Do truckers get paid to help cops find people in the car smoking weed?

by Biff

Do truckers get paid to help cops find people that do bad things?

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Dec 06, 2015
The scumbag who accused the op of being a "rat"
by: Druggedanddrunkdriverskillinnocentpeople

The person that accused the op of being a "rat" is likely a drug addict scumbag who is probably going to run over a car and kill a little innocent kid while he is high or drunk.

Its been my experience that those who go around calling people rats and saying "snitches get stiches" are the scummiest jerry springer sort of people.

I carry a Glock, have a carry permit, and keep an AR-15 so that if they attack me for reporting them to the police for raping little girls(aka pimping/sex trafficking), selling drugs to kids, drunk driving, drug dealing, prostitution (lot lizardry) or other unethical scummy criminal behavior then I can shoot and kill them while they are attacking me and make society safer and a much better place.

If someone attacks me for reporting sex trafficking, drunk driving, or whatever I will kill them in self defence and know that I have made society a better place. You know that warm feeling in your heart when you give a homeless guy a room and some pizza? That but multiplied ten fold.

Screw scumbags. Drug addicts, dealers, sex traffickers, pimps, and gang bangers are the real rats. They are slime.

Think about that the next time you think about attacking someone for reporting your scummy unethical acts of criminality. They might want you to attack them to give them the excuse.

Sep 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

mind your busness rat

Sep 26, 2011
by: Biff


Thanks Hervy!

Sep 26, 2011
Are there Class A Informants Driving 18 Wheelers?
by: Hervy

Or as the cool would say....snitches


Biff, I don't know of this being the case.

However, there ARE homeland security training programs of a more serious nature where truckers are taught to be observant for suspicious and illegal activity as they drive!

This is important since transportation is where terrorist has expressed an interest. Not to mention we also cross important areas, structures, bridges, etc.

Back to the type of stuff you are likely to be referring to though, no we don't get paid to call the police when we see drunk drivers, weed smokers, etc.

However, there are plenty of drivers who will call when such illegal and dangerous activity is going on, especially when the car is weaving noticeably across lanes and changing speeds, which is what draws attention to themselves and points out their danger on the highways in the first place.

Take care.

Update: I just checked the highwaywatch program that I had mentioned where truckers were being trained It has been suspended. Just in case your curious of what it was about.

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