

If the tester gives me a sealed envelope does it mean I passed. Or could I still have failed Not rated yet
I took my skills test. The tester did not give me a score. He handed me a sealed envelope and said take it to the dmv. Does that mean I passed or failed …

a class b truck coming in breaks down can i pull it in for a short distance with a pickup Not rated yet
a class b truck is coming in and overheats can i pull it a short distance to the yard with a pickup

false driving log citation Not rated yet
My husband is licensed in California. While in Minnesota, he was pulled over for speeding. He was only given a warning for that but was given a citation …

Looking for a Colorado Springs local trucking job Not rated yet
hi,I am a owner operator planning to move from Chicago to Colorado springs, is it hard to find a job there? I am planing to drive local are there good …

do companies pull your prescription records when hiring? Not rated yet
I am completely clean and not worried about a drug test but I have taken elavil a few months ago when I was waiting too much Alex Jones and couldn't sleep. …

medical marijuana card and hazmat  Not rated yet
If you had a medical marijuana card in the past is it going to affect your chances of getting a hazmat endorsement?

accidents 2 unperventables Not rated yet
I've been Driving for 2 years now I have been invovled in 2 accidents that were unpreventable situations out of my contrme how does this affect my career …

I have a pending Court case in Oklahoma  Not rated yet
I have a pending court case in Oklahoma for domestic assault and battery first offense I didn't put it on my application for the company I'm going to work …

child support suspended license Not rated yet
Just found out my license has been suspended for back payments I am not from the state that has suspended them but my cdl's are registered with this state …

refusal drug screen Not rated yet
I went to swift training academy the first day we took a drug screen I gave a sample but was ask to give another one while being observed because it was …

Truck accident on driving abstract  Not rated yet
I had a accident due to mechanical failure. Will that accident still go on my driving record and will it affect me getting a job?

What questions should I ask recruiters Not rated yet
what questions should I ask a recruiter before I sign a contract for them to teach me how to drive a truck

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Will hitting a rockAccident go on my cdl permit Not rated yet
I got into an accident while at a cdl school. It didn't involve another vehicle, I hit a rock making a turn into a company while delivering a load. …

Felony on my record - but been with company 9 years Not rated yet
When I was hired I was honest on my hiring application it asked if I had any felonies I said yes been working for the company for about nine years no warnings …

Fiancé pulled over for using cell phone Not rated yet
My fiancé works for jb hunt and was pulled over for using his phone. He was using it as a gps. Will he get fired? I hope not. If so, we cannot take the …

isx engine with 500,000 miles - what oil should be used Not rated yet
My Truck just hit 500 k. Miles isx engine what oil should I start using

hair follicle test Not rated yet
Have not dun cocaine since the end of October had my hair cut the end of December to 1/4 inch want to get my cdl by a school like Stevenstransport will …

will hair follicle test be positive 5 months after cocaine use Not rated yet
Have not done cocaine since the end of October had ma hair cut to 1/4 inch short in January will I pass drug follicle test

Will my CDL get suspended from charge in another state? Not rated yet
If I am found guilty of possession of drug paraphernalia in Indiana will it affect my South Carolina CDL license?

Can i drive being prescribed suboxone Not rated yet
Does any trucker know if I'm prescribed suboxone will it affect me getting a job driving a big rig? Any answers that have any knowledge will he appreciated …

dually truck needed to put to work Not rated yet
What year dually do I need for a contractor to consider me for a car transportation job

So he wants me to go on the Road with him Not rated yet
So I know this trucker, we've known each other for 16 years, every since freshmen year of high school. He's an over the road trucker and over the last …

How will sr22 affect me getting hired as a trucker Not rated yet
if i have to have sr22 on my license will it interfere with driving a semi for work....i have a class a cdl

can u get tt license if you r taking methadone Not rated yet
Can u get a tt license if u take methadone

DUI in 2010 how long must i wait before getting CDL Not rated yet
How long do I have to wait to apply to get my CDL. DUI happened in Hawaii- all SR22 and all completed. I live in colorado now. Yes school told me three, …

Prime inc hiring process.. Anybody know? Not rated yet
How does prime hire you? 1. Fill out the online application 2. They call you back with a date and tickets to their HQ?? 3. Job interview 4. …

How Do I Correct My EIN Not rated yet
While applying for dot # I entered wrong ein, now I have the dot# to get my ifta I have to correct my mistake, is there any way i can do it. thanks..

do i have to have haz-mat to lease purchase with a company Not rated yet
Do I have to have haz-mat to lease purchase with a company? If no what company's lease purchase to non haz-mat carrying driver like myself I don't care …

info on North Dakota C.D.L laws Not rated yet
Finished alcohol school 7 years ago does this still affect my C.D.L in North Dakota, got zero points now

My husband and I want to go travel the country by trucking Not rated yet
My husband is interested in getting his CDL and driving cross country because we love to travel, but he refuses to go alone. Is it okay if I travel with …

Would failure to comply disqualify you Not rated yet
would failure to comply on your record as an f-3 disqualify you as becoming a trucker ??

Getting A Ride With a Truck Driver Not rated yet
I am a college student and I don't have a vehicle. I go to school 1200 miles away from home. Are there websites where people can go and ride along with …

Need Help Not rated yet
What companies will hire you if youre still under a contract ?

Does TMc transport test with a basic 5 panel Not rated yet
Does tmc transport just do a basic 5 panel test?? I take a light pain med that is not detected by 5 panel but could be by a 12 or higher (i think) plz …

Heart attacks and truckers. What do they do? Not rated yet
Say you are a OTR trucker and you think you are having a heart attack. What do you do? Do you call dispatch and tell them? Do you call an ambulance to …

Rolled a truck on a company haul road.  Not rated yet
Will rolling a truck on a company haul road be on my driving abstract? I have 20+ years of cement mixer experience and wonder if I will have a problem …

Too much weight on my truck Not rated yet
I went through the weigh station with too much weight on my truck. What is the personal fine on that and what my company fine. Thank you very …

I would like to know if my license was suspended for 60 days when will I see my driving abstract deplete this judgement? Not rated yet
My cdl A license was suspended for 60 days due to a 2 serious violations. How can I find a job with this showing on my abstract and for how long will …

what happens when you get turn down for a fast card Not rated yet
I got turn down for a fast card to get in to Canada I have a d.u.i. that is 20 yrs old

dot physical with hernia Not rated yet
Will a minor hernia cause you to not pass a dot physical

prescription pain killers allowed Not rated yet
Does prescription pain killers prescribed by your doctor effect results in urinalysis testing?.....Are you allowed to be on prescribed pain killers with …

Cdl Vs do you get to keep your reg licence? Not rated yet
A failed random of THC. Does it get demoted or is the whole license?

Domestic Violence Charge and entry to Canada Not rated yet
May I travel back and forth across the Canadian border for business if I have a 10 year old domestic violence misdemeanor charge on my record?

Breaking distance logging truck Not rated yet
hi This is some interesting I was jogging my dog near our grammar school very slight grade road. when school is in starting it had a flashing …

getting hired with a reckless driving charge Not rated yet
Is there a company that hires with reckless driver charge? I went to defense driving and got 4 points back on my license. I was arrested for DUI and the …

Friend needs to pick up an impounded truck Not rated yet
Ok my friend has a valid drivers lic. and insurance. He also has an endorsement for a big rig. He was driving one over for a friend and it got impounded …

If I got a speeding ticket in virginia it was 60/45 does that mean I'm gonna be disqualified for the cdl permit driving license Not rated yet
If I got a speeding ticket in virginia it was 60/45 does that mean I'm gonna be disqualified for the cdl permit driving license?

do you have to have a ged to become a trucker Not rated yet
do you have to have a ged to become a trucker

can a driver be on suboxone Not rated yet
my friend is on suboxone and i wander if he is alowed to be on it for a comp. he has his own truck???

overweight permit at weigh station in Alabama Not rated yet
Can I get a overweight permit at the scale house, in alabama?

can you be disqualfied for a CDL if you are perscribed suboxone? Not rated yet
Can you be disqualified for a CDL while taking a prescribed medication?

Amputee trucker in BC Not rated yet
I live in BC Canada. I've been trucking since 1999. I have a left below knee artificial leg. In 2007 the BC province decided to stamp on my license an …

Employer charged me the tow fee on his truck. Not rated yet
It had been raining all week, very muddy. I haul waste water from the oil field tanks on pad sites. i work for an owner operator and drive his truck. i …

Will a past psychiatric related hospitalization keep me from getting CDL Not rated yet
If you have been hospitalized in the past for psychiatric problems. Can you still apply for a CDL in Texas?

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What does the law say concerning leasing a truck? Not rated yet
My other half is a trucker and has been for at least 5 years now. He thought trying the lease purchase program with Jb Hunt was a good idea. Wrong! …

I received a fine in Nebraska for a minor error on log book.  Not rated yet
I paid the fine. Will the company get fined too? They are trying to deduct the fine i paid from my pay

One possession charge from age 16 and over 5 dismissed tickets Not rated yet
I have one possession of Marijuana charge from. Age 16 and more than five tickets but everything is dismissed and have no points on my license would companies …

getting a trucking job with 2 accidents  Not rated yet
Will I be able to get hired at tmc with a 2 wrecks one was I scraped a pole no ticket and Also I hit a lady head on my fault but no citation was issued. …

Can a person lose their commercial license due to a traveling eye when tested? Not rated yet
Loss of commercial license due to "traveling eye"

transfer of haz mat from texas to oklahoma. Not rated yet
what does it take to to transfer your cdl from texas to Oklahoma and if you were gonna get the hazmat endorsement should you get it before moving.

ADHD Adderall Users, Join Class Action Case and Fed ADA Violation Case Not rated yet
Are you aware that ANY trucking company that will not hire you because you are prescribed Adderal is in violation of the ADA? That's right!! I'm …

what type of drug testing does epes use Not rated yet
what type of drug testing does epes use

Semi trucks with power windows Not rated yet
Did semi trucks have power windows in the 1990's?

Would I be able to use any remaining space in a trailer to relocate? From Iowa to Colorado.  Not rated yet
I am relocating from Iowa to Colorado the first of May. I am a college student and I have little money to spend on a moving company. Is there a way …

How long will a DOT note stay in your logbook? Not rated yet
How long will a DOT note stay in your logbook?

unempolyed for two years in IL Not rated yet
I just graduated from trucking school and got my CDL. I got a perfect driving record and no criminal history but a small misdemeanor conviction back in …

Where to buy commercial insurance Not rated yet
Where can a driver buy commercial insurance with a bad driving record

Does an overweight ticket affect your CDL license Not rated yet
Does an overweight ticket affect the cdl license?

Who pays more? Not rated yet
Does Millis Transfer or Werner Enterprises pay more?

is it true a license can be suspended for 4 overweights?  Not rated yet
Can 4 overweight tickets get your license suspended?

How Long Does It Take To Get License in Another State Not rated yet
if i give up my commercial driver license in NY and move to Texa, can i get my commercial driver license in Texas the same year.

what happens if you get pulled with a hazmat load not placarded Not rated yet
what would happen if u get pulled over with out a hazmat and u drive a truck that needs one

Concern about a outstaing contract I have with carrier Not rated yet
I am on my way to swift transportation to drive for them i went through cr england truck driving school and obtained my Cdl's but a week in with my trainer …

Prescription meds and driving... Not rated yet
I drive a flatbed tow truck. 26,000... no CDL in the state of Washington. Can I take my prescribed Adderall and still drive? Is there any legal things …

hazmat driving job Not rated yet
Can i bring my wife if i drive a hazmat truck

Can I get a job with a Mariuana charge 10 yrs old? Not rated yet
Can i still get a job driving tractor trailer with a marijuana charge on my record. It was the only time i ever got in trouble and i am in the process …

Straight Salary with no trucking expenses. Not rated yet
Is there such a salary, or configuration thereof, whereby, a licensed CDL OTR beginner driver can be compensated weekly based on an annually agreed …

Will my cdl be suspended indefinitely if my license got suspended for possession of marijuana? Not rated yet
Will my cdl be suspended indefinitely if my license got suspended for possession of marijuana?

Missed DOT random test Not rated yet
I missed my appointment for the random drug testing, I lost my job and now this goes on my record. I am not a drug user and am offended by this. How …

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Will logbook violation from Canada affect my florida cdl Not rated yet
Got log book violation in Canada , will affect my florida cdl

dump truck insurance. Not rated yet
Am I required to purchase insurance on my tri-axle dump truck if I am not the driver and operator of the truck? I am the owner, and desperate to save money …

need information about workers comp with 10 drivers Not rated yet
I am trying to get some information on workers comp for truckers. The info I'm looking for is how it works with payroll and how a owner can avoid or limit …

will my license be suspended for 3 seatbelt tickets in 5 months Not rated yet
will my license be suspended for 3 seatbelt tickets in 5 months

when a truck driver is in an accident and goes to e.r. are they automatically d.o.t. drug tested Not rated yet
Accidents and D.O.T. drug testing. When a truck driver is in an accident and goes to e.r. are they automatically d.o.t. drug tested?

Incidents Not rated yet
What companies hire with incidents

can i apply for a texas cdl if ive had any previous suspensions? Not rated yet
hello my name is Edward Wilson I would like to get my class A CDL I was curious if I would qualify if ive had any previous suspensions which I do. About …

Parking near Wilton, CT Not rated yet
Other than the 2 over-full stops on I 95, does anyone know where I could park my placarded tanker near Wilton, CT? I'm empty, and want to leave it for …

Driving on a suspended license ticket prior to obtaining CDL and getting a job Not rated yet
I received a driving on a suspended license ticket a year ago I also have a minor speeding ticket received 3 years ago and a no proof of insurance ticket …

neeeding a ride straned in phoenix az. Not rated yet
can u get a lift from a trucker who would be going to ga from az? im stranded here in phoenix and cant get back....ive not had any luck and need to get …

out for 25 year as owner/operator Not rated yet
I have been off the job. For five years. I need to know want to do. I have my cdl lic. Still good. I have put in app and call company. No call backs ____________________ …

Getting authorized to ride Not rated yet
How long does it take to get authorized to ride with a driver? what proof do you have to show?

61 years old can I still drive? Not rated yet
I'm sixty one years old have a cdl with hazmat can I still drive? A little rusty.

DUI Suspension Not rated yet
what companys will hire after a DUI suspension in a automobile. I have over 10 OTR experience and this was my 1st and last. Do I have to wait several years …

future trucker driver  Not rated yet
drugs are bad i know however st patricks day i smoked a cannabis cigarete at a local convention in Vegas u think what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas this …

no passenger contract Not rated yet
I own a company and I hired someone to drive and they asked If someone can ride with them. I called the insurance company and in the insurance paper work …

Will 2 points on Driver's license make it hard to get a job Not rated yet
Will having 2 points on my driving record make it hard for me to get a job?

Weight load limit for 48¨ reefer van trailer Not rated yet
Please i need help i own 5 48¨ 2 axles reefer trailers most of them grate dane. I work in chile south america. The companies here are used to load our …

Which company would you choose to drive for out of these 3 Not rated yet
out of these three company,s and a rookie driver just out of school who would you choose to hire on with? Schneider , Tyson , Maverick.

Passenger Program For Pam? Not rated yet
After the initial training for Pam Transport inc, how soon before you can take someone with you?

discharge by CR England Not rated yet
if you had Ben discharge by company like CR England can I be hire by another company

got caught drinking Not rated yet
i went to crst and did not complete because i got caught drinking is it possible to go to another truck driving school?

If I am thinking of going to Truck School, do I need a DAC for ten years of employment as a Non-driver? Not rated yet
I am thinking of enrolling in Trucking School. The school says that they have companies that have recruiters that will give a letter of "Intent to hire" …

OWI charge 4 years old Not rated yet
My Name Ron im 23 be 24 this month i want to know can i get in a truck driving school and start with a company with a 4 year old OWI charge, Send my answer …

Theo Swartz South Africa Not rated yet
Big Rig drive opportunity first week June 2013 in Nashville We are visiting CMA Fest from 3 - 9 June. I would so much appreciate to have a short drive …

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Trucker Needs and Wants Not Available...... Not rated yet
Trucker Needs and Wants Not Available...... I want to know what could help make a truck driver's life better on the road or when you are stopped or sitting …

Does tmc take a hair sample? Not rated yet
Does anyone know the companies that hair sample? I'm thinking about joining tmc and I had an old bottle of pain killers I took about a month ago and I'm …

Can an overweight ticket fine be reduced? Not rated yet
Is there anyway to get old overweight ticket fines reduced

how do you stay positive as a company driver? Not rated yet
I have 9 months as an experienced driver OTR Refer and dry van. I currently get hired on with Swift out of Lathrop CA. I'm still waiting on a truck. …

Which is better, driving for the refrigerated side or the freight side? Not rated yet
In reference to home time and making money is it better to haul regular freight or do refrigerated freight.

Is freight brokering worth pursuing? Not rated yet
1) Where do Truckers do their laundry? 2) I drove Semi Solo Cross Country years ago. Found a refresher course and a Broker course. Would getting …

how does Shaffer treat it's drivers? Not rated yet
I am thinking about going to drive for Shaffer Trucking, refer work, does anyone know how this company treats its drivers. Thanks

Anyone know how much fed ex critical freight straight truck makes per yr? Not rated yet
I am wanting to buy straight truck and lease to Fed Ex Critical Care. Anyone have helpful info on this career?

what trucking companies hire with a positive one yr result of a controlled substance test Not rated yet
I test positive one yr and a half ago for controlled substance, but I have my Sap papers

Size does matter Not rated yet
I'm getting back into driving after being in the Safety Department for several years. Last time, I didn't have any time to buy supplies for my truck …

what company will hire a driver with a dui 3 an a half years ago Not rated yet
I am a driver with 4 yrs experience otr. but got a DUI conviction 3 an a half yrs ago and was wondering if any company would hire me

looking to gain on the road/behind the wheel experiance  Not rated yet
looking to gain on the road/behind the wheel experiance as team player to learn the in's and out's of becoming a trucker and with possible hire with company. …

Do many long haul semi drivers own a diesel car? Not rated yet
Just curious if truckers think the benefits of diesel fuel are worth it for their passenger cars. TIA.

Will my spouses CDL insurance be affected because our kid got a speeding ticket?  Not rated yet
Kid was driving his own vehicle, which is insured under our policy. My spouse is having a fit saying his employer contacted him about my son's ticket …

what is the smoothest riding daycab Not rated yet
what is the smoothest riding daycab?

Can someone who transports hazardous materials have a rider in the truck with them? Not rated yet
Can someone who transports hazardous materials have a rider in the truck with them?

Employer Inquiries from Pospective Employers Not rated yet
What protects a driver from retaliation from your current employer when they are contacted for your background check information? _______________________________________ …

My husband has his CDL but he has a ticket on his record? Not rated yet
My husband has his CDL but has a ticket on his record for careless and imprudent driving )not spelled right) and he is wanting to get back into trucking …

Where the differences between regular trucking and Ice road trucking Not rated yet
Hello, I'm curious about the differences between regular over the road truck driving and the more extreme truck driving of Ice road trucking? What makes …

How does someone who recently got his Class 1 (Canada) get a job? Not rated yet
I recently passed all requirements for a trucker's driver's license. I applied to numerous trucking companies and have been told that I need experience …

Where do you buy things for your sleeper, TV's, microwaves, fridge? Not rated yet
Where do you buy items to personalize your sleeper, like TV's, microwaves, shelving,refridge???

what do you need to make a trailer road worthy  Not rated yet
what is needed to get a trailer on the road kinds of plates license etc.

It's a 2003 Volvo... (automatic)  Not rated yet
I'm trying to find out information on the quality of a rig my fiance wishes to purchase... It's a 2003 Volvo(Automatic) Any insight on the pros and cons …

Is prime inc truck driving school a good way to get CDL Not rated yet
ok i put in for prime inc school in spring field Missouri and they called me back and told me that every thing was good and they was going to pay for my …

Was wondering if an international 4900i Cummins Engine is a good deal Not rated yet
There is International 4900i Eng cummins for sale 2005 miles 504,000 was a company truck for 22,500 2yrs warranty 200,000 miles is this a good deal?? …

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what does it take to get an 18 wheeler legal ready to ride the roads Not rated yet
what does it take to get an 18 wheeler legal ready to ride the roads.

How do you get around after a days driving Not rated yet
What do you guys do for mobility after you are at a truck stop. do you walk to Walmart or drive the semi n trailer over. I was thinking of a small …

How do I get paid for money owed from an owner operator gone on the road Not rated yet
I'm driving for another man, how do I get moneys owed me from loads I picked up and delivered. He owes me approx. $1500.00. I can sue him here in my county …

Can you check where a lorry has travelled in Germany via the toll Not rated yet
I want to know where a lorry has traveled in Germany. I know it paid the toll to a specific destination but can I find out if it altered its' route? …

f endorsement Not rated yet
as a driver with just a f endorsement do i need to use a log book? _____________________________________________ Response: You didn't mention the …

Loadstar1700, el paso  Not rated yet
I have a 78 loadstar 1700 with a 404. I have the manual transmission with 2 speed rear end. It won't go into reverse. If I shut off motor and put in reverse …

log book questions Not rated yet
I am now working at 3 companies trying to get 40 hours a week. 2 have their own personalized log books. Do I just use a generic book and make copies, or …

fired because my daily log didnt match the employers gps Not rated yet
On 01/04/2012, i turned in a daily log to my employer that i worked for for about 5 years. My assigned truck was outfitted with a GPS system in October …

Will any company hire me? Not rated yet
I drove from 09-1/12. Arrested for DUI 1/1/12. Convicted of reckless driving 2/12 in Georgia. Quit job with Swift before conviction in good status. …

can i get in a trucking school with a felony 3 theft.if so which school in columbus oh Not rated yet
i have felony charges theft3 and i was wondering what trucking school would take me

Obtain my cdl in Florida while required to have a Sr-22 Not rated yet
Can i obtain my cdl class a in the state of Florida while i'm required to have sr-22 insurance for the next three years.

steel haulers schools Not rated yet
need some information on trucking schools but for hauling steel...thanks

How can I find the semi that hit me and ran on I69 3/3/12 south of Muncie? Not rated yet
Is there a way to find the white tractor trailer that struck my car? Do trucking companies report damage on truck trailers anywhere? He totaled my car …

Trucking companies in St petersburg or Tampa Florida that pay for your schooling. Not rated yet
I am looking for a trucking company that has company paid training CDL licenses in St petersburg or Tampa Florida.

does arnold transportation do hair testing Not rated yet
Is drug testing done at Arnold Transportation?

if you fail a dot physical do to medical conditions is that added to your dac report Not rated yet
if you take a dot physical and a doctor finds a heart murmur does that go on you dac report?

what drug test does Stevenson perform? Not rated yet
What type of drug test does Stevenson transport do?

how many times can you apply for a NH DOT medical card Not rated yet
failed my DOT to drive cause im on insulin, right now im coming off insulin when can i reapply

is conway truckload a good company to work for Not rated yet
My husband has been offered a job with Conway truckload and we are interested in hearing what anyone may have to say about this company. His biggest …

Need some help drivers Not rated yet
Can I still move freight if i have my own truck, but i have a DUI that's been two yrs old. Will a company give me a contract?

How far back can a company find DUIs? Not rated yet
The company that I am going to be training for states that you can have, No DUI or DWI violations in the last 5 years No more than 1 DUI in the …

are trucking co mandated to tell dot about failed drug tests? Not rated yet
Are trucking companies mandated to tell dot about failed drug tests?

2 points 1yr 5 months experience can I get job? Not rated yet
I have 3 non-commercial tickets, 2 suspension due to failures to pay that have been paid and only 1 year and 6 months experience. Can I get job?

Does anyone know of companies in Ohio that hire people under the age of 22? Not rated yet
I have recently been looking into getting into trucking as a career and am having difficulty finding a company that will hire me at 21. If anyone knows …

trucking companies that will take you with two moving violation Not rated yet
i got a speeding ticket in 2009, and a improper turn in 2011 will that stop me from getting a job?

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Lost My License due to suspension was reinstated a week ago what companies will Hire me? Not rated yet
I finally got my license off suspension which is now a class c. I have had a class A before and can easily be changed to a class A by just taking the test …

How do I keep a restricted area citation from going on my license? Not rated yet
I was driving my company(tractor trailer)and I was pulled over and got a citation from a local police for what they say driving in a restricted area. …

Is it illegal to walk into a truck stop and ask someone for a ride if they are heading where you need to go? Not rated yet
I know that sticking your thumb out from the highway is illegal, but what about going to a truck stop and asking someone for a ride if they are going your …

Is there a place I can get an insurance policy specifically to cover my wife's riding with me on the truck I drive, since I work for a small outfit? Not rated yet
The trucking company doesn't allow passengers unless I can provide my own insurance.

failed drug test what are my chances of being hired as a trucker Not rated yet
failed drug test in 2008 for taking one of my wife's headache pills what are my chances of even getting a local driving job

If I have an arrest on my record for DUI that was dismissed, does that affect my ability to get a Texas CDL? Not rated yet
It blocked me from getting a Texas nursing license even though I submitted the court documents proving it was dismissed, simply because it came up on an …

Will I lose My CDL in Washington State for Dirty UA? Not rated yet
Will I lose my CDL in Washington State for a dirty UA?

Had a DUI conviction in 2008 revoked for one year. Best way to get license back? Not rated yet
What is the best way to get cdl's back after one year suspension.

can i get a job driving a dump truck in the mines in au if i have a speeding ticket? Not rated yet
I am wanting to know if I would still get hired to work as a dump truck driver in Australia mines if i have driving felonies such as speeding tickets?? …

Please give me names of companies who will hire me with this one minor accident ina 30-year driving history. Not rated yet
I got a careless driving ticket in 10/2011 for a 5 mph rear end accident. I was fired and can't get rehired because of this accident. I have a B license …

how old do you have to be before a insurance co will cover u? Not rated yet
i am 23 and was told i needed to wait two years before i start trucking because i wouldn't be able to get coverage. Lifeasatrucker Answer: You couldn't …

I want to buy a truck or two and lease them out and let someone else class A drive them, how do I go about it, what's needed? Not rated yet
Buying a truck or two, how to lease and let someone else drive? How does that work?

Too young to be hired by companies, is there ways around it? Not rated yet
I will be 20 in a few months and im itching to drive. I never drove a semi before, lol, but i want to real real bad. I know I can get a CDL right …

can my employer make me pay him back for fines he paid? Not rated yet
During my second week with the company I had a tire fly off the trailer which ended up with getting 5 tickets. 1 was for being overweight due to not …

how much is a ticket for driving without insurance on a 18 wheeler? Not rated yet
If you are driving with someone that is on the insurance but you decide to start driving and you are not on the insurance and you get stopped how much …

what kind of drug test stevens transport require Not rated yet
like a urine,saliva,are hair

what can a dot officer ask you about drug testing? Not rated yet
What can a dot officer ask you about your drug testing?

i have a mistemeanor charge of arson from 2 years ago. can i get a class b cdl in ohio where i live? Not rated yet
can i drive in ohio with a misdemeanor arson charge. i want to get a class b cdl.

I want to get my CDL in Washington State but have three DUIs, all over 10years old. Can I still get it? Not rated yet
I have three DUIs on my record, in 2001, 1997 and 1994. I want to get my CDL in Washington state, just wondering if this is possible. Lifeasatrucker …

motherhood and trucking Not rated yet
Me and my husband are both going into trucking together, and that after trucking for 2-3 years having a baby, how can a husband and wife have a baby and …

How long after training do you have to wait to have a passenger allowed to ride with you Not rated yet
How long after training do you have to wait to have a passenger allowed to ride with you? Answer: How long before a passenger can ride with a new …

how long does a preventable accident stay on your csa? Not rated yet
how long does a preventable accident stay on your csa?

I wonder where truck drivers "find" pilot escorts, if needed. Not rated yet
I would like to find out where truck drivers find a pilot escort, if needed. Where would we post this need? Or, where is a live forum or blog where I can …

Need to interview truck driver for school please help Not rated yet
I am trying to get the government to fund my class 1 training but need to interview 2 drivers with their class 1 please help I do not know anyone and the …

how do i get a driving job with a simple possession of Cannibus on my record Not rated yet
in Sept. of 2007 i got a simple possession of less than 3 grams

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How do i start off trucking? Not rated yet
Hi my name is Falon, I've been thinking about seeing what i can do to get my CDL. My dad has been driving a mixer for close to twenty years and some …

What is it that you truckers want when you stop to refuel? Not rated yet
You stop in town obviously for fuel, food, shower and sexual company. If you stopped in a town that offered some kind of back/spine relief, would you pay …

Which companies hire drivers that had one a suspended license and two had a wet wreckless Not rated yet
Currently my license is still suspended but I'll get my class c license back in a few weeks. It's been suspended for about 4 years now. I've driven trucks …

can I still haul freight in BC If I have a DUI on my abstract? Not rated yet
Someone told me BC passed a law that says anyone with a DUI on their abstract can't haul into BC, and I find that hard to believe. Has anyone heard this? …

What should I expect if I am interested in trucking and just leaving Highschool? Not rated yet
I am graduating this year, and have always been interested in jobs that let you travel ie. trucking. I also like the individualized aspect that come …

why do you have to be 22 for cdl training? Not rated yet
why do you have to be 22 for cdl training?

If a person test positive on a drug test but it is for a non driving related job how does that effect my CDL? Not rated yet
If a drug test was taken for a position in district sales and has nothing to do with driving what so ever, does it still affect the CDL and the chances …

Can you get a cdl having only one eye Not rated yet
Can you get a cdl having only one eye

can i get a cdl having sight in only one eye? Not rated yet
i was born blind in one eye, can i still get a cdl?

Tested positive for THC during training, will they report it to the state? Not rated yet
I have my CDl permit and took the pre-employment drug screen came back with THC, I was not hired with that company...but they were putting me through a …

What will a towing violation received in Texas do to my Mississippi MVR? Not rated yet
I received a towing violation for moving an oversized load during the hours of 6AM and 9AM which is prohibited on my permit. I have a Mississippi …

does loss of sight in one eye prevent getting a cdl? Not rated yet
I'm blind in my left eye.

i was recently offered a position with TMC Transportation, in your opinion would this be a good, great or bad company to work for and why? Not rated yet
the pros and cons to flatbedding and running for private verses publicly owned companies

Transferring a CDL license to the USA from another country. Not rated yet
My husband is a Canadian Citizen. I am a US citizen. We are looking to relocate to Nevada after the immigration process is complete for him to reside …

Illegal shortwave use in whittier california. sublimminal brainwashing Not rated yet
Amnesia contacted the FBI over one year ago 2010 june. Being brainwashed. Satanist claiming illegal surveillance by the catholic church. Woman has …

i have had my cdl for a year and a half every thing i have hauled has been overweight Not rated yet
basically dump truck with 24 tons tractor and trailer with around 87,000 total but only local around 50 miles from home. i have found that navigating …

What do i have to do for my 3 year old go in a semi with me? Not rated yet
I want to take my son with me in the semi. I work in Florida but i don't know what papers I need to have for the Dot ?

If the trailer and truck have air suspension can you tell how much weight you have on board to within 100 lbs by the gauge pressure inside the cab? Not rated yet
Is it possible to tell the weight of your load using the air ride suspension of the truck?

I have a major moving violation on mvr,what are some companies that will hire me? Not rated yet
I have a 72 in 55. Who will hire me? Got ticket last year.

I take suboxen and want to go to truck driving school,do they test for suboxen? Not rated yet
Does the DMV 9 panel drug test,test for suboxen?

Does anyone know of any companies hiring a person with a 5 y/o or more felony in indiana or surrounding states? Not rated yet
I'm looking to pursue a career in trucking and i have a felony. i was wondering if anyone knew any companies that hires felons? I've researched a few, …

i want to run a low boy truck and equipment from indiana to ohio. Not rated yet
its not osow, i don't really need to buy fuel in ohio, in reality just crossing the line a few miles in.

Anyone work for this company b4, WSE Transport Not rated yet
I was offered a position with this company for training and employment. Anyone have any experience with this company? Thanks

does anyone know who the best local phoenix area companies are that pay by the hour. Not rated yet
I have experience in LTL and Food Service. Also, tankers.

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I have a cdl with a non complaint on my mvr. Not rated yet
It has been almost 3 years since i last drove a truck. I have one reckless driving on my record from a personal vehicle. This company I tried to get …

i am getting my regular license this month and one month later i am planning on getting a CDL.. my question is as follows Not rated yet
since i have no time with a regular license is it even worth me getting a cdl since a lot of companies require people to have a normal license for atleast …

just got back my cdl for child support who will hire me on. Not rated yet
okay my license were suspended for unpaid child support but i have just got them back. i know a lot of company's want your license to be valid for at least …

Does getting a warning for not carrying a hazmat book count points against your liscense? Not rated yet
I received a warning for not having my hazmat book on hand will that give me points that go against my license?

Can I Drive If I Have An Sr-22? Not rated yet
I Have A Leaving The Scene of An Accident (Not In A CMV) In 03/2010 So I Must Carry An SR-22 For 3 Years, Are There Any Companies Out There That Will Hire …

Will any company hire me with a jacknife accident Not rated yet
I got into an accident about two years ago and it was a jacknife accident and got a ticket for unsafe speed for road conditions and I was doing well below …

I have a recent accident and have job hopped a lot, Will anyone hire me? Not rated yet
recently let go from swift and have an accident on my record. Have driven for about 8 companies in past 32 months but have 11 months with last company. …

what company will hire a driver with 2 nonrecordable preventables in 1 year Not rated yet
i scraped a pickup truck in cali.lady tryed to do around me when i was backing up and stoped right behind me.(repair under $1000) no ticket or report. …

If I have a DUI can i get a hazmat endorsment Not rated yet
If I have a Dui can I get a hazmat endorsment.

can i get a trucking job if im on a SR22 in Hawaii for have no proof of Insurance ?? i have a CDL in California with Hazmat is there any company out there that will hire me?? Not rated yet
i got in an accident in HI with a hawaii license i had no insurance so the judge suspended my licease for 3 month then the DMV placed me on a SR22.. all …

How is Melton Truck Lines Not rated yet
I'm going to Melton next month. I would like to know how the orientation is? I have over 3yrs of Stepdeck experience. Do the make you pay for your …

is paschell truck lines a good company to work for Not rated yet
i cant find any info on paschall truck lines except there safety rating is bad . I recently quit Baylor trucking. over all they are a good company but …

Is it possible to find a trucker that travels between Austin and Wash DC that would be willing to offer a ride for a fee? Not rated yet
A friend needs to get from Austin to Wash DC area in early October and is currently short on cash. Is there any possibility to contact a trucker that …

I would like to drive for little or no pay Not rated yet
I got my commercial drivers license through PTEC in St. Pete florida and graduated at the top of my class. Due to unforeseen circumstances I never took …

Can somone sponser me in the state of NH for my cdl a Not rated yet
I went thru Prime inc's school for my class A license. i was handed a raw deal. im scheduled for Aug 4th to take my road test again up here in NH. …

What do you think of The Diary of a Swift Driver Not rated yet
I think this was one of the first web sites created that started explaining what a trucker's life was really about. …

how to download tripak readings Not rated yet
tripak readings - I am trying to read the sim card

What expenses are KLLM are reimbursable? Not rated yet
What expenses does KLLM reimburse their drivers for?

Will 1 OUI from 2008 keep me from getting a trucking job? Not rated yet
i have 1 oui from 2008 are there any companies out there that will hire me have called many and they say 5 yrs. will an ice road company hire me. i live …

Do you know what kind of drug screen they do at TDI for truck driving training? Not rated yet
Want to make sure I'm completely clean.

Has anyone had any work experience with Raider Express? Not rated yet
Thinking of going to work for them, wanted some opionions if anyone has any

Is there a company that will hire an owner operator that has a DWI that is a little over two years old? Not rated yet
My husband bought a truck and now can't find a company that will lease with him because of a DWI.

can you be a truckdriver when you need a hearing aid Not rated yet
My hearing is not so good so am i able to drive a truck without an hearing aid

Is Heartland Express a good company to work for? Not rated yet
Trying to get a job at heartland express want to know the conditions for driver over there,is it a good company to haul for?

does heartland make you retake physical Not rated yet
will I need to take a new dot physical with heartland express. Thanks

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would like to know how I can proprely shift a 6speed eaton transmission on a International truck Not rated yet
Have a lot of problems with the shifting, When is the best time (rpm and speed) to shift gear? What do I have to do to avoid grinding on gear? My truck …

what trucking companies are using hair drug test Not rated yet
what trucking companies are hair drug testing and why dot test is urine

how is honey transport to work for.are they a good company Not rated yet
I'm considering going to work for honey transport and would like some info about them.

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