Trailer detached

by Danzal
(Amos )

So I drove for Sch****er for 2 years .

On 3 occasions they had to send maintenance out just to get my trailer dropped. They prayed it open each time..

I recently had an incident where my trailer detached 2 times in 1 night. The second time I decided not to get back under it. I then called sch****er and told them that I was pretty sure something was wrong with my fifth wheel.

Prior to this the freightliner gave me 2 options. Get it rebuilt or replaced. Sch****er decided to rebuild it ....Now my problem comes when they tell me that I’m getting terminated.

I feel like it was something that I couldn’t have controlled and they will not give me paperwork on the rebuild process. Or the slips from where they came and detached ..What should I do because this will definitely be on my DAC

I even recorded the pin that locked around the king ping prior to the accident. Is my career over ??

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Feb 17, 2018
by: Anonymous

I drove for Sch**"*er for 5 years they are pretty tight on trailer disconnects.

Other companies I work for are not as picky.. while it's bad I know Sch*****r is real real anal on trailer disconnects...

Sure will not end career...

Just explain to the next company
You will make more money elsewhere believe me.

Feb 15, 2018
That is Crazy
by: Hervy

Maybe they are thinking you should have done a stress test before pulling off. Unless I'm misunderstanding what happened.

I don't think this will keep you from getting another trucking job.

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