can i buy just a tractor to start out trucking and find plenty of work?

Does Power Only Pay Enough

Does Power Only Pay Enough

Can i buy just a tractor to start trucking and find people that want their trailers pulled?

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Feb 02, 2023
Can Power Only Freight Pay Enough to Live Off
by: The Crazy Trucker

Well when you buy just the tractor and look for freight to haul, what you look for is called power only freight.

Things you have to consider is how much you need to earn to be comfortable. Meaning pay your bills and put money away to save.

And the next thing is do you live in an area that would have enough power only freight.

Mostly only large cities would have enough freight to keep you busy with decent paying freight.

Some drives uses JB Hunt and Amazon and main sources of freight. Amazon once paid pretty good. Last I used them it was pathetic.

JB Hunt has some decent rates every now and then. But you have to go someone to pick up a trailer to take with you to pick up your load. You have no idea where they will send you to pick up a trailer until you accept the load! It might be better if you're in their box360 program.

You can test your area by checking the load boards for your area. Search for power only freight.

I am in a great area Greensboro NC and I can tell you that there is always some freight here to haul but I refuse to haul it because it doesn't pay enough for me.

My trailer was in the shop for months and I lucked up and finally found a tanker situation which only lasted during summer then it was over.

So it's kind of a hit and miss. Best thing to do though is check your load board every day for power only to see the availabity.

Also remember, you will need to consider wherever you haul that trailer to with some of the power only carriers, you drop the trailer. Then you have to find another power only to keep moving.

I've hauled power only doing Food Lion, PPG, Prime intermodal, Containers, Amazon,

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