Need to know about lot lizards

by Dean Metz
(Greeley Colorado)

Ok how do lot lizzards as they call them, know when a trucker wants something?Like do they wave,flash lights,keep lights on???Tell me everything please my sister i think is doing it and i wanna know wat goes on.Migh join..Haha jk

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Oct 26, 2012
Do what they do.
by: Anonymous

commenter before me got about all this right they will usually knock on the door of the rig or advertise on the cb with a nickname or as "commercial company" and wait for someone to accept. if they using a cb they will usually sit in the drivers cab thats letting them use the cb til a deal is struck and off she goes for another pay check that she will barely see once the pimp gets ahold of it.

some times but this has sense gone out of style sense more technology came into the picture but they would just walk down the lanes and the driver would flash there lights or honk some would leave something on the door or step or mirror as a signal that they are available and willing if the right deal is struck and most lot lizards will usually leave a bra on the dash to say the driver is occupied and do not disturb.

Apr 23, 2009
Hookers ply their wares.
by: Jimmy

Most hookers advertise over the C.B. radio. Or they walk the lot banging on doors. Or sometimes, them just walking down a row of trucks will be seen by drivers sitting in their truck and the driver will "honk" of flash their lights to attract them over. Some try to get creative and advertise themselves as maids offering to "clean" the interior of the truck. Some ask to use your C.B. or to sit in your truck while they wait for someone. Jimmy

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