do usxpress hire gay black men

by michel jones

we are 2 guys who love trucking an we are newly married looking for a team company to have a career with an not to be look upon as different.

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Aug 28, 2010
it shouldnt matter what you do in the privacy of your own truck
by: Anonymous

I dont see why your sexual orientation should have anything to do with your ability to drive a truck, i mean no one has to know your sexual preference do they i mean i dont go around telling people so why should you have too. its no ones business if you do the job and perform it well there shouldnt be a problem.

I would keep it to myself and keep your personal life personal. For your protection as in the case of the last comment on here i would be fearful for you. there are ignorant people everywhere no matter their profession .

I pray for your safety and hope you find what it is that you are looking for . God bless

Aug 28, 2010
Do as u will
by: American Trucker

I'm a 25yr Owner Op an Educator.

Everyone has something stupid to say on the road.
You just do for you.

Aug 27, 2010
Gay Black Men
by: Dennis Shipman

I will take a stab at this - no pun intended. Although harsh working conditions, low pay and extended absences away from home have motivated many trucking companies to employ novel recruitment efforts i.e., automatic transmissions targeted toward female drivers primarily but some male drivers like 'em as well trucking at its core is still a testosterone driven profession.

So, you will be "looked at differently," and if you're lucky, subjected to simply negative comments not outright violence. I used to run with a company that will remain unnamed who had a middle aged driver with a grown daughter half way into a sex change operation.

I with hold all comments relative to his appearance, but suffice it to say that every truck stop I pulled into, I had to physically intervene because the guy or gal was always embroiled in some nonsense with one of our less tolerant drivers.

So, though I am loathe to tell anyone how to live their lives, or express their sexuality, I would advise you and your lover to think long and hard about entering our profession for your own sake... Best of luck. 10-4?

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