Can you help me better understand these frieght rates?

by Chris
(New Oxford PA)

Hello again, this is Chris from PA. I took your advice and logged onto They gave me some good information about reefer loads from PA to TX and Tx back to PA.

Basically they gave me a rate of $2.35 per mile from pa to Texas, about a 1600 mile run. The load from Mcallen to PA was 1800 miles and $3.25 per mile.

Now they did not factor in running these loads with a team. Now would running a team get more money for a shorter delivery time?

And are these quotes usually on the lower end of the pay per mile structure because they are trying to move freight as cheap as possible?

Thank you for your help


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Mar 09, 2011
I got you now Chris
by: Hervy

I was answering your other Question while you were typing that!
o/o vs lease.

The answer is yes Chris, you can still make make money running your own trucking outfit. Despite the fact that I just heard the guy on NPR this morning saying that independents were hurting because of the fuel.

When I was an owner operator I used to love when the fuel went up because I made a profit on the surcharge.

So I guess one of the main things you would need to check with TQL (which i looked at, seems great) or any other 3rd party logistics you were to use also gives you a fuel surcharge to cover high fuel prices.

Other than that, the numbers aren't lying man.

The reason you hear of so many people not making it is because they don't save their money for problems like breakdowns. Or they will go with a large carrier and run for pennies.

To do what you stated your own authority and the 3rd party boards is what I would do.

Now what you also need to make sure of is the runs that you want are consistently available. If that is the case. Go for it!

Oh, as far as teams. You'll to find hot loads or expedited freight runs to get paid more for getting it there.

If there are anymore questions man feel free to ask.

And no staff man.

Jimmy and Nick V, Carl, Dennis and the other guys and gals her are just giving back. we all are giving back and trying to make the industry better. Like you are by asking questions before jumping in.

Mar 09, 2011
Freight Rates
by: Chris

Hello this is Chris from PA. My situation is this, I am currently not in the business. Iam a professional fireman looking into the business of trucking. I want to learn as much as I can before I make a decision about getting into the business or not. I want to thank you and your staff for providing me with some very good information.

Being a paid fireman, I already have benefits and healthcare so not looking for that or job security. I am purely looking at the numbers to determine if there is enough profit to cover my costs and still having something to invest.

Because of my work schedule, I work a 24 hour on and 48 hour off schedule. I can get off anytime I want so I can be flexible with how I run. I can't afford to work for a major carrier because they would have me on the road too long and I would run the risk of losing my gravy train at the firehouse.

I am looking into setting up my own authority because I haven't been able to get hired as a part time driver. I have looked into every expense possible, insurance, taxes, twic cards, and so forth. I believe the reefer lanes with produce is a money maker currently with approx 25% less trucks available right now. I also have other drivers available so I dont have to be behind the wheel all the time. I have talked with and Total Quality Logistics and everyone is screaming for trucks.

Is this the right time and the right move?

Mar 09, 2011
Wait, I need to understand better
by: Hervy

Lol, Chris

what are you doing man? I should have asked this before.

Are you a company team?
If so do you get paid percentage based on what the load pays?

Owner operator running team?

That rate is supposed to be the cheapest rate because they actually are serving prices to people who want to ship not haul.

That means if you were charging someone to haul, you might want to try and get more than what they quoted.

If you are a team, and can get there quicker they won't pay you anymore automatically.

You probably can't even negotiate more based on getting there early unless you know it's a hot load. (needed right away)

I am not sure you even need to be concerned with this info though.

If you are driving for a company, they will pay you a split of whatever they pay you to run.

I don't know if I answer your question because I don't really understand what situation your dealing with. Or if your asking the right question.

holla back

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