was fired fedex freight for taking down an overhead wire need help

by Tom

FedEx freight has a 5 incidents in 3 years rule(new to me)or 3 in 1 year.. and your fired doesn't matter how minor they are. I agree to a certain point..

one of them was an taking down an overhead wire..???in Illinois..which I understand are suppose to be 15'high on all state roads,regardless of direction of travel.

I was backing up,was told that if I was going forward there would not be an issue..???? there are drivers there with more& worse incidents then I have that are still working there..at age 61 its tough to start over,was there for 18 years..

My question here is do I have a chance legally to do anything?? Contacted the eeoc but they haven't got back with me..

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Feb 18, 2015
fedex NEW
by: Anonymous

appreciate your comment,the other incidents were very minor,especially in regards to what others have done there..i think my age was a big factor& management favoritism..all the others are 20 years younger then me and probably ran faster..this really stinks..

Feb 13, 2015
Attorneys response will tell you a lot about whether you have a case
by: Hervy

Hate that you are facing this issue Tom. I can understand how frustrated you must feel. That's a long time to be a one company. To be let go at a stage in life where you plan to be settled in and then see others that are still there who seem to be guilty of violating the same policy does seem unfair.

If there is clear room for a lawsuit, an attorney would likely be happy to take your case for his/her fee off the top of a financial settlement.

I don't really see any recourse but I am a long ways from being an attorney. I think one of the important things is to take note of what is actually known facts and what is assumed.

At the end of the day, you still might find work with that much experience if the other incidents are not extreme. Maybe this occurred for you to find something that you like even better than your old job.

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