how do team drivers get lot lizards?

by stephanie
(dallas tx)

If there are team drivers and one wants to discreetly use a lot lizard, how could this be done?

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Jan 08, 2012
About your persuit of Lot Lizards
by: Anonymous

First of all, do you really need it or can you 'Handle' it yourself, after all, it is the finished product you are looking for....'Production', Management','Advertisement','Packaging','Shipping', Handling' and 'Customer Satisfaction'.

Lot Lizards can give you many things....But service is not one of their strong selling points, if you buy from them, you have no guarantees. "Think about that in it's full context". What are the many things they can give you?

A visit to a Doctor to ask why your "tallywhacker" is dripping? I'm pretty sure your $20 could go to something better, like the homeless Vets.

Ask yourself if it is in your best interest!
Sincerely, Truckerman
(Flatbed Connoisseur)

Dec 22, 2011
lot lizards
by: Anonymous

Personally, you have to seek that discreetly your disgusting! Open yourself up to a death sentence, and also set your self up for an arrest with the undercover stings they do and loose your job!

All I can say is have at it! Be reading about you as an arrest in the paper, or the death notice from aids !

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