am i making a good choice to buy this truck?

by crazy cajun
(lafayette la)

I worked for a small company for over a year, flatbed. Truck grossed between 4 and 5 grand a week at which I was making 19%.

The owner claims that he only wants to own 3 or 4 trucks now and wants to sell or lease purchase the rest. His deal to the drivers is for instance, the truck I'm wanting is a 2005 Pete.

We settled for 28000. No interest or anything, paid at 150 a week until paid off. Insurance at 165 per week. Trailer rent, step deck,100 a week. 10000 escrow paid at 10%. 2000 fuel card and work comp escrow paid at 100 a week.

Sounds like a deal to me.

I know those big companies screw drivers on those deals but this here seems fair. I'm just wanting other opinions before pen meets paper u know.

I appreciate the input.

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