Can trucking be a summer job?

by telemoonfa

I'm a teacher looking for a summer job. I don't have my CDL but I'm thinking about getting one. Do you think trucking companies would let me drive for 2-3 months, quit, or go on a leave of absence, and then maybe come back the next summer?

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Jul 27, 2019
Seasonal job.
by: Stephen A. Burnett

To the teacher looking for seasonal work. A contractor like myself would be the best place to obtain seasonal work in the summer time. Since I am an owner operator having someone operate my truck for a few months would give me the time to do some other things I enjoy doing such as theatrical stage productions.

Feb 24, 2015
Try another route NEW
by: Anonymous

To the teacher looking to get his CDL and working for the summer. There is CDL driver shortage true but, The driver qualification process is more stringent than ever. I would highly doubt you would find employment without any experience. Companies that hire seasonally want a driver that can come in do the job with little or no training. Seasonal jobs are usually fast paced and stressful. If I was you teacher, I would look into the food service part of trucking and work as a driver helper those guys make 13 to 18 bucks an hour and you don't have to pay for a license that doesn't get used 3/4 of the year. summer months are the busiest for the food service trucking jobs. Good luck wish you well

Dec 04, 2014
Seasonal driving jobs NEW
by: Anonymous

To the teacher looking for summer driving job. The trucking industry is experiencing a unprecedented driver shortage, I have been around this industry 41 years now in all capacities . You should have no trouble finding what you want the drawback is will have to work for large companies who tend to pay less. My suggestion is get your license at a program not owned by these companies. (ie community college, private school ) then contact the companies get in there training program but be very clear about the fact you want to work summers only and maybe your holiday time off. All they can do is say no.

Dec 12, 2009
Seasonal Trucking jobs
by: Hervy

Telemoonfa if you're near Phoenix you may be able to find a temporary staffing company for CDL holders. They are becoming more and more popular.

Jimmy's right most companies want full time drivers.

However, you never know if a company has special needs.

Pick up your yellow pages and scan the manufacturers or get a list of manufacturers from your local chamber of commerce. As you're scanning try and think which ones might have a higher need for shipping in the summer or for regional drivers and give them a call.

For example, you see their products in local stores. Another example...they might sale seasonal produce.

Also, since you are currently employed and seem to be responsible maybe you might want to learn about running your own transportation service.

When talking to them ask other questions about parcel loads etc. You might end up finding out you need to buy a straight truck or a tractor just provide a service that is not currently available to the area.

Where you don't find what you need sometimes providing that need to others is a bigger opportunity for you. Many people start businesses with this way of thinking and action.

Get a pad and make the calls before someone beats you to it!

Also, you can run cheap ads in some classified papers. Put an ad in saying that you are seeking to be a professional driver only for the summer months.

I am sure there are well established older owner ops who would like to take extended time off in the summer and let their trucks continue making money.

Especially if they had reason to believe in a good driver. You being a teacher is a plus. I will help an O/O believe that you are responsible and mature enough to have the right perspective to handle the situation and take good care of his/her equipment.

I bet you there are plenty of owner ops out there wishing they had someone to drive part time, but they just don't think to advertise for that.

Put it this way...that is exactly what I will be looking for in the future.

Update: This is a page I created for people looking for a seasonal truck driving job. List your information here with your email.seasonal truckers looking for work

Dec 09, 2009
thanks for the information about seasonal trucking work
by: telemoonfa

thanks jimmy

Dec 08, 2009
Can you find summer trucking jobs?
by: Jimmy

No,companies want dedicated employees. You would have to find an O/O that wants to take some time off and who wants a seasonal driver to fill in. Jimmy

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