Is it dangerous for an attractive woman to be an over the road trucker?

by Maria

How much risk or danger is involved when the truck driver is a woman? What I have in mind are the overnight stays at truck stops, sleeping in the truck cab, etc.

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Jul 04, 2014
What about exercise? NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a young and very attractive woman who can be very naive sometimes. I am just about to start OTR driving. I like to stay in shape. I want to be able to walk laps around the truck stop without having to worry about being "attacked." Is that possible? Also can I get out of my truck at night to go to the bathroom, ect?

Nov 27, 2010
Dangers of trucking
by: Kourtney

It's not dangerous you should just be more cautious and aware I'm 23 and I was a victim of rape at a truck stop I don't know if the guy was another driver or what but thankfully the trucker next to me heard me and came and helped me I wound up getting pregnant but seriously don't worry about it it's so uncommon that most other women iv met don't even think about it, like I said just be cautios and aware

Aug 20, 2010
by: Maria

Thank you everyone for answering.

Aug 20, 2010
The Dangers of being an attractive trucker
by: Hervy

Trucking in my opinion for an attractive woman is not much more dangerous than trucking is for any woman which is not a whole lot more dangerous than it is for a male driver.

Now....a woman, especially attractive should be well aware of her surroundings especially alone doing anything in unfamiliar places. Shopping malls out of town, visiting the movies solo, etc.
Even more so at night and/or in secluded area.

It is a sign of the times that we live in.

As far as trucking you won't be alone, your surrounded by other truckers.

Now...I can guarantee you that you will be harassed in some way either directly or indirectly with comments not necessarily in the best taste.... but i seriously doubt you have to worry about being in danger.

At least not by another driver.
(3.2 million drivers, of course there is a couple of lunatics but we are talking about majority here) IF something were to go down, the perpetrator would not have a chance, as other truckers would be all over him.

I have never heard of an incident with a female driver that involved being assaulted by another driver, sure it has happened somewhere but it's so uncommon that I have not heard of it.

Now....On the radio, will be your biggest problem. No matter how professional you carry yourself. You WILL be harassed on the CB.

Just don't take it personal and unless you are only doing it for entertainment, don't even respond to the ignorance.

As far as daily activities you find that your attitude and demeanor will have a lot to do how you are treated face to face.

You can stay to yourself but if you are a people person you don't need to do that unless you just want to. You don't have to avoid other truckers.

I am in the truck a lot because I write but when I am out and mingling you would be amazed at the people you will meet(and the stories you will hear).

Most of the truckers are really cool people wishing to experience the same things you are in life and in their career....

happiness, a little money and some peace.

In other words, go for it.

Aug 18, 2010
~Attractive Or Not~
by: ~Old School Homegirl~

I agree with the driver who commented before me. You asked if it was dangerous to be an attractive OTR female driver. In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether you're attractive, or not...female or male. The job can be dangerous, regardless. I did very well solo. I mainly stuck to myself, however, I did get out when I had laundry that needed to be done...or when I had time to sit down at the truck restaurant and have a meal. I was always on guard, though. If you're looking for trouble, you can always find it, however, sometimes it may find guard. Your safety is not guaranteed, so it's best to do all that's in your power to stay one step ahead of anything and anyone willing to jeopardize your safety. Stay beautiful.

Aug 18, 2010
by: NickV

If you want drama or trouble at a truck stop it isnt hard to find. If you want to keep to yourself and stay safe then thats possible also. Its all up to you and how you conduct yourself. If you want to get on the cb and act an idiot then your gonna rub someone the wrong way. But if you pull in, take your shower, eat your dinner, go to your truck and lock the doors and watch a movie you will be fine. Believe it or not alot of us drivers arent as bad as you think. In fact I may even go as far to say if someone were to try and mug you on the way back to your truck you would more than likely have 3 to 4 drivers actually jump in and save your life. I speak for myself by saying you or any other female could be my fiance or mother out there. I respect women drivers, its a rough industry, and takes a strong woman to do this work not only physically but mentally. Problem I have is when they pull into the truck stop and start running their mouth on the cb and then some dirt bag starts talking nasty and they wonder why. Unfortunetly a cb is strickly a work related tool for a female and not for amusement purposes late at night when your bored. There are truckers out there that as soon as they hear a female voice over the waves they are going to start talking to you, no doubt. We spend long periods of time away from our girlfriends, fiance's, and wives and to hear a woman's voice can excite some men, lets be honest. Best advice is stay off the radio if you dont want attention. As far as being dangerous you would more than likely have an escort every time you felt the need for one if you asked. There are alot of really good guys out there that are married or taken and keep it that way and are actually just out to help.
In closing if being a trucker is what you want to do then go for it. Its really not as bad as you think out there. Like I said if you want trouble its there, just like everything else. If you look for it, you will find it. If you use the truck stop as a place to eat, clean up and sleep you will be fine

Aug 19, 2010
Avoiding Danger As A Female Trucker
by: Pat

I think a woman in a male dominated industry can face some dangers out there, but as the previous comments indicate, there are ways to avoid some of the dangers out there. Keeping your wits about you is the first thing. Make sure you don't knowingly put yourself in rough situations (ie stopping for the night in unlit areas, making it known that you are alone and vulnerable, talking trash with other drivers, etc.) But this advice can be used in any industry, not just trucking. The main thing, like others have said before is to carry yourself in a way as not to make yourself an attractive target. You can really have fun and stay safe too if you just pay attention and keep a watchful eye out.

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