Free training in Greensboro NC.. When are training classes sheduled for 2010

by Don Navajo Freight
(Oneonta NY USA)

Hervy.... Am interested in your free training in Greensboro NC...When are these classes held???? Is the training all indoor in a classroom setting, or does the student get a chance to actually get a chance to, at least, sit in a big rig 18wheeler ... I would travel from Albany NY area to attend one of your classes...
when and where do I sign up?????

Love your website.....

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Apr 14, 2010
training classes
by: Hervy

Hey Don just in case you miss my email I will post here for you to check it. I am in NC right now out in DUNN and Rockymount tomorrow before heading out.

I never did set up for a class in April, been working on a CD to try and help all us drivers think a little better, finally finished. Will send you a copy with the DVDs when I get them together. Working on some other stuff now already but I am going to get some of that footage together for you to help with your diesel fuel cravings. :o)

Maybe I will meet you guys when you come to NC. I'll email me the date you plan on coming.

Feb 27, 2010
Free training in Greensboro and Buffalo
by: Don Navajo Freight

Thanks to all.....

Hervy... If you were coming from Buffalo NY(or Albany)on I-90 and at Schenectady you picked up I-88 west towards Binghamton.... I-88 would carry you through Oneonta NY... that's my stomping grounds....
Thanks for your info re free training...Back in the sixties, I went to Tractor Trailer Training and it got into my blood...I passed but, I don't even think they had CDL's back then.. I wanted to hit the road and "go west young man" .. I was going to drive a big rig until I kicked the bucket... but couldn't make it work. Family concerns and all..... but its still in my a mistress called the road... I'm 70 and time is running out for me and if there's one thing I'd like to do before I go see the Great Spirit, its drive a big rig.. now you talk about virtually impossible dreams...I am studying for my cdl.. the works.. tankers, combinations (doubles run I-90 all the time) and hazmat... in my dreams if I can get a drop and hook regional run, I'd be a really happy camper....I still need to go to a Truck DRiver as you can see this is all some kind of passion thing and I don't even know if it would ever work out.. but the journey is still fun even if I fall flat on my face......
My folks live in New Bern NC... I could easily come to your class in Greensboro in April,, I am a native tar heel living in these NY mountains which I love too .. it would be great to meet you.... so I'll be looking for info about your class .I have sent for your DVD, so can't wait to get that...My wife thinks Ive lost all my marbles but is happy for my love of the big rigs.. Any how take care.... to you and all your buddies who answered my call.... you're all a great bunch..

God Bless ... Be careful... We did what we could for Jason's Law....

Don Navajo Freight...(We were brokers for Navajo back in the sixties.. I was a billing clerk back then)

Feb 25, 2010
Free trucking training well more like orientation
by: Hervy

Hey Don,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to ya. Jimmy had alerted me to your questions and I fell asleep last nite before I could respond then I booted around this morning thinking that I had xtra time with all the snow and the people showed up to unload on time! LOL (forgot I was in New York, it's nothing to them, I mean to yous guys!)

I headed to Buffalo man, don't know where you are in NY and don't know where I will load up at this evening but I will try to log back on this eve.

The classes are not designed to prepare people to take the CDL exam or teach them to drive but rather to reinforce the concept that the website and DVD covers.

Primarily I will take questions and answers about the trucking life and address any other concerns that I may have overlooked on the DVD or on the website or even how what people have read and how it will effect the people in their personal situations.

It's more of an orientation to trucking than training for someone who wants to become a driver.

Trucking Life Bootcamp if you will.


I will have another class probably in April, will post it on that same page prior to.

And actually if enough people come to me before then interesting in having a class, meeting I will make time to do it.

Check back to that page within 2 weeks I probably need to do some work to it to be more clear and get something organized. Just been so busy lately.

I really appreciate your interest.


Feb 24, 2010
Don from N.Y.
by: Jimmy

Hey, Don, I'll e/mail Hervy and let him know about your request. You're talking about his class that he gives, right? Jimmy

Feb 23, 2010
training classes
by: Thomas

The Comm. College that I went to was: It's a five weeks long class. 8am-5pm Mon.-Sat. You spend one hour of class time, and seven hours in or by the trucks and trailers.

P.S I know I'm not Hervy...but I hope this helps.

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