can i get employment insurance if i quit a job?

i want to know if you can get employment insurence if you quit a job cause it was not safe to drive the dump truck

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Aug 24, 2011
Employment insurance
by: Vicki Simons


Based on your question about "employment insurance" (EI) and my research, it appears as though you may be in Canada:

You may wish to read more about EI here:

One statement of interest on that second page is: "To be entitled to receive regular EI benefits, I need to have lost my employment through no fault of my own. What does this mean?"

If you voluntarily quit your job, you may not be eligible, but you'll need to read more on the page to be certain.

According to this page (in the USA)
"You might be able to collect unemployment benefits if you have a very good reason for quitting. The reason must be serious enough that most people in your situation would quit. It could be because of something that was happening at work..."

However, let's back up and look at your situation. You are wise for knowing when a truck is unsafe to drive. If you have already quit your job, you won't be able to undo what you did, but here's what you could have done differently and what may help you in the future.

First, it would have been better to let your employer (your trucking company) know about the unsafe condition of the truck. If you didn't, then they may hire someone else to drive it who may not know it is unsafe. This just perpetuates the problem.

Second, it would have been better if you had documented your requests that your company fix the unsafe truck. That way, you have a "paper trail" as evidence to prove that you'd done all you could to get the problems fixed.

If Canadian trucking restrictions are anything like they are in the USA (especially under CSA,, then it may not be long before the unsafe truck is found by the authorities. Under CSA, not only is the trucking company held responsible but so is the driver.

The problem with quitting a job for a trucker is that the former employer can not only provide a bad reference but also put something bad on your DAC report (assuming that Canada does things the same way that the USA does). A bad reference or report can harm your future chances for success in the trucking industry (that is, harm your chance of getting another truck driving job).

Hopefully, you haven't yet quit your job and will be able to resolve the issues without problems.

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons

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