can i get back to otr driving after 2 dwis?

by Carlos
(Hermann, Mo. U.S.A.)

I got a 2nd dwi in Iowa August 2011, unfortunately I was in a company truck at the time however I was parked at the time. the dwi apparently was never reported to my home state of Mo. nor did Iowa take my license, as it does not show up on my drivers record which I usually check twice a year. My cdl expired in 2013 but because of owing on the fines and still completing the substance abuse courses along with financial problems( unemployed) I could not renew them at the time .I have taken all the written tests but need to take them again as it has been over a year since I took them I can't afford to pay for refresher training on my on and I was curious as to what my options are and is it possible to get back to driving otr again? I have been sober since that incident , also before my license expired I was stopped twice by the mo state patrol and once by a local sheriff ( all 3 stops were not for moving violations ,but because of car trouble ) and when they pulled up my record it dit not show up then either , what can I do I really miss trucking and it' is really really difficult to live and support a family on the money I make around where I live

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