Can I take methadone and drive locally cmv if I take my medicine at night time when I'm not actually driving

by Brent Thompson
(Moody al)

Can I take methadone and drive?

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Oct 19, 2016
The comment below...
by: Anonymous

is a crass way of summing it up, but it's on point

If you have an issue with drugs of these nature, I would consider rehab...and then the Class A

You put the public at risk with drugs like Methadone, etc

and of all the drugs, Methadone has the longest half life

No matter what happens, it will be in your system

Even a Suboxone patch will create mental issues, but is a lot less toxic

Being bright eyed and bushy tailed... no ball and chains of pharmacies and pharmaceuticals is the best way to approach this particular career

How would you feel if your mom and dad, or your kids and wife, whatever, were flying in a commercial plane that was traveling from one end of the country to another.. and you knew the pilot was under the influence of methadone... and basically had some kind of a drug problem?

Sep 08, 2016
Methadone is an Opioid..
by: Anonymous

That being said, it does not come up in a typical DOT drug screen. Neither does Hydrocodone, Percoset, Oxycodone, etc...

The DOT drug screen test for Methamphetamine, (Crytal) Opiates, Cocaine, THC (Marijuana) and for some odd reason, PCP.... also amphetamines

Here's the rub; If your doctor is prescribing a drug for you like an Opioid (which many doctors do).. they will usually add a "not likely" clause, to alleviate themselves from being implicated in a lawsuit.

So, no it doesnt come up in a drug test, and legally you are (sort of) O.K to drive on it...

Now, let's say that you are involved in an accident. Maybe it's your fault, maybe it's not.

Let's aay the accident is NOT your fault. A drunk driver pulls out right in front of you and you T-bone him. They take you in for a drug test, Methadone is NOT found... yet.

An attorney will ask for a FULL DRUG PANEL and a complete disclosure of meds. This is where the problem lies. It wasn't your fault, but now people are looking at you sideways. Pretty soon, you are the drug addict driving a commercial vehicle and the drunk dude is an Angel.

You see where I'm going with this?

This whole thing about "Methadone at night, blah blah blah..." it doesnt matter. Methadone has an INSANE half-life... like nearly a week, so limiting to a time frame in this case is irrelevent.

Also, most doctors won't prescribe Methadone to a driver as the effective amount is nearly the same as the lethal amount. Easy to overdo it.

Also, Methadone is supposed to be used for rehab, so if you are using it for that purpose, this make s you look (once again) like a drug addict.

How did you get hired? Did you decide NOT to disclose your drug info? I mean, that's O.K as far as HIPPA and your rights are concerned... UNTIL... you are involved in an accident, which these days, is highly probable in your career.

So, if you did NOT disclose this information, the Insurance company for your carrier is NOT going to cover your "incident'... God forbid you have one.

Now the cost is on you.. among other things.

I understand (more than you know) that Methadone may very well have given you your life back, etc, etc... but how long can you go without it? Most prescriptions are based on clinics to dispense the drug.

I understand that you did not ask for all of this information, but I am telling you like it is and what the consequences are for using it while on the road.

Your reasoning may be totally valid, but once again, in an accident or "incident'... the drug will definitely play an important role in who is "at fault" and these are things you need to consider.

You asked a question, but i believe you need to take a different perspective on this issue, especially as a commercial driver, whose job it is to rack up the miles and spend your life on the road. it's not like you are sitting in an office all day, and oddly enough, office jobs have a tendency these days to test for EVERYTHING because the younger generation has the tendency to use illicit drugs.. and drugs without a prescription.

I know that Methadone is probably one of the hardest drugs to titrate from, or get off of (especially without the help of a rehab facility)

But if I were you, I would list driving under the influence of methadone as something akin to "playing with fire"

This might not be the right profession for you. I know that you might think I'm full of shit and that I am talking out my ass... but I will tell you this much: I worked as a Safety and Compliance manager for a very large trucking company for nearly 10 years. I kind of know what I'm talking about.

Tough situation. I understand that you need the Methadone. I also understand what happens if you DONT take it. Its like driving with a ball and chain around your ankle. YOu dont want to stray too far from home... you dont want to run DO need to work.. you DONT want to be a drug addict.... that's life.

This is my opinion. Curious to hear what others have to say on the matter.

Sep 07, 2016
Hell no
by: Anonymous


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