Past DUI charge! Is a trucking career possible?

by Richard
(Lou. KY)

Hello, first let me say thank you for providing this website that is full of info on the trucking career path.

I have a DUI on my record from about two years ago, is it possible for me to become a truck driver ever? This is the only criminal incident that I have on my record.


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Mar 27, 2010
My DUI is 9 years old.
by: Go Cat Dave

I have a similar concern. My DUI conviction is from 2001, 9 years ago. Would most companies pass on me because of this? I have been clean and sober in AA for 7 years. I would like to begin truck driving training, but not if I will be unable to find work when I get my CDL. Any thoughts, would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Go Cat Dave

Jan 09, 2009
past dui
by: jimmy

Hey Richard, how's those pretty horses down there in ky? Almost any co. will turn you away when you tell them about a recent DUI. Yeah, two years ago is considered recent. You will have to wait for 7 years more than likely. However, there just might be a small o/o fleet type guy that would take you on. All you have to do is find him. It's the insurance co.s that have the last say.....Jimmy

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