deep do-do

by Ben There

I drove Truck reefer/tanker/flatbed&lowboy years ago,but there is one thing I could never figure out.Please don't take it personal , because I'm speaking in general and to no one in perticular but , why is it when you get arround a loading dock,or truck stop or anywhere drivers gather the do-do is so deep? Now if you've been driving long you know exactly what I mean.Why Truckers have altered the field of Physics by bringing depth to a new dimension!

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Jun 22, 2009
Deeeeeep do-do.
by: Jimmy

That's the first thing I noticed when I got into trucking. Every driver I met knew everything there was to know about everything. I wondered why these guys were truck drivers instead of college professors.

Even until this day, I have never met a trucker that could not drive coast to coast in 36 hrs, solo, and drink more beer and get more women and dodge more scales and......... One flatbedder on another site even says he regularly loads pipe, chains it AND tarps it and signs paperwork in under 30 minutes. Amazing feat. Jimmy

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