Community College Training

Getting your CDL training for Commercial Driver's License at a community college is usually a great deal. Often less than $3,000.  Now many community colleges that offer logistics degrees has several options for getting your CDL.

Question:  Is community college better than free program or private school?

Answer:  It will often be cheaper and training will likely be good but they might not offer it often enough to meet your needs.  Again, it depends on you and the options available that fits best with your situation.

Keep reading and you will get more insight to help you determine.

Back in the day many community colleges that offered CDL training had long drawn out programs just on the weekends. This created a much longer wait time to get those CDL.

Now there is such high demand, things have changed.  At some schools you can get trained in less than 2 months.  At others it might take 3 or more.  But often there is weekday or weekend option.

Make sure you do comparisons between community colleges and truck driving schools you're considering for cost, hours of class room study and time spent behind the wheel.

You can simply call your local community colleges to see if they offer training and if so get an itemized description of what the course includes.  Or of course you can Google it.

Advantages at Community College

  • Training is usually much cheaper
  • You're free to go to what ever company you want after training
  • At some schools you have more choices of hours, which is good if you're already in driving distance.
  •  You have the same financial aid opportunities as you would for regular 2 year curriculum at some school

Disadvantages at a Community College

  • The length of many of the courses takes longer than a private school.  (Although more and more school are offering more scheduling options)
  • You aren't (officially) guaranteed a job after graduating.  However there will be recruiters there before the end of class at most schools and there is also usually job placement assistance.
  • Classes might start as often in a given year.  (which is also changing)

As you can see there are not many real down sides or disadvantages to going to a community college.  It depends mostly on what's available to you and how soon you want to start.

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