How do I get loads from a load board.

How do I acquire freight off of a load board if I own my own truck, and what are the requirements of the freight forwarders/brokers.

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Aug 07, 2016
Great question about getting loads ~
by: Anonymous

Do you have an MC or DOT number?

That will be the first thing they ask for. Some use the DAT system, so even if you have a DOT or MC, you will not be in their system

Assuming you are using, any broker will want to see a past history... that's tough when you are new.

Insurance Coverage has to be up to 100 if not more (K)

I haul Hazmat, so my coverage is 2.5 and that really gives me a lot of leverage

Since a company does not know who you are and whether or not you will

1) be on time
2) be friendly to their customer
3) not break down
4) not back off a load for a better one because you are still looking for that "high dollar" load (brokers do this also, as in "cheaper carrier"

Look at the load ratios. How many trucks to how many loads?

If there are 3 trucks to a load in a specific venue that you want to haul out of, guaranteed, the rates will be low

If the loads are HIGHER than trucks available, the rates will be HIGHER. Please, do us all a favor and do NOT haul for less than "$2.00 PM even if you are just starting

Guys who haul cheap freight just drive the rates down for the rest of us

Always take the attitude that the load boards are a last resort. Who wants a middle man?

Try to get your own customers. that is a completely different subject, so I won't elaborate

Try to haul on Holidays or weekends when you first start

1) rates will be higher
2) brokers will be desperate
3) you will show that you are not afraid to run...

This is how you can establish "references" because the bigger, more established brokers will ask for references

Just, whatever you do, don't drop your pants for these guys. Even if they post their rates, trust me, the rates are negotiable... ALWAYS... don't get greedy though because you will get a call later from that broker telling you "oops, the load fell through, sorry".. which basically means that they left the load posted either on that same board or another, or they got a call from a guy so desperate that he is about to deadhead for his next pickup... for whatever reason

Once you haul a few loads for a broker, you will get established, you will find out who pays in a timely manner and who doesn't .. you will find out who is cheap and who is not

You will also get more negotiating strength

So, try to look for loads in the middle of the night (their time) that have NOT been covered..on a weekend... some brokers will give you anything you want just to cover it, be cool though... cause you want them to give you something to come back with sometimes also...

Watch for "double brokerages" and "blind shipments" .. I will haul them but you need to ask a lot of questions

Always, always always ask about detention time, layover time and lumper fees... did I say "always?"

Cover your ass. If you don't ask about these things, you might get a great load on and then get to the receiver who wants $300 just to unload your 22 pallets with his forklift ... if the broker didnt authorize lumper fees.. you're screwed... and angry... and ... who knows what you'll do.

I carry a pallet jack at all times. That's me.

I do have my own customers going in one direction so I have to use a broker to come home. Since I have covered so many loads on holidays and Sundays for these guys, they actually CALL ME so that I don't even have to look.

They know how much money I want in advance. They may even pay for a deadhead if im doing them a big favor

So.... hope this helps. I pretty much covered it

If you want to know about blind-shipments and what double-brokering is, you can Google it

Once you've dealt with these loads, you will figure it out. Especially double-brokered loads. that one is pretty obvious... brokers that do this are greedy.. and it is against the law, nevertheless, its hard to prove and nobody is checking.

I know because I have been on both sides.

It helps to know what these loads actually pay, or what the broker is getting for them. I can't tell you how to do this.

I have my own methods, but if you figure it out, you don't have to fall for their speel about 'this load is paying much, I cant go any higher, Im already losing money" crap

Besides, if you fall for that one, you will wonder why you see the exact same load on another carrier who got $200 more than you did.....

Have fun. Brokers suck, but they are an integral part of the dirty underbelly of the trucking industry...

Use with caution and only when absolutely necessary

If you don't get your own customers, you will never make money.. you will just "break even"... with maybe a few bucks to spare .. if you are lucky

It all depends on whether or not you have a truck and trailer payment, what your insurance premiums are, what your venues are, what you are hauling, or capable of hauling, etc, etc

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