Why do companies want you to have no suspensions within the past 3 years???? This was before my CDL

by D. Ortega
(Topeka, KS)

Have my class A CDL, but in the past i have had 2 suspensions on my mvr within the last 3 years.

Why is it that most companies want your license with no suspensions in the past 3 years. I just got my cdl on May 21, 2013. My suspensions came on my regular driver's license before my cdl.

Don't know where to even begin looking for companies. I have tried Schneider and a couple other trucking companies and they tell me the same thing!!!!

What should i do????

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Jul 02, 2013
responsibilty NEW
by: Anonymous

how responsible are you with their 100K plus truck?
cant even keep your license why should they trust you?

in short shows you are irresponsible, just my 2 cents.

Jul 02, 2013
Why have standards? NEW
by: Hervy

D they are probably just not sure about the reason a person gets 2 suspensions in 2 years. They don't know if that is the record of someone who has no concern for following the law or not.

Don't take it personal. They have to have standards in order to draw that line on what they consider risky for them. (Don't forget they don't know you or the real story behind the issues)

With all of that being so recent, they don't even have the comfort in drawing the conclusion that your are not the same person. Time is the only thing that they can immediately take into account to determine one of those other suspensions might have been a mistake or you have changed whatever thinking that made it possible to get those suspensions so close together.

Again, none of this is personal, but all you have to do is put yourself in their position to get an idea of how they are looking at it. Not from your position. You know the full story from your point of view already.

About what to do next.

Try smaller trucking companies that may not get as many applicants. But I will tell you, it's going to be extremely hard with 2 suspensions on your record that recent. You also might want to consider this, what type of trucking company would hire someone with two suspensions on their record that recent. It probably will be one where it is so bad that they can't treat drivers, most good trucking companies would judge it to be a great risk.

So even while you are looking I would also look for other work to do while time passed since your last suspension. You might try a moving company or local company with trucks. That way you can start driving there after proving you are responsible and so forth.

You will have a better chance getting in the door that way since you will have a history with the company when you apply for the trucking position. Just make sure the history that you have with them is a positive one.

Keep your head up and keep making moves even if you have to take the long route, it's not a dead end. See what you can learn from the obstacles and get growing.

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