Requirements for becoming a trucker?

by George
(Chattanooga, TN)

I am interested in trucking but I have a few questions. First let me explain a little why I want to become a trucker. Here recently my marriage of 15 yrs has dissolved due to finances and other factors and I let my kids go with their mom because even though they love me a lot I did not want to take them away from friends and the life they have. I will have to move out of the town we live in because jobs are dropping like rain. So I spent a lot of time thinking on what I would like to do and so trucking became perfect for me because I love to travel and I will be able to financially support my children. However, I don't know the requirements for trucking such as criminal BG or traffic Violations. For example my license was suspended because I could not show proof of insurance but I got them back and I do not know how that will effect me. Also probably a year ago I got charged with P.I. because of a family get together with in-laws but I can pay to have it expunged. Since my marriage has dissolved I decided to turn my life around and do what ever it takes to make it better such as turning to God and changing myself for the better!! So if someone out there can give me good advice or direction I sure would be thankful. Thank you


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Nov 02, 2008
by: Jennifer Schnittker


I agree with your last comment--to an extent. Running never changes anything. However, time on the road can be beneficial, this give a lot of room to learn to live with YOURSELF. which is the hardest thing for each and everyone of us to do. We have advice columns on this site to help aide everyone.

None of us can presume to judge where you are in your life, or what changes you need to make. We all honestly need to evaluate ourselves, and deal with our own "demons".

My suggestion to you is this. Look at yourself asking yourself several questions.
1.) Who am I?
2.) What do I have to offer my family
3.) What do I see about myself I can change

Financial problems are one of the #1 reasons couples fight. What is your true reason for driving? Is it to try to "save the marriage?" or is it because financially you cannot make it in your area?

I know that right now the business is very very slow!

As far as driving for a living, it is a good living. You need to look into the companies, figure out how you are going to get your CDL. Are you going through a company, or through a school.

Some of the companies will work with misdemeanor's, and 1 or 2 loss of license. But you have to look into it and find out for yourself.

In your case, It may be a good idea to do some serious soul searching, and looking into companies before you make the jump

Oct 27, 2008
to george
by: big pasadena ca

geogre man running never solves the problem. First truckers say the first year you dont make money as a trucker,so you diggin a deeper hole ,if moneys the problem,second if you love your kids you are'nt going to see them so there a new your personal life has nothing to do with the comments on here if you were listining they all said if you aint going into trucking with a good head here comes road rage george.good luck george women come a dime a dozen thats why i got a gang of change in my pocket.peace

Oct 26, 2008
Requirements for becoming a trucker varies from company to company
by: The Crazy Trucer

Hello George,

First congratulations man for keeping it moving forward and trying to better position yourself in life.

Trucking can be a useful tool in your situation man. Getting away and to yourself in what can be turned into a positive and productive environment is easy and very powerful as a driver. Grab a few motivational cds to listen to while you are on the road.

Also check out American Family Radio. Excellent programming. Those will help make it easier for you to continue in the direction that you WANT to go.

Plus it will give you what you need to help reflect on your past actions which will enable you to improve on yourself. Even allowing you to make better decision in the future. (Decisions that take you to your big picture and your purpose. It just happens.)

"If it sounds like I know from personal experience, its because i do!"

As far as requirements.

The federal requirements can be found here

The requirements beyond that vary from state to state and (what sounds like most important to you)

company to company. You will have to call a few companies and see what type of restrictions they have as far as the record.

Unless you have a felony you should be able to find those that will hire you with no more than you stated on your record.

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