Unauthorized passenger in the truck

by Ryan

Can I lose my cold for having a unauthorized passenger in company big truck..how much trouble could I be in..and would I be able to find another job in the industry

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Apr 08, 2016
Well NEW
by: Anonymous

Since that's all companies policies,
I would say it would vary from company.

Personally, what's the big deal, one people just hate following rules.

I would b more concerned with, bot having an insured passenger when you get pulled over.

Apr 07, 2016
Good question NEW
by: Someone that also wants to know

Hey that's a good question because I'm someone who would also like to know what will happen, and what are the chances of getting caught? Do they ask for documents at all checkpoints and what about the rider permit etc or at the weight scale stations , what are the odds and what companies let passengers ride the soonest? Is it true swift let's passengers ride since week one?

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