Steps to take from intrastate to interstate

by Cheyenne Lewis
(Baytown Tx )

I own a small business. 2 tractors and 2 trailers. Right now I am intrastate only. What step do I take next to let my other truck be interstate? I know I will need an MC number and combo plates. I am gonna be looking for someone to be an OTR driver for my company, but first I need to know what the first step is. My husband is 1 of my drivers, but wants to be home everynight. I understand that because he has Rheumatoid arthritis and wants to be home with his family everynight. But I have no clue what to do next so I can hire someone willing to go OTR because it's better money. If anyone knows what step I need to take first you can email me at or you can text me at 2819085547. Any information would be greatly appreciated and as soon as I get this process done I will be on the hunt for a responsible, hard working OTR driver. Thanks for any input and have blessed evening!! Also I am in the Houston Texas area!!

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