dropped trailer at yard and reefer unit stopped working causing load to spoil am i responsible for load?

My boss says I'm responsible for the load until it is delivered. I understand that I am responsible but how can I be responsible when load delivers Monday morning and I go park the truck at their yard on Saturday.

Then go Monday and find the refeer unit off and frozen load of pork is at 98 degrees. I call the boss and I get blamed. Is this even legal he says he is holding my check and sue me for the cost of the load.

Help please anyone

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Oct 11, 2015
depends on the situation
by: DJ skar

Were you told to drop load at yard by company? If so you not responsible they should have staff checking on the units.But if you decided on your own to park truck and trailer in yard because delivers Monday and decided to go out or go home with out permission or consent of company I'm sorry to tell you are responsible for that freight your name its on that contract.

So bottom line its did company gave you permission to drop and go by your business or you took the decision on your own .If so your hit sorry.

Oct 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

There is a couple follow up questions so..

1. If the load was to be delivered by you but you wee directed to your companies yard . Its theres when you drop it at the yard. Not sure what company but mine has us checking on the reefer every 4 hours. If the reefer goes bad and you call your dm and road service. To get it fixed its not on you

2. If you were directed to the yard to drop for someone else to deleiver. When you send in your drop call or what ever your company has for dropping a trailer. They are completely responsible for the load because you were following their instructions. If it has diesel and it was working when you dropped it.

Sep 20, 2015
Checking the load
by: Hervy

You are probably supposed to check the load every so many hours to make sure the reefer is operating correctly at least during the day.

However, I didn't pull reefer and don't know for sure.

As far as the actions he has taken and your level of financial liability, you should consult a lawyer. I am sure insurance is to cover the load and not you personally.

May a reefer driver can elaborate better from experience.

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