intetested in trucking

by Joe

I m 19 yrs old boy and thinking about of trucking career

I have a lot of questions please have a look

I stutter , can i be a trucker ?

How much can i earn as a newbie ?

How much times of years required for good wage ?

I m not us citizen ' can i get job in us as a truck driver ?

Company provide truck ? If yes do they charge something ? Or i have to buy it

Most important

How much will i take home cutting all expenses .. Fuel , truck maintenance , food etc etc .

Thanks in advance

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Jun 03, 2016
Find another line of work.... NEW
by: Anonymous


Some questions you need to ask yourself:

Do you love trucks? Looking at them? Do you check out magazines like 10-4 mag and just stare at the pics?

Do you like being away from home (remember though, youre not on vacation so you are probably going to be weary and worn-out most of the time)

How is your sense of direction? Are you good with always kind of knowing where you are or do you find it a bit difficult?

YOU WILL NOT GET RICH!! Are you in this for the money or simply because you love trucks, want to travel and want to look good doing it?

It's a 24/7 job. Are you good with that?

The only way to make it in this business is to hustle. No sitting around. Are you good with that? Back to the question: Do you love trucks?

Its difficult for guys like me to "like" (let alone "love") a Volvo, Cascadia, Century, Prostar, etc...

BUT, if you find yourself staring at Peterbilts and Kenworths, you are already loving trucks whether you know it or not.

Stutter? Don't matter.

How are you at night. Are you a nightowl? Do you enjoy being up at night? Would you rather sleep during the day or during the night?

If you are a nightowl, that is another "plus" toward the hustle.

This business is unforgiving and often times you find yourself alone. Making wrong turns, passing your exit.... if that freaks you out, you gotta change that. Accept it. Your stress levels will stay lower and you will last longer.

These are the things I would say to my son, who comes with me often. Now, he doesnt like being away for too long, but he does love to travel, but he also likes to stop a lot. I don't.

I like to keep moving.

Do yourself a favor, watch "Bigrig Videos" channel on Youtube for awhile.

See how you feel. If your heart pounds, you are cut out for it. If you feel NOTHING and dont understand why these guys do what they do....

Someone might say "Get a local job"

I can tell you this: That is NOT truckdriving as far as us Over the Road drivers are concerned, but it most certainly is RESPECTABLE. You will get home late, you will only get short amounts of sleep, and you will have to get up very early. Me? Id rather run steady through the night. Yes, a local job will get you home every night, but those guys dont do what us OTR drivers do, nor do they want to

Hopefully Ive given you some food for thought.

See how you do answering the questions I asked, and do watch as many trucking videos on Youtube as you can. There is this one dude..."Indiana" something... he chronicles everything. Gives you a pretty good idea, but he's not into the hot rod big rigs. Those are Peterbilts or Kenworths wiht tons of chrome and killer paint jobs, usually stretched out frame rails, and possibly lowered a bit.

If you have more questions, keep asking. I'm always happy to tell you just how it is in MY world. Ive been out here 35 years. Ive made a lot of sacrifices (Girlfriends, outings, family time, etc, etc)..... its part of the game.

If you start asking to be off, or to be home too much..... meh.... find another line of work that gives you a life aside from trucking, because trucking at its core, takes ALL of your time.


Email me if you want at if you want some good videos of my life out on the big road.

Good luck. Dont feel bad if you feel like maybe its not for you. Sometimes guys just give it a try. Companies are used to that. Turnover rate is near 100% with most companies. Think about that.

Be cool.


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