What can a do if the regarding a bad report from past company I worked for whose equipment was impounded & ticketed for safety violations?

by Joshua
(Richmond, MI)

I was working for a company who had issues with their equipment, got pulled over a couple of times & the vehicle was impounded.

Police wrote ticket to the company. I was warned by Police that if they seen me driving truck & the violations were not corrected they would write ticket against me personally.

Anyway, I quit working for them because of their lack of concern. I was lucky to have a buddy who had a construction company who put me to work right away, but knows that when a trucking job comes up that I'm back on the road.

So, several months down the road, I apply for a job and was told that they could not hire me due to the background report they pulled on me which showed all the violations against the company on the truck I was driving.

I was told that there is nothing I can do to correct this since I was the driver of the truck and the police had my information that this would go under my CDL # and stay for approx 4 years.
The new law that went into effect back 2010.

It doesn't show as points just list all the violations on the truck I was driving that got impounded & ticketed. This sucks. I am having trouble getting work as a trucker, and was unaware of this until I had applied for that 1 job last month.

I left the company to prevent from having issues getting a future job, now it effects me anyway. Anyone got any advice as to what I can do. Otherwise my MVR is clean, no citations, no accidents.

What can I do.

Plus they were late in giving me my W2 to file my taxes, thought you were suppose to have them by Feb 15th? Anyone got any advise. Can I take legal action? Can I file an appeal?

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Jun 13, 2012
Bad Rap from Companies faulty equipment NEW
by: Joshua

The information was not put on my DAC report it was on the new system with the DOT that went into effect in 2010.

It shows all info from when I was pulled over even though the citation was not written to me, but it is listed under my name/license number because I was the driver of the truck. Just sucks, because I am being told that it puts me in a catagory of high risk and that the company insurance will increase.

Just downright BS because I need a job. I left because I got tired of talking and telling the guy about the issues with the truck. It was his company, his equipment so I left. But I'm still be haunted because of it.

Mar 13, 2012
Need advice notice on my record that had to do with the company's equipment not me.
by: Joshua

Just got off the phone with my mom's attorney. I was advised if I could search out I might be able to get a lawyer to take the case, but my mom's attorney is just a small office.

Got any ideas?

The DOT report will remain on my record for approximately 4 years. I know I'm not the only one that this has happened to. It's a DOT Abstract Report, even though I didn't get the ticket, they had my driver's license, wrote the citation against the company & impounded the truck.

Damn it, I was just going to work doing my job. But apparently the owner of the company didn't care because it wasn't his drivers license. He paid his fine, got back the truck, half ass repaired what needed to be done apparently.

I left the company back in Sept 2011, I fine out about all this last month. Sucks.
I was advised to write a letter of complaint to the Senator, and if I could pass the word to other truckers to do the same.

This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Even though you don't get the ticket it goes on your record and can prevent you from getting a job, the same boat I'm in right now.

Mar 12, 2012
Need advice notice on my record that had to do with the company's equipment not me.
by: Joshua

The company didn't file the report. It had something to do with the DOT report when I got pulled over. They said it would show up under my name since I was the driver of the truck even though the ticket was issued to the company.

I am so pissed off right now and having a real hard time trying to get a job. Thank God my buddy had a carpenter position for me when I quit working for them, but it's not steady work, if it rains, I'm sitting home.

I got two little girls to support and this is really causing me problems trying to get a job driving truck. Any word of advice will help, or recommendation as to what to do.

Mar 11, 2012
Abused by the system
by: Hervy


Sounds like you got a pretty raw deal man. Hate to hear these.

If you had gotten on the company about the equipment and they wouldn't fix it, you should see file a correction of add your side of the story. First you must order a copy of your DAC
File a correction to DAC Report

Also you might want to speak to an attorney. Tell them what happened and see if it qualifies for violation of the Surface Act. Don't know since you quit but if the put that on your DAC to get back at you and you quit for unsafe equipment, well I don't know. You should talk to an attorney
Surface Act
Let us know what happens, man.

Good luckm

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