Is a traffic ticket that resulted in a probation before judgement or placed on a stet docket a "moving violation"?

by Jr

I was pulled over twice within the past three years and each time i was pulled over each officer wrote me three tickets for each incident although i was only pulled over two seperate times. After each court appearance had mixed results. Most of the tickets the disposition was "probation before judgement" and two of the tickets were placed on a "stet docket". So with a total of 8 tickets 6 of them were "pbj" and two of them were placed on a "stet". The company i want to apply for states "no more than 3 moving violations within the past 3 years. So do i have 8 moving violation? 2? Or none? I am a veteran and just completed a my ptdi certification at a community college. Although i have that going for me i would be super bummed out to find out 2 times being pulled over would hault my dreams of a trucking career. Zero points on my driving record. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer. My fingers are crossed!

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