Having an accident with unregistered medical card

If a guy has an accident while driving my truck,but didn't have his medical card registered, will my insurance company still pay for the damages to my truck?

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Aug 09, 2016
Your insurance carrier... NEW
by: Anonymous

... will look for any way possible to get out of paying out

If the card was valid, but not registered, you need to have a good reason why it wasn't registered and that you had no knowledge of this

Call it a DMV snafu

Call up a DOT man and see if he can help

They arent all bad guys

if i had to put money on it... my guess.. and bet.. is that your insurance carrier will tell you to go pound salt.

Its on you

I had a guy that wanted to slam me behind the wheel so fast to cover a good paying load that he wasnt even going to do a mandatory pre-employment drug screen

I saw this going both ways...if anything went wrong.. and since I dont predict the future, I passed on working for him

These companies move too fast these days in the hiring process

The ones who dont usually dont have much of a turn over....sad but true

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