What to pack in a lunch for a diabetic trucker?

My husband drives a truck. As you know his schedule is hectic. He doesn't have time to stop for meals. Any suggestions?

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Aug 01, 2012
Question within a question
by: Anonymous

How the heck is he diabetic and able to retain his CDL? How does he pass his DOT physical?

Jun 14, 2010
Diabetic Diet for Truckers
by: Hervy

Hi good questions and good news. It's easy.

Actually the way and foods that I recommend if I remember correctly here are well suited for a diabetic. healthy trucker tips. We all should be on what people consider a diabetic diet, it's just healthy eating. To be sure that I am guiding you right though compare it to what they recommend here. You should get familiar with this website.
Diabetes Fitness and Food Information

Take care, and take care of him, but make sure he is taking care of himself. No sense in getting worse if you can prevent it.

Good luck,


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