February usually a down month for truckers?

by Bob

I work for a moving company in Michigan. It is my first year. They said I'll be down for February but things should pick up. Is that normal for the trucking industry or am I looking at being out of work longer because of the economy. My company is national and I am concerned about being out of a job. Can anyone give me some hope?

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Feb 04, 2009
Bob's not working
by: Jimmy

Hey Bob, Hervy gave you excellent info. I'll just add that the first three months of the year are slow times for the moving industry. People are recuperating from the holidays and getting ready for tax season. As you know, summer is when people move. If you stay in the moving business, plan for it. Allow for no income in February. Jimmy

Feb 04, 2009
slow times for trucking companies
by: hervy

The winter time is usually a slow time for trucking companies Bob. So there is truth to what the are telling you.

It is also entirely likely that the slow economy also contributed to them just telling you to take the whole month off.

It's hard to say whether your company is in jeopardy of going under or if you are about to be canned. Have a meeting with your people in the office over there and let them know your concern about the future of your job.

That will be good for you for several reasons. You will be 1 of a few who do that for one. This shows more ambition than many drivers will show. It is an act of responsibility. You are being proactive so that you can plan ahead, this is a good characteristic, which gives them even more reason to have you on their team if you are a good worker. (That is if you have smart people working in the office.)

This also gives you better insight of what to expect then you can stop worrying about what it means. You will be able to better judge whether your job is in jeopardy by what there response it.

They are telling the truth that moving companies do get busier as the spring comes around. I worked for a moving company for 3 years and it was like that every year. Many other things can effect companies though. Have that talk with them Bob, you will be doing yourself a favor and you will be giving your company a good way to decide who is a valuable employee if they have to let drivers go because it definitely is slow times for many trucking companies.

I personally think the economy and freight will start picking up by the fall as the stronger companies gain business and stability from additional work from the weaker companies going under.

Some companies have poor management and business practices and need to go under anyway (in fact that's why some are going under)but that is another story.

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