Are there any companies that will consider you with 3 preventables in 6 months especially if very minor

3 very minor preventable accidents.

One, bumped a wooden railing.

Two, clipped a landscape rock that rolled under trailer and damaged brake chamber.

Third, trailer made contact with grill of another truck--minor damage.

Am I black balled from industry? None occurred on roadways.

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Feb 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am feeling the same way. On my DAC has three minor incidents in a year, plus two more , that the consignee is blaming me for the damages that were already on the docs wall when I got to the place. Its hurt ! Therefore ,I am having a hard time to get a good job.

Something must be done , some lawmakers must look for us, the drivers. They need to stop those corporation , they can put on our DAC whatever they want ! They are making huge profits from the government for putting new drivers behind the wheel, they do not need us!

I am like you. I have a lot of money and time invested on it, and I bet that out there are many more drivers in the same situation.It is frustration.

Jan 25, 2012
DAC Report
by: Anonymous

They are listed on the DAC report as "crashes". In 6-months I delivered over 120 loads cross-country. That's 240 back-ins at shipper and receiver.

Probably another 100+ back-ins at truck stops late at night--usu. no lighting-packed, close quarters. All types of terrain, West Virginia to LA. Apparently, the trucking companies use this DAC to sweep out drivers and start process over with new candidates at 25 cents a mile. I am not alone.

I know of other drivers who have the same situation. I feel deceived and frustrated. I am a safe driver with no incidents on streets or roadways. My DOT report (PSP) is clear. Any suggestions?

I have a lot of time (AND MONEY) invested. Thanks.

Jan 24, 2012
Incidents or accidents
by: Hervy

So are they listed as accidents or incidents?

either way, I think you will have a hard time finding a trucking company who will take the chance on you.


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