can my employer make me pay him back for fines he paid?

During my second week with the company I had a tire fly off the trailer which ended up with getting 5 tickets.

1 was for being overweight due to not having a certain paper in the truck stating I could carry more than 8000lbs so I was 45% over.

The others were for the mechanical issues with the truck tires.. just starting out I didn't know about the paper for weight and obviously mechanical issues weren't my fault.

My boss intends to go to court with me and take care of the fines for me since they weren't my fault. I was wondering if I were to find a different job could he make me pay that money back for the fines?

I'm not happy with being on the road and away from my family, I thought I could do it but its really taking a toll on my family so I wanted to look for a different job but I don't want these fines to hang over my head. Especially the overweight limit one which I hear is a 50,000 dollar fine.

What is the best way to deal with this situation?

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