Realities of Trucking

Read over the entire list of realities about trucking first before you start clicking the links to other pages.  Then start at the top again to click on the links to details that interest you or are important to you. 

You have your personal situation and needs and reasons for considering trucking....and that matters.

Having said all of that, again, it is a wonderful career for the right person.  Don't let any of this stuff scare you, I just want you aware of what you're getting into and in the right frame of mind. 

Trucking is fun ONLY if you're compatible and only discover that knowing what to expect and understand that it IS work.  More to it than driving. 

It's also an adventure, unpredictable and challenging at times....

Can Take a Toll on Your Health

Again, this is where mindset comes in.  You have to be proactive and disciplined to stay healthy.  That ranges from getting proper rest, getting exercise and eating a good diet and even the about you're job performance, relationships and how you handle money

Understand that all these things matter and together form what your experience will be like.  What we are talking about is personal development.  With it you limit stress and make better decisions, without it you suffer in many ways. 


Pay attention to the realities of trucking. Hopefully the pros will out weight the cons for you. Or maybe the realities won't affect you at all because of your situation just allows you to be able to ignore some of them.

If you are single with no family at home, half of your potential challenges are gone. For the rest of you the realities must be carefully considered and thought through as I mention on the disadvantages of becoming a truck driver page.

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Won't be able to get back home in a time in a moments notice

One of the main things to consider if going over the road is the fact that you can't get back home at a moments notice.  The best thing to do is request for home time in advance.  If it is a very important date, like your wedding, arrive days early and stay longer.

If you try to get their just in time, too many things can happen to ruin your plan.

You can't always do this like on regular weekends because it means you will love days of running freight which means lean paychecks.

It's just a matter of logistics, trucking is not a regular 9 to 5 job. You are not around the corner or even in the next town. When emergencies come up you may not be able to get back home.

So if you got a spouse, parent or child at home with very a serious illness the realities of trucking may not be something you need to deal with. That why you hear me say trucking is a very rewarding career, but it's not for everyone.

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