Does a person without any CDL experience have a DAC report?

by Jeff
(Edmond, OKlahoma, USA)

I am attempting to apply for school and they are asking for 10 years of accident history. I got my DMV report and it only goes back 3 years in my state. I haven't lived anywhere but here in Oklahoma. How am I supposed to give them the information that they are asking for, accurately, if I don't have the information myself and can't get access to it?

Does this information request only apply to CDL license holders? They do offer a refresher course there. I don't have any experience yet. I don't have a driver history accept for my personal vehicle. If they want that information then how do I give it to them with out appearing to be dishonest?

I can't remember the dates exactly. I feel like i am in a catch 22 situation here. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I need to apply asap if I am to get into the February time slot they have open.

Many thanks you guys.

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Dec 03, 2011
Driving record.....
by: Jimmy

Welcome to the site.....In Ca. you can get 2 DMV histories, one for 3 years and one for 10 years. So see if Ok. has a 10 year history. I think you are referring to a 10 year job history.

I wouldn't be too concerned about a 10 year DMV history if Ok. doesn't have it. I know Az. only has 39 months. But, Insurance co's have a way to go back forever (almost).

Tell the school, they will have worked with previous students and should be aware of the 3 year DMV history. Jimmy

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