Dangers of trucking

I wanted to ask what do you consider the dangers of your occupation. I have seen health but what other issues and problems?

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Nov 14, 2008
Solid answer
by: Anonymous

This is a very important answer and welcomed thank you.

Oct 08, 2008
The Dangers of Trucking

The dangers of trucking are

driver fatigue
drivers not paying attention to surroundings (driving and off duty)

Try to get the rest you need to do the job safely. If you feel yourself drifting off stop as soon as possible. Drink a cup of coffee or an energy drink if you can't get a few hours of sleep. Then take a nap for 30 - 45 mins if possible.

By the time you wake up the coffee or energy drink will have kicked in and you should be alert enough to make it to where you will need to be.

Other drivers may not be so responsible so you must constantly scan the highway and try to position yourself to not be an undesirable predicaments. (Don't ride in clusters of traffic)

This will not guarantee your safety but it is something you can do to help.

Also be aware of your surroundings when you park at nite. If possible try not to park in dark areas by yourself. Make sure to always lock your door when you go to sleep. (Just in case, in 10 years I have had no problems but I have read about robberies, hijack, etc.)

You also must watch for people's drifting and impeding traffic. This usually means that they are reading or talking on the phone. The same people would swear on a bible that neither affects their performance or ability to be fully attentive to driving.

I have been using cells since bag phones and every now and then I can still catch times when I am distracted if only for a second. A second is all it takes on the road. I limit use during rush hour or in inclement weather and sometimes won't answer at all depending on traffic, weather and condition of roads.

Anybody that thinks cell use, texting or talking, reading, putting on make up, eating, while driving has absolutely no impact on their ability to perform %100 is a fool.

Most of us do more than one of these things (me included)but admitting the truth about it and not making it a normal habit as oppose to trying to convince others there no need to address the issue is ridiculous.

whew, see what you started? (I couldn't say all that in Yahoo answers)


Trucking is really not as dangerous as most people think. It is more dangerous by nature than many jobs though.

Just the fact that you will be driving so many mile every day make the danger a reality. It's not something that you should let you keep you from becoming a driver if that's what you want to do.

Hope this helped
Holla back

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