Exploring the Realities of Trucking Jobs

Read over the entire list of realities about trucking jobs below first, before you start clicking the links to other pages.  Then start at the top again to click on the links that are important or interests you or applies to you for more details about what to expect as a trucker. 

You have your personal situation and needs and reasons for considering trucking....and that matters.

Are Trucking Jobs Easy?

We'll lets talk reality when it comes to trucking job.  Simple is easy and things that cause complexities compounds challenges which takes away the ability to label it as easy.

For the person who fits the follow descriptions, a trucking job might be a lot easier and even more fun.

  • Adventurous
  • Loves driving
  • Loves learning new things
  • Loves traveling and seeing new places
  • Little things amuse you
  • Positive minded
  • Can do attitude
  • Single and no significant other
  • No kids
  • Doesn't need to be at home on short notice
  • You have patience
  • You are courteous 

Attitude, perspective and outlook on life is everything in trucking.  Thing about it, something as simple as being easily agitated or irritated with other drivers mean trucking is not a good fit for you!

Are Trucking Jobs Hard?

Define hard! It depends on who's asking.  Trucking jobs are challenging and demanding, I'll say that.  To what extent depends on a lot of things.  I talk about it on the page called becoming a trucker.  But here's a short list of some things that determines how you experience trucking...

  • Who you are
  • What your background is (What you've been exposed to)
  • What your upbring was like (What you have experienced)
  • What you've been taught
  • What you believe is normal
  • How well you adjust to changes
  • How well you deal with unpredictability
  • How much your state of mind depends on the outside circumstance
  • Are you patient or impatient

If you are someone who often gets mad at other drivers, can drive the speed limit.  Can't wake up when you need to.  Like being a victim.  Trucking will be hard and is not recommended.

Reality About Trucking For Most People Is .....

Having said all of that, again, trucking is a wonderful career for the right person.  Don't let any of this stuff scare you, I just want you aware of what you're getting into and in the right frame of mind. 

Trucking is fun ONLY if you're compatible for the trucking lifestyle.  The only way to determine that is to learn what to expect and understand it is work first.   Which you are finding out now.

It's also an adventure, unpredictable and challenging at times....

But that's not a bad thing, unless you believe it is!

Reality About Trucking Job Impact on Health

The reality is that truckers develop diabetes at twice the rate of average citizen.  I read that 14% report joint pain.  I also read that being a trucking puts you at higher risk if PTSD, depression and anxiety.

Relax, this is simple to understand.  We sit most of the time driving.  Some times in the middle of the night.  We CHOOSE processed food and CHOOSE not to exercise.  Many drivers don't read, or engage in learning while on the road.

And many of us LOVE trucking because we are loners or at least are not dependent on close relationships to go about out day.  Which is kind of a good thing to an extent.  But that's a generalization.  And another generalization as human beings, we actually extend our lives and boost our immune systems communicating with someone we genuine relationship with.  That's not even getting into the benefits of touch.

And for most of the social benefits, it doesn't mean being in a serious or time consuming relationship and DOES include plutonic friends that you might be able to spend time with when off duty home time.

So If you are in the right frame of mind, you understand that the reality is most of this stuff you can control.  You can choose to eat healthier and you can get exercise if you want to.

As far as relationships, There are people who I've been friends with for 20 yrs, we only talk a few times a month.  There's a group I meet with to play ping pong every other weekend I get home.  Well, I actually started the group. 

What Creates Your Reality as a Trucker

So everyone trucker has very similar experiences.  Of course with little nuances.  The biggest difference is how you will frame your trucking experience is your mindset.  That is what creates your reality.

If you believe all of the things that you've read or hear about trucking is  terrible, hard (Etc) that will be the filter through which you see things.

If you believe what you've read or heard is easy, manageable, worth it, for a good cause (etc) then that will create the filter through which you see and experience trucking.  That will create a positive reality.

This is where mindset comes in.  You have to be proactive and disciplined to stay healthy.  That ranges from getting proper rest, getting exercise and eating a good diet and even the about you're job performance, relationships and how you handle money

Understand that all these things matter and together form what your experience will be like.  What we are talking about is personal development.  With it you limit stress and make better decisions, without it you suffer in many ways. 


Pay attention to the realities of trucking. Hopefully the pros will out weight the cons for you. Or maybe the realities won't affect you at all because of your situation and attitude just allows you to be able to thrive regardless of anything trucking throws at you.

If you are single with no family at home, half of your potential challenges are gone. For the rest of you the realities must be carefully considered and thought through as I mentioned on the disadvantages of becoming a truck driver page. Go to the list of disadvantages of becoming a trucker

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What Keeps You From Getting Home Reliably

This is a reality that I want to make sure you understand.  The nature of trucking, as they say it's a lifestyle means you can't 100% guarantee that you'll be able to get home at exact days, times.

If it's a real important date, that you want to make sure you don't miss, it will mean going home maybe a few days prior to the time you need to be there.  

Many companies are fine with this.  However, you have to remember, this is extra days of not driving, meaning not making money.  AND trucking companies are not set up to do regularly unless, that is agree upon when you start, in which case, the company likely will have regional or dedicated runs for you or accounts with a customer, that gives them predictability and favorable logistics leverage to get you home on schedule.

Just wanted to point this out, in case it is something you need to consider or inquire about when contacting trucking companies for a truck driving job.  

Some Things That Make Getting You Home Difficult Are

One of the main things to consider if going over the road is the fact that you can't get back home at a moments notice.  The best thing to do is request for home time in advance.  If it is a very important date, like your wedding, arrive days early and stay longer.

So if you got a spouse, parent or child at home with very a serious illness the realities of trucking may not be something you need to deal with. That why you hear me say trucking is a very rewarding career, but it's not for everyone.

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