can i become a trucker with no hearing in one ear

by derek st.john
(deltona fl)

my name is derek and iam about to turn 20 and when i turn 21 i want to become a trucker i have one problem though i need to know can you become a truck driver if your hard hearing in the right ear but i can hear 100% in my left i just want to know will i pass the dot if i have hearing problems please let me know and be safe out there trucker and god bless you guys

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Nov 30, 2011
thanks for the info NEW
by: Anonymous

but i have very good hearing in my left ear and iam worryed about not passing my dot this is all i want to do this is my dream to become a trucker if i cant i will be crushed but i hope everything works out for me

Aug 03, 2011
Not likely a problem
by: NickV

If you join a trucking school and its anything like the one I went to you have a couple day grace period where you can say this really just isn't for me. In this grace period you will have to have a drug test and minor to major physical done. They cannot let you drive their trucks until you are clean and have a some what clean bill of health. Usually you won't get the turn and cough at these but be ready when you get a job cause its comin. Anyway, the hearing tests that I have taken all are you sitting or standing and the person testing you backs off about 8-10 yards and whispers something. Usually you can hear this with both ears and its something dumb like left ear, today is monday, right ear, tomorrows tuesday. SO, if you can hear that with the good side while they are testing your other your golden. Back to the grace period, if for some reason you can not pass this test then no harm, no foul see ya later. Don't have to pay them a cent. I know that's not really the goal but trust me there are some horror stories of people getting dooped. Anyway I hope this helps and you need anymore info just ask. Good luck

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